#ChampsTalk Highlights: Basics of Twitter Marketing With Masooma Memon

Twitter has evolved into the most dynamic social media platform out there. It is still one of the best ways to market your brand, especially to the millennials, as 65% of the total users are above 35 years of age.

With over 192 million active users each day, this is a fantastic platform to grow brand following and directly present the products or services to a very relevant and interested audience

To understand this phenomenon better, we invited Masooma Memon as a guest on our #ChampsTalk session last Wednesday. She is a B2B freelance writer and an avid reader. Her work primarily focuses on marketing and related ideas.

She has a pretty strong presence on Twitter, where she frequently tweets and has over 5,500 followers.

Last Wednesday, she shared some pretty insightful information about Twitter marketing and building an audience on the platform. If you missed the session, here are the highlights of what happened!

With that, we bid farewell to this chat session. Thank you, Masooma, for taking out time and sharing some fantastic responses.

Lastly, we would like to ask our readers who they would like to see in the next session or what they would like to talk about. Let us know in the comments below, who knows our next guest might be your favorite influencer!

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Syed Muneeb

Syed Muneeb is part of #ChampFam as a Community Manager. He is a Digital Marketing expert and prefers to educate users in implementing and learning marketing tricks. When not working, he loves to play cricket or watch movies. Ping me at [email protected]

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