Gillette Commercial: Pro #MeToo and against Toxic Masculinity?

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Gillette Commercial Faces Backlash

“The best that men can be” is apparently being furious over a Gillette commercial that literally works in their favor.

Is it 2019? Or have we gone back to the era where genders were associated with colors and dominance?

The internet has been divided yet again on the controversial ad of Gillette.

The brand tried to take a positive spin on the whole #MeToo agenda.

The height of toxic masculinity has reach a new high: Gillette commercial.

People are losing their shizzle and cool over the ad because they think it affects the ecosystem that the brand revolves around.

The Razor Has Cut Deep And The Wounds Are Fresh And Open!

The ad spotlights bad male behavior – and the insecure rubes on the internet can’t handle it!
Gillette didn’t just condemn bad behavior, something most men do whenever they see it – it suggested the behavior represents the norm.

And I think it’s true, it’s what society has come down to?

The commercial also indirectly shines a light on the #MeToo movement.

Now, the cowardly media, scared of the social media mob, goes against the ad.

Can you blame anybody if they hated social media because they don’t like the ugly side of it!

Why Can’t People See The Big Picture?

They are actually portraying how MEN are the ones changing the controversial general thought about the male gender!

Most shaving advertisements highlight gravelly voiced men swelling out their masculinity (read: insecure masculinity).

And when Gillette commercial comes forward with an ad that puts forward basic human decency, it’s unacceptable?

All hell breaks loose?

There are clips of @terrycrews, a sexual assault survivor, affirming in front of Congress that men need to hold other men responsible and accountable. #MeToo #GilletteAd

The advertisement indicates men doing just that: warding off a pack of bullies. And limiting another guy from harassing a woman.

Why has toxic masculinity stopped a certain group to boycott the grooming brand?

“We expected a debate,” Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette’s North America brand director, told CNN, although, we’re not sure that boycotts from hate groups are exactly what Bhalla had in mind.

Bhalla specifically says that “The ad is not about toxic masculinity. It is about men taking more action every day to set the best example for the next generation.”

The new Gillette commercial asks the human race to be more civil. And expects the male gender to embrace their manhood the way it is meant to be!

Some cheers met with several social boos!

On YouTube and Twitter, the replies were flooded by people angry about the ad.

Some men have said it was insulting, and while other said it was “feminist propaganda.”




While the other ‘sane and reasonable’ side of the world appreciates and even humors the new Gillette commercial.

Gillette CommercialGilletteAdGillette AdGillette CommercialGillette commercialGillette commercial
The backlash shows that the progress has been less linear than they would like, but it reveals a lot of faces that are insecure about their gender.

And that, with forwarding movement comes to those reactionaries who dig in their heels.

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