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The social media world is rapidly upgrading and progressing with new advanced features. February hosted so many recent events and features from Facebook to Tiktok.

In this Social Media round-up, you will discover some exciting news from all the social media platforms. Here’s a roundup post for you all. Let’s dive into the pool of new updates and trends to see what’s happening in the world of social media.

Facebook launches the initial test of its Cameo-like celebrity video app ‘Super.’

Video Chat with Celebrities on Facebook? Yes, you heard it right but paying for one on one session with your favorite celebrity? Let’s take a sneak peek at Facebook’s new experimental product.

super app facebook new app launching soon

Facebook is now taking inspiration from many competitive fronts, and it is clear now that facebook’s approach is unstoppable.

This week, the latest experiment in Facebook’s NPEis the Super App which is a big challenge to the Cameo. The new “Super App” is just the same as the Cameo through which you have to pay for the celebrity shout-outs within the video calls.

Social Media expert Matt Navara lays out a list of the upcoming live stream events, and if you are willing to attend these events, you need to sign up first with your Facebook. Just tap any event you have decided to dedicate your screen with a countdown to the starting time.

Well, the best thing about testing this Super App is that you don’t need to pay for the chats. These chats are free till this app is on the testing procedure, but celebrities can charge with the other possible means to generate revenue through this tool. The new “Super App” also comprises some past events which you can view later.

We hope Facebook’s new experiment goes out well.

LinkedIn Announces New Initiatives To Support Covid 19

Covid 19 breakdown has badly affected the world, big cities have been shut down, and they have been affected by the crises.The vaccine program just gets underway across the globe. LinkedIn has now announced a new initiative to support Covid 19.


LinkedIn steps ahead for free job listings. Yes, it’s a big step by LinkedIn. It is now offering open jobs to all the health care organizations, pharmacies, and government which needs some hiring for the vaccine distributions. The reason for LinkedIn’s announcement was maximizing the vaccine distributing efforts just to support the health workers working out there.

Well, not just the free jobs, but Linkedin has decided to offer free ads for all the nonprofits organizations recruiting efforts for the Covid 19 vaccine efforts. LinkedIn’s action will help ramp up vaccine rolls out and get millions of doses out for the public.
It’s good to see LinkedIn taking significant actions in a high time. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the steps taken by the LinkedIn team.

TikTok Announces New Live Stream Partnership with UFC

TikTok and UFC? It sounds like a strange partnership isn’t it?  But yes, it’s confirmed that TikTok has announced its partnership with the UFC, which means now the TikTok users will see some sports broadcast ranges within the app. Something big is coming out for the UFC fans.

UFC and tikTok paired up for a multi year partnership

As TikTok quotes:

Today, we’re excited to announce a multi-year partnership with UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, to deliver exclusive live-stream content for UFC fans on TikTok across the globe. The weekly live-streams will feature pre-and post-fight access, behind-the-scenes footage and engagement with UFC athletes, and other exclusive content executions for TikTok’

Undoubtedly, UFC’s TikTok account is the third most followed sports leak on the platform, with around 3.6 million followers. Well, the partnership makes sense now. But as noted, this will increase the amount of violent content on the platform. The TikTok and UFC partnership are all set to begin this week from February 20th with the content created ‘UFC Fight Night.

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