How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2024 (5 Valuable Tips to Follow)

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For most of us who were early adopters of social media, we can attest that social media apps have come a long way in helping us stay connected and informed.

But with great power comes great responsibility, especially now that cybercriminals use this technology for nefarious purposes. One of the most insidious examples of this is brand impersonation.

Since social media has become an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives, we all need to cultivate strong digital threat awareness skills, which include understanding digital impersonation and knowing how to prevent it. The first step in preventing impersonation is knowing how to get verified on TikTok and other social media platforms.

If you’re a content creator, influencer, or brand on TikTok and haven’t figured out how to get verified on TikTok in 2024, this blog post is for you and how TikTok schedulers can help you  streamline your daily marketing hassles. I’ve explained what TikTok verification is, the benefits of getting verified on TikTok, and the steps to take to get that coveted blue tick.

What is TikTok Verification?

TikTok verification is a feature offered by the popular social media platform that verifies the authenticity of a user’s account. This verification is done through a blue badge that appears next to a user’s profile photo and name in the user’s account and in search results.

The Rock example
The Rock example

Here’s an example of a verified TikTok account of @therock

Benefits of Getting Verified on TikTok

Getting the blue checkmark on TikTok or any other social media platform has many benefits. Check out the five main benefits of getting verified on TikTok below:

  1. Increased Credibility and Authenticity

    The TikTok verification badge indicates to TikTok users that an account is credible and authentic. It signifies that TikTok has confirmed that you’re who you say you’re. As such, getting verified on TikTok can help users distinguish between genuine accounts and those that are spam or have been created for malicious purposes.

    Take a look at the example below:

    Verified TikTok accounts example
    Verified TikTok accounts example

    From the screenshot above, you can see several TikTok accounts with the name and photo of “The Rock” from the search results. Without the TikTok verification badge on the first search result, it would be hard for someone to determine the real account of the beloved Hollywood megastar.

    The odds are that the other TikTok accounts, which have thousands of followers, belong to impersonators. That blue badge helps users know that the account that bears it is the authentic one. Therefore, they won’t be misled by fake accounts claiming to be you.

    Of course, your impersonators will always be out there, but the good thing is that you’ll not be associated with any misleading or malicious content they may share. Furthermore, being authentic increases the chances of people buying your products. Surveys show that 62% of consumers are attracted to brands that exhibit authenticity.

  2. Increased Collaboration Opportunities

    Assume you’re the owner of a renowned brand in the country. You check your inbox and find a collaboration request from the guy in the photo below:

    Khaby Lame example
    Khaby Lame example

    The name and photo are certainly those of the famous social media sensation Khabe Lame, but is the account really his? Would you hire the owner of the account to be your influencer? No? You wouldn’t be the only one.

    Collaborations in the digital world, especially on social media platforms, rely heavily on trust and authenticity. To maintain their own credibility, many brands and influencers don’t accept collaborations with unverified accounts, and it’s easy to see why. Collaborating with a fake account would only end up ruining their reputation.

    So, if you’ve been trying to collaborate with other brands or influencers in vain, now you know why they may have been giving you a cold shoulder. Getting a verified badge on TikTok will indicate to collaborators that you’re genuine and trustworthy.

  3. Greater Authority

    In today’s highly competitive business world, brands are competing for authority within their respective industries and target markets more than ever before. Establishing authority has become crucial for brands to gain a competitive edge, build customer trust, and become a go-to resource in the field.

    To gain a competitive edge, brands create high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that sets them apart. Consistently producing informative, entertaining, and useful content helps establish authority and attract a loyal audience.

    Here’s a good example of a creator @tatlondono with great authority in her field and who’s mastered the art of creating valuable content that is relevant to her audience:

    tatlondono verified TikTok acccount example
    tatlondono verified TikTok account example

    If you’ve been consistently creating high-quality content but have not gained the authority your brand requires, it’s time to get that blue checkmark next to your profile name. The blue checkmark is more like a badge of honor. It’s not something that every user receives. So, getting it shows that the platform trusts you as a thought leader, and so should others. It’s a great way to strengthen your brand’s authority and notability on the platform.

    With the verification badge, it will be easy for others to perceive you as an expert or notable figure in your field. This can lead to users viewing your content as valuable and authoritative.

  4. Increased Follower Count

    Unless you’re an established brand or a famous celebrity, you can attest that getting more than 10k followers on TikTok and other social media apps is not easy. With millions of brands, content creators, and influencers to compete with, the battle for followers gets fiercer every day.

    One of the tricks you can use to stand out from the competition is getting verified on TikTok. Users are more likely to trust and follow verified accounts, as it confirms that the account is genuinely associated with a well-known individual, brand, or entity.

    Another reason why you’re more likely to get TikTok followers fast after verifying your TikTok account is that verified accounts often receive higher visibility in search results. When users search for keywords or topics related to your content, your verified account is more likely to appear at the top of the search results. This makes it easier for potential followers to find and follow you.

    Rumor also has it that the TikTok algorithm favors verified accounts over unverified ones when it comes to making suggestions to users. That means verified TikTok accounts are more likely to show up in users’ “For You Page.” More exposure means more viewership and likes, which can lead to more followers.

  5. Zero Negative Consequences

    Brand impersonation can take many forms. For example, scammers may create fake websites or social media accounts that mimic a legitimate brand in order to solicit personal information or money from unsuspecting victims.

    The consequences of brand impersonation can be severe. Not only can victims lose money, but their personal information may be used in identity theft or other types of fraud. Additionally, companies can suffer several negative consequences, including:

    • Reputation damage
    • Loss of customers’ trust and confidence
    • Loss of business opportunities
    • Negative publicity
    • Decreased social media engagement
    • Loss of control of your brand’s online presence
    • Potential legal disputes

    To mitigate these negative consequences of brand impersonation, you should seriously consider taking proactive measures to prevent brand impersonation, one of them being getting verified on social media platforms.

    Verifying your account helps to ensure that TikTok users can easily identify you as a genuine source. It also helps to build trust and credibility in your brand, as it shows that you take the necessary steps to protect your online presence. Ultimately, you’ll protect your brand reputation, increase trust, and avoid costly legal issues.

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What are the Criteria for Getting Verified on TikTok?

Verification on TikTok, as with many social media platforms, generally involves meeting certain criteria that establish your account’s authenticity, significance, and potential for impersonation.

While the exact criteria might evolve or change over time, several common factors influence TikTok’s verification process. They include:

  1. Authenticity

    TikTok will likely verify accounts that demonstrate their authenticity. Therefore, you must prove that the account you want to be verified represents a real person, brand, organization, or entity. If the TikTok account is for your business, institution, or entity, you must have an email domain that represents your business during the verification approval process.

  2. Profile Completeness

    The account that seeks verification must have a completed public profile with a profile photo, name, bio, and at least one video. If you have links to other official accounts or websites, including them in your application could strengthen your verification request.

  3. Account Security

    This is another important factor that TikTok considers when deciding whether to verify an account or not. To get verified on the platform, your account must have multi-factor authentication with a verified email. The reason for this requirement is to ensure that the genuine account owner is protected from malicious actors.

  4. Notability

    TikTok accounts that are notable or well-known in their field, industry, or community are more likely to be considered for verification. This could include brands, celebrities, influencers, or recognized organizations. If your account has been featured in multiple news sources, then TikTok may approve your verification request.

  5. Account Activeness

    Before granting that coveted verification badge, TikTok considers how active an account has been. If you have not logged into your account in the past six months, the chances are slim that your request for a verification badge will be granted.

    Logging into your TikTok account regularly and enjoying other creators’ content will also not count. If you don’t post content regularly on your TikTok account, your odds of getting that blue checkmark will likely become futile. So, be sure to publish content regularly to increase your chance of getting verified on TikTok in 2024.

    Those are the factors that TikTok considers before granting a verification request.

    It’s important to note the platform reserves the right to revoke or deny verification to TikTok accounts that meet any of the above criteria through inauthentic or artificial activity. That means that anyone can send a request to get verified on TikTok, but not all applications are approved.

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How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2024?

Now that you know the benefits of getting the blue badge, it’s time to know how to get verified on TikTok. The good news is that verifying your account is simple and takes just a few steps.

Here’s how to apply to get verified on TikTok:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom right of your screen.

    How to Get Verified on TikTok - step 1
    How to Get Verified on TikTok – Step 1
  2. Tap the Menu button (three dots) at the top right of your screen.

    How to Get Verified on TikTok - step 2
    How to Get Verified on TikTok – Step 2
  3. Tap “Settings.”

    How to Get Verified on TikTok - step 3
    How to Get Verified on TikTok – Step 3
  4. Tap “Manage Account” under Settings and Privacy.
  5. Tap “Verification.”

And that’s how to get verified on TikTok for free.

After completing the above steps, wait for TikTok to review your request to get verified. It’s good to note that the Verification feature is not available everywhere, according to TikTok.

How Many Followers or Views Do You Need to Get Verified on TikTok?

Unlike some other social media platforms, TikTok does not take the number of likes or followers an account has into consideration when deciding whether to grant a verified badge.

So, whether you have 100 followers or 1 million followers, your account can get verified if it meets the criteria for getting verified. The platform’s main focus is to ascertain the legitimacy of an account, not to track the account owner’s likes or follower count.

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5 Tips for a Successful TikTok Verification Application

Compared to the verification processes of other social media platforms, TikTok’s verification process isn’t as transparent. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to boost your chances of a successful TikTok verification application.

The following are five tips for a successful TikTok verification application:

  1. Meet Eligibility Criteria

    This one is a no-brainer. The first thing to do before applying for verification is to ensure that your account is eligible. You can do this by establishing a unique identity across your profile, including your username, profile picture, and bio.

    Besides having a unique identity, you should also strive to create content that makes you easily stand out. Make an effort to make your brand distinctive and reflective of your niche and expertise. If you’ve been featured in news articles, blogs, or other media outlets, consider linking to or mentioning these in your profile or bio. This will add to your credibility.

  2. Increase your Notoriety

    We’ve established that the verification badge is not given to everyone. It’s mostly a reserve for the who’s-who. With this in mind, you should put more effort into increasing your notoriety. You can achieve this by doing things that will help you become a notable public figure.

    There are several things you can do to increase your notoriety on TikTok. One of them is hopping on the latest trends and creating content that piques social media users’ interest. You should also collaborate with other influencers and content creators to boost your popularity.

    Another way to increase your notoriety is to ensure you engage with your audience as much as you can. By responding to comments, participating in challengers, and creating trends, you’ll demonstrate that you’re committed, which will help your case for verification.

    A good example of brands that engage with their followers is Nike. Take a look below

    nike example
    Nike example
  3. Create High-Quality Content

    Creating content is one thing, and creating high-quality and relevant video content is another. What this means is that creating content just to keep your account active may not mean much if that content is irrelevant.

    To increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok, you should post high-quality, original content that resonates with your target audience regularly. This is because the TikTok algorithm is designed to prioritize content that is engaging, relevant, and resonates with real users.

    So, you should focus on creating high-quality, original content that stands out. You should also use trends and challenges creatively to showcase your skills and uniqueness.

    Posting high-quality content on your TikTok account not only shows your dedication to the platform but also increases your chances of gaining a larger following. It also showcases you as an authority in your field, which will boost your chances of bagging that blue checkmark.

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  1. Avoid Spammy Practices

    The verification badge is essentially a badge of authenticity. What this means is that the verification process on TikTok, or any other social media platform for that matter, considers authenticity among the factors that influence verification. Spammy practices, such as using fake followers and engagement bots, contradict these criteria and will only harm your chances of getting verified.

    Furthermore, TikTok has community guidelines and terms of service in place to maintain a positive and respectful environment. Engaging in spammy practices often violates these guidelines. This not only reduces your chances of your account getting verified, but it also puts it at risk of being suspended or banned altogether. That is a risk you’re not willing to take.

    That said, you should focus on growing your followers organically by providing value and entertainment to your audience. Avoid shortcuts like buying followers and posting other people’s content. Doing so will increase collaboration opportunities with other creators and brands, increasing your odds of getting verified.

  2. Get Verified on Other Social Media Platforms

    Different social media platforms have their own criteria for verification, but there are often similarities in terms of the factors they consider, such as authenticity, influence, and public interest. If you meet these criteria on one platform, it’s more likely that you also meet them on another.

    So, getting verified on other social media platforms can potentially increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok. Verification typically requires proving your identity and demonstrating that you’re a public figure or have a notable presence. So, if you’re verified on other platforms, it strengthens the case that you’re who you claim to be, which can expedite the verification process on TikTok.

    Moreover, if you’re already verified on other reputable social media platforms, it demonstrates to TikTok that you have a credible and established online presence. This can make you more likely to be considered for verification on TikTok, as it indicates that you’re a legitimate and influential figure.

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How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on TikTok?

One of the common questions from creators and influencers is: How many followers do you need on TikTok to get verified? The good news is that the blue verification tick is not solely about having a large follower count. TikTok considers factors like authenticity, influence, uniqueness, and public interest.

So, even if you’re not a widely recognized public figure, you can still get verified by building a strong presence, engaging with your audience, and contributing positively to the TikTok community. There are accounts with relatively lower follower counts that have also been verified, especially if they are notable figures in various fields or have a significant impact on the platform.

Parting Shot!

Whether you’re looking to streamline your life, learn something new, or make connections with others on TikTok, getting that verification badge is a crucial step. Now that you’ve learned how to get verified on TikTok in 2024, it’s time to put those tips to good use to increase your chances.

It’s also time to advantage of the vast array of tools, resources, and services available online to help you get the most out of your social media experience. One such tool is Social Champ, a powerful social media tool with a ton of beneficial features designed to make your social media management a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a Blue Tick on TikTok?

You can get a blue tick on TikTok by meeting the criteria for verification. For instance, you must have an authentic, secure, and authoritative account.

How Can I Get Verified in TikTok in 5 Minutes?

You can get a blue tick on TikTok, but it may take longer than five minutes. However, you can improve your chances of getting the TikTok verification badge fast by submitting proof of verification on other social media platforms in your application.

How Can I Get Verified in TikTok Without Followers?

If you’re wondering how to get verified on TikTok without followers, you can get the blue checkmark if you can demonstrate that you’re a notable figure in your field.

Can a Normal Person Get Verified on TikTok?

Yes, a “normal” person can get verified on TikTok. While the platform does verify accounts of public figures, celebrities, brands, and well-known individuals, they also verify accounts of regular users who have made a notable impact on the platform. TikTok’s verification process is designed to recognize authentic, influential, and notable accounts, regardless of whether the account holder is a celebrity or an everyday person.

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How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2024 (5 Valuable Tips to Follow)

Picture of Yumna Hafeez

Yumna Hafeez

I am a part of the #ChampFam designated as a content writer who likes to write with a side of coffee. When not glued to the keyboard, you will find me munching popcorns in cinema or catching K-dramas on Netflix with a ramen bowl. Let's chat about content, cinema, or anything in between at [email protected].

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