Parshant Talks About How Social Champ Helps Qulbeans

Parshant is a co-founder of Scientific Study & QulBeans. It is the most efficient and budget-friendly school ERP created to deliver significant insights to solve school problems. Parshant is also an old user of Social Champ, so we popped some questions about how Social Champ helps him out!

This is all he has to say!

How do you get the idea for your business? What services do you offer?

We wanted to help schools to improve academics in school to help students for a better future.
We at Scientific Study provide school management software to schools. We also provide learning classes to students and a teaching platform for independent tutors.

Qul Beans is about Learning, Teaching, Fun, group projects, Assignments, and Discussions. We are here to help students to learn skills in a fun way. Find out our applications by using these links: Scientific Study | Qul Beans

Can you explain your process of planning and executing a campaign for a client? What tools do you use?

We use “Social Champ” for our social media campaign.

How Social Champ helps you deliver value to your business?

Social Champ is easy and delivers our needs. It helps us to plan our social campaign at a budget price.

Thank you, Parshant, for taking the time and giving us your feedback!

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