How Facebook Group Badges Help in Building an Online Community

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Introduced in 2018, Facebook group badges are now a colossal hit. They allow members & group admins to announce events, support each other, & be part of discussions in a Facebook group.

Speaking about Facebook groups, one rarely recalls the number of groups they’ve joined or liked. However, there are a few that we are obsessed with and check out each day. Maybe because those groups are relevant to your life, or they just make sense to you.

In this blog, we’ll explore Facebook groups, Facebook group badges & how to build a strong Facebook community in detail.

People from around the globe love socializing via Facebook. Let it be on a serious topic or just goofing about with memes. Facebook is a platform for all groups of ages. There are several pages and groups that a person can be a part of to engage in conversations or be a silent member to observe the group/page members’ mindsets. People have a little competition with the Facebook badges to become a top commentator, moderator, founding member, etc.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs fail to understand how Facebook groups are not limited to sales and industry connections in the virtual world. There is so much more to it.

Why Should You Create a Facebook Group to Boost Your Business?

Before going into the details of how one should create a Facebook group and how it will benefit you and your business, let’s discuss why you should create one.

Facebook groups offer the opportunity to leverage Facebook marketing for your business. They generate an online presence for you, and that, in turn, affects the marketing strategy. Building a Facebook group is just like creating an online community to support your business. When the community member discuss your business (within the group or outside), it generates a buzz.

Facebook users like to keep an eye on suggestions and recommendations these days. Facebook groups can help you bring all those who love your product together to recommend and share the best features of your product with others.

Groups also give you a chance to interact with your clients and customers. They can see the side of your brand where you care and provide personal attention to their complaints. Networking is the best way for brands to get honest and genuine feedback and improve your product.

SocialChamp Facebook group

When you start marketing your business digitally, you don’t want the buyer’s journey to be ordinary. You want them to keep coming back, not just for the purchase. But also for support and advocacy.

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The Facebook Algorithm and Groups

The Facebook Algorithm seems to have a very mysterious side to it. They keep changing the algorithm, undoubtedly for the user convenience, but it seems tedious at times to keep up with the updates.

Facebook changed the algorithm to minimize and limit the marketers and promotional content to show more personal content to the users, which led to the loss of organic reach for business pages. Now, Facebook is prioritizing groups and individuals’ content rather than giving any significance to the pages. What you need to change currently is the marketing and content strategy.

Don’t just start a group, gather people, and then wait for engagement. Build a community related to one specific thing, fight for a cause, or have the same interests. Facebook group badges are a way to roll out the most engaging member, admin, or newbie in the group. This allows people to interact in a better way.

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Things You Need to Know About Facebook Groups

  • Admin Customer Support

    Concedes group admins to proclaim problems or ask questions directly to Facebook itself.

  • Educational Resources for Admins

    If you’re accustomed to Facebook’s Blueprint courses, the notion here is comparatively similar but for admins of groups.

  • New Group Rules Feature

    This will let admins inform members about the rules they broke when they remove a post.

  • Pre-approval of Posts From Select Members

    Some groups claim that admins accept posts before being published for the group to see.

  • Watch Party

    Watch Party is a surprisingly fresh and remarkably underused new point that was released in 2018. It allows you to share public videos on Facebook with a group and follow it with other group members in real-time.

How To Use Facebook Groups For Clever Marketing?

Alright, now that the “why” part is done with, let’s discuss that “how” part. There are numerous innovative ways to market your brand strategy using groups.

  1.  Benefit the Loyalty

    Build a group to reimburse your customers & make them feel special. For example, a group mainly for people who have purchased your product. Include a link on your sales page or send emails inviting customers to join. This group can be solely to provide your customers with solutions related to the product. You can do customer surveys, announce your upcoming sales, give them the teaser of the new features & whatnot. Not only will this increase customer engagement, but it will also gain you a few brownie points for being attentive.

  2. Discussion

    Your group shouldn’t only revolve around your product. You can talk about the current events, changes on social media, lifestyles and very casually mention your brand. Build a community just to talk. Discuss things online with like-minded people.

  3. Brand Ambassadors

    When thinking of how to start a Facebook group for business, one of the vast reasons might be to keep in touch with your biggest fans. Facebook badges in groups are the best way to list the members. The relationships you have with your supporters & brand ambassadors are precious. And a group like this lets your supporters correlate with each other.

  4. Arranging Events

    Groups are a fantastic way to coordinate with people and organize events based on their liking. Those who audit the activities will use the group to interface & share photos & notes. You can share all the latest updates and announcements of the event in that group.

What are Facebook Group Badges?

facebook group badges

Facebook announced Facebook badges in 2017. These are visual features designed to learn about other group members. Badges on Facebook are for admins, new members, moderators, founding members, and so on. There are group badges for a member’s group anniversary & to identify members ad conversation starters.

Facebook group badges make it easy for fellow group members to identify other participants. It helps to foster community building.

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How Do You Get Facebook Group Badges?

Group badges can be turned on & off by admins of the group. They show up next to the members’ names whenever their names appear. If you’re an admin of a group, you can turn badges on/off from the “Edit Group Setting.”

facebook group badges

Admins are allowed to turn on/off the group badges for the entire group. They can’t do that for individuals. Group members can choose to turn off their badges.

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Facebook Group Badges List in 2023

Here is a list of all the Facebook badges for 2023.

  1. Admin and Moderator

    The admins & moderators of the group will have these Facebook group badges alongside their names. These badges help other members in identifying the group’s godfathers. So they can reach out to them when any member needs help.

  2. New Member

    Have you seen this hand gesture next to your name in any of your recently joined groups? This is the “New Member” badge. This Facebook badge helps admins & moderators to identify new members to welcome them, answer their queries, guide them, or make them feel supported.

  3. Founding Member

    This Facebook badge is available mainly to newly created groups. The “Founding Member” Facebook group badges acknowledge the members who have joined within the first three days of the group’s creation. They have posted in it & invited others to join the group. It’s a small token of appreciation for those who have helped the group grow.

  4. Conversation Starter

    A conversation starter badge is for the members who participate in the group discussions & start meaningful conversations. If you want to earn this badge, you need to initiate some valuable & meaningful conversions in the group. Facebook gives this badge to the member whose posts get the maximum reactions & comments in the last four weeks.

  5. Rising Star

    Rising StarThe rising star acknowledges all the enthusiastic people who participate in group conversations within the first month of joining the group. This Facebook group badge is for all the new members who get the most engagement in the group.

  6. Visual Storyteller

    This sounds like an interesting one, right? The visual storyteller is for all those who participate in the group discussions with images, videos, or GIFs. If you’re the kind of person who likes to talk in memes or can’t start a conversation with an image, then you can easily earn this Facebook group badge.

  7. Valued Responder

    Facebook recently launched a few updates related to groups, which introduced a Q&A feature too. The “Host a Q&A” feature is now available for members too. Previously, it was only for the admins. It gives you an improved way to initiate conversations. The valued responder is the Facebook badge that is given to the members who consistently share valuable answers.

    Valued Responder

  8. Group Expert

    Another recently added feature is Facebook’s new group experts feature. As explained by Facebook:

    “We’re beginning to test the ability for admins to recognize these trusted, well-informed members as group experts. From fitness trainers to highly skilled crafters to people who have been learning about a topic for years, admins will be able to designate group experts who fit the purpose and culture of their group. To make a member a group expert, admins can navigate to the member list, search for who they’d like to give the Facebook badge to, and choose “Make Group Expert” from the member menu.”

    This badge signifies a member’s expertise in a subject matter.

    Group expert

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Summing Up!

Be it any branding purpose or merely a step to creating awareness about something; Facebook has always been a vigorously used platform for all. When a business aims to flourish, it will look to broaden its reach in every direction. These Facebook group badges are not new to Facebook, but they’re liked & accepted all across the globe. For a group to be active & build a strong community, Facebook badges can be a great way to appreciate & recognize the efforts of individuals.

Happy Posting!

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