35+ Essential Pinterest Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

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Pinterest has to be one of the most underrated social media platforms. For businesses, it mostly comes as an afterthought for marketing. However, if given the right attention, Pinterest can do wonders for your business.

This guide will reveal Pinterest’s influence and highlight the significance of Pinterest marketing. If you’re considering marketing on this platform, you’ll need a social media management tool to plan and schedule content.

Let’s take a look at some recent Pinterest statistics!

Mind-Blowing Pinterest Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Pinterest brings out the fanatic side in all of us. We all love to explore the pictures on the platform, as it is quite soothing. However, the case of social media managers is quite different; for them, Pinterest stats matter the most.

At a glimpse, with the help of Pinterest statistics, marketers can understand their audience and identify trending content for their boards.

We have dug deep through the annual reports and research and have brought you this convincing guide with simply mind-blowing Pinterest statistics. Let’s check them out.

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General Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest’s general statistics show that this picture-sharing, mood board-creating platform will not disappear in 2024.

  1. 482 Million Active Users

    Pinterest currency has 482 million active users and is considered the 15th largest social media network in the world right now.

  2. Pinterest Leadership Team

    The majority of Pinterest’s leadership team consists of women, which is no surprise since women also make up most of the user base. Pinterest is also working to bridge the gender gap in its other men-centric teams, such as engineering.

  3. 55% of the Total Workforce Are Females

    Currently, 55% of the total workforce identifies themselves as women. The company also actively hires women of color to their leadership teams, executive teams, and other high end roles.

  4. Pinterest Aims to Move to a 100% Eco-Friendly Electricity

    Pinterest aims to be completely eco-friendly, which means it takes steps to improve the environment in the workplace. Currently, it aims to convert to a 100% renewable electricity office by 2025. This project will start from its head office in San Francisco.

    “We strive to create workspaces that nourish employees and are designed and operated in a responsible way,” said Mia Ketterling, Pinterest’s Global Sustainability Lead. “Powering our offices with 100% renewable electricity by 2023 is a step in our journey to build a better and more sustainable future for our employees and the global community.”

  5. Favorite Social Media Network of 1.8% of Internet Users

    Since there are so many social media platforms, 1.8% of internet users calling Pinterest their favorite social media platform sounds good. Ranking the top favorites is definitely challenging!

  6. 80% of the 2023 Predictions Came True

    As of 2023, 80% of their trend predictions came true. They said:

    “From the team that saw the 2023 Mush-rooms trend and the 2022 Dopamine dressing era coming, and with an 80% success rate for the fourth year in a row,2 Pinterest Predicts has proven itself to be the reliable trend-spotter that consumers and advertisers can trust. “

  7. 46% of Pinterest Users Have Discovered Something New on Pinterest

    46% of Pinterest users have discovered something new and 46% have encountered a new brand or product. This does not sound surprising because we are all guilty of saving DIY hacks, outfit ideas, trending memes, and more!

  8. 2000 Boards & 200,000 Pins

    A single user can have 2000 boards on Pinterest; imagine the number of pins that you can save. We’ll tell you the exact number as well: You can save exactly 200,000 pins at one time. This means that if you unpin a previous pin, you can make space for a new inspiration.

  9. 14th Rank In the Domains With Most Linked Websites

    According to Statista, Pinterest ranks 14th among the domains with the most links to websites. This is largely due to the fact you need to link a pin to share it.

  10. Amazon Refers the Most Web Traffic to Pinterest

    Amazon is the leading traffic source referring to Pinterest, accounting for 6.14% of the referral traffic in the US. is the second lead source for referral traffic and generates around 3.65% of the traffic.

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Pinterest User Statistics

Understanding Pinterest demographics is very important to target the right audience and find the key user segment that you plan on marketing to. Pinterest statistics when it comes to users is mainly focused on women, since they make up the larger part of the total users. This essentially means that you need to market on the platform in abundance according to gender.

  1. Purchases on the Platform

    Around 83% of Pinterest users make purchases based on the content they see from brands on the platform. As noted earlier, people aren’t precisely as glued to Pinterest as other platforms. Less frequent use doesn’t necessarily negate the network’s marketing impact on users.

  2. Age Demographics

    As of January 2024, people between 25 to 34 years old make up 20.4% of the total users. Coming up close behind in the 18 to 24 category!

  3. Women Make up Most of the Total Users

    Women make up 69.5% of the total users, whereas men only 22.4%. This is one of the most unbalanced gender demographics. However, when it comes to Pinterest’s advertising audience, the gender breakdown is a bit different. Pinterest’s self-service advertising tools identified that the female audience stands tall at 76.7%, and the male audience is relatively less and falls at 15.3%.

  4. Gen-Z Audience

    Gen Z makes up around 42% of the monthly active users, which means that the overall audience is growing younger by the day. If your business involves such an audience, then Pinterest is the platform to invest in. Gen Z sees Pinterest as a platform where they can map out their future.

  5. Pinterest Demographics by Geography

    The majority of the Pinterest audience hails from the United States of America, and the big number? Well, it’s 89.1 million of the total audience. Followed by Brazil, Mexico, and Germany!

  6. Luxury Shopping on Pinterest

    Pinterest is the number one destination for luxury shoppers. One-third of them have annual incomes exceeding $100,000 and are 35% more likely to have a higher income than such shoppers on other platforms. Seventy percent of the people who prefer to buy luxury goods from Pinterest are 35 or younger, and four out of every five are women.

  7. 35% of the US Adults Use Pinterest

    According to the Pew Research Center, 35% of US adults use Pinterest every day, which is below YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and just above TikTok.

  8. Pinterest Is Growing at a Rate of 7.5%

    Pinterest has a pretty good growth rate of 7.5% each year, which is quite high as compared to competitor sites, such as Facebook, which is growing at 1.6% each year. A few other platforms are also losing followers!

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Pinterest Usage Statistics

Pinterest statistics for usage generally focuses on how a user behaves on the platform. The time they spend on the platform, their main focus while scrolling, and other relevant information that can help you perfect your marketing strategy.

  1. UK User’s Time Spent on The Platform

    According to Statista, fashion and lifestyle consumers spend less than an hour on Pinterest. However, only 5% admitted to using the platform for more than an hour.

  2. Pinterest Makes 80% of the Users Feel Positive

    8 out of every 10 users feel positive after using the platform. 9 out of 10 also call Pinterest a social media oasis. The number is quite high as compared to other platforms, which lies at about 3 out of 10 users.

    There is no denying that Pinterest is an extremely soothing platform on which to spend time. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest does not overstimulate your brain and actually has a calming effect on it.

  3. 61%  Of the Users Leverage the Platform for a New Project

    61% of the total users say that they visit Pinterest each time they are about to start working on something new. This could be for ideas on DIY projects, products to use, or instructions on how to perform a task.

    From this data, it is clear that if you provide value to your audience on Pinterest, they will use your boards in more than one way!

  4. 82% of the Users Use Pinterest on Phone

    If you have ever wondered if resizing all those pictures and captions and shortening the links for mobile accessibility is worth it, then here is your sign.

    82% of the total users prefer to scroll through Pinterest on their phones.

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Pinterest Shopping Statistics

Pinterest is a goldmine for shoppers, which means if you sell a tangible product, then Pinterest is the place to be. With their dedicated features, such as shoppable pins and shopping spotlight, there is so much that you can do.

Not only this, but Pinterest has a special emphasis on making shopping a better experience for their users, which ultimately means that you get to experiment with new shopping features & make your products more visible.

Check out these Pinterest statistics for shopping!

  1. 85% of the Weekly Pinners Purchase From Pinterest

    Pinterest users love shopping on the platform, and kudos to the shopping pins that make it so easy. A whopping 85% of the weekly pinners have made one or more purchases based on brand pins. This shows that creating boards with your products that show their strategic use can lead to a boost in your sales!

  2. Pinterest Hardly Has Branded Searches

    A recent study from Pinterest stated that 97% of the top searches are unbranded. The top searches were also limited to a maximum of three words. This shows that Pinterest is an extremely efficient channel for tapping into new markets that need your product but are not familiar with your brand yet.

    Pinterest is also working on new ways to help brands connect with more shoppers!

  3. 90% of the Pinterest Users Come With a Shopping Mindset


    When it comes to shopping online, there is no doubt that Pinterest comes on top. In fact, 90% of users on the platform admit that they are in the shopping mindset and are actively looking for products. Around 30% of the users also said that they genuinely love the shopping experience on the platform.

    This means that Pinterest has a higher conversion rate for your brand, with Pinterest shoppers having an 80% higher spending expenditure than other platforms. This data is mainly targeted towards the Canadian region but translates well for other regions as well.

    Here is a guide from Pinterest on making your products desirable.

  4. Shopping Spotlight on Pinterest Shows 100% Shoppable Results

    According to the platform itself:

    “Our Shopping Spotlights, a standalone section of curated, product-only articles where shoppers can enjoy the fun of discovery—like a favorite fashion or home magazine brought to life right in the Search tab. Or shop from search, which gives users 100% shoppable results when they search for inspirations.

  5. 25% of the Time on Pinterest Is Spent Shopping

    Users spend more than 25% of their time shopping on the platform. If all these Pinterest statistics are not enough to motivate you to put up shoppable pins on the platform, then we don’t know what else will.

Pinterest Marketing Statistics

Pinterest marketing is definitely not coming slow when we talk about numbers. Let’s get to the Pinterest stats regarding marketing.

  1. Pinterest as a Search Engine

    Technically, Pinterest is a search engine. Like other conventional networks, It does not have a home feed that you can scroll through. It essentially works on the sorting principle, which is backed by the fact that 5 billion searches occur on the platform every month. Furthermore, Pinterest SEO is a big part of its success; to rank on the platform, you need to use keywords in the pins, boards, and more.

    This will ensure that your pins show up for relevant searches. And advertising on search engines is always a good idea.

  2. 2.3x More Efficient CPC

    Pinterest has an excellent cost-per-conversion rate. Its ads generate a 2.3x more efficient CPC than other sites. This is mainly due to the extremely relevant audience on the platform and minimum clutter. Pinterest ads also have a 2x higher return on ad spend than other platforms.

  3. 50% Year-After-Year Increase in Buyable Boards

    After all these Pinterest statistics, are you still confused? Well, here is another big number for you: Pinterest saw a 50% year-over-year increase in buyable items that users saved to their boards.

  4. Catalogs & Tag Products Induce 30% More Checkouts

    Retailers who upload catalogs on the platforms as their starter kits are doing pretty awesome on Pinterest shopping. When retailers did so, they saw a 30% spike in their checkouts.

    Here is what they wrote themselves:

    “Catalogs are a brand’s first step to proven shopping success on Pinterest. In fact, retailers who have uploaded their catalogs and tagged their products have seen nearly a 30% increase in attributed checkouts (Source: Pinterest Internal Data, Global, October 2022-March 2023 vs. October 2021-March 2022).”

Pinterest Advertising Statistics

Pinterest advertising has always been a winner in terms of business and returns; here is why.

  1. 32% Better Return on Ad Spend

    Pinterest ads deliver 32% higher ROAS than other digital platforms, especially for food or health and beauty ads. Get a better return on your money using Pinterest ads in your strategy.

    Furthermore, it is actually quite straightforward to run ads on the platform.

  2. Pinterest Ad Revenue

    Pinterest is an excellent platform for ads, and the numbers prove it. In 2023, Pinterest generated $3.27 billion in advertising revenue. This number was a result of promoted pins, which enable a brand to generate better awareness for products & services.

    This number will further increase to $3.73 billion by the end of 2024.

  3. Pinterest Ads Are Cost-Effective

    Pinterest ads are 2.3x cheaper per conversion than other social media networks. Plus, they have a better conversion rate, and more people are likely to visit the board, the pin, and your website.

Pinterest Search Statistics

As we said, Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it is important to employ SEO strategies on the platform.

  1. Pinterest’s Top Searches in 2024

    Pinterest searches include spring nails, nails, and aesthetics as the top preference in 2024 this month so far.

    Other popular terms were outfit, celebrity, and place. These searches are specifically for the US market, which is the platform’s biggest geographical demographic.

  2. Searches for Plus-Size Body Content Are Up

    Since 2018, Pinterest has been all about celebrating all body shapes. In July 2021, it decided not to show any ads discussing losing weight. Since doing that, fewer people have been searching for “weight loss” on Pinterest, showing they like Pinterest’s idea of feeling good about their bodies.

    This has made more people search for things like “Mom summer outfits curvy,” which jumped up a lot, as well as “concert looks plus size” and “plus size bridal dresses,” showing that lots more people are looking for fashion that fits their body type.

In Conclusion

Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with, not a platform you can treat as an afterthought. These Pinterest statistics show that with the right strategy, marketers can do wonders with their brands on the platform. Use dedicated features, create fitting boards, and stay active on the platform to gain results!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Total Number of Pinterest Users Worldwide?

Founded in 2009 with a headquarters in San Francisco, the company is a significant player in the social media league. Around 480 to 490 million people use Pinterest every day. A large part of this user base falls under the 25 to 34-year-old category. Most of these users hail from the United States of America.

2. How Many Pins Can You Save On Pinterest Daily?

Technically, there is no limit to how many pins you can save per day. However, if you are just starting out, then start off with a small number and then work your way up in a few weeks. This way you can test what works best for your team, your brand, and the target audience.

3. What Percentage of Pinterest Users Are Female?

Women make up 69.5% of the total users, whereas men are only 22.6% on the platform.

4. What Are the Most Popular Categories on Pinterest?

The top most popular categories on Pinterest are:
Food and Drink: Presentation & recipe inspiration
Women’s Fashion: OOTDs and style inspiration
Health and Wellness: Fitness tips
Beauty: Tutorials & viral products
Travel: Travel hacks
Parenting: Easy guides
Gardening: Plants & home gardens
Weddings: Decor & dress inspiration
Interior Design: Room ideas

5. How Often Do Pinterest Users Engage With Shopping-Related Content?

More than 25% of the total time spent on Pinterest is related to shopping, which shows that the Pinterest audience is highly invested in shopping.
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Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

35+ Essential Pinterest Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Picture of Marium Fahim Khan

Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

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