50 Snapchat Statistics: Why Do They Matter to Marketers in 2023

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Remember that popular puppy face filter that everyone around happily shared with their mates, drooping down their tongues while flaunting with those adorb pup ears?

That flower crown filter was all the rage, and everyone was literally obsessed with it. And who could forget that classic aging filter that predicted an older version of yourself?

Let’s be honest, Snapchat filters have always been on point and fun. I mean, you can literally be a doe-eyed deer someday or a butterfly queen the other day.

Snapchat is the OG trendsetter when it comes to all these filters and effects. While platforms like TikTok and Instagram may always race up to reserve the top-notch position, Snapchat still holds its ground as one of the most used social media platforms, according to recent Snapchat statistics. I feel that’s something marketers should take note of.

At a point, you probably think Snapchat is full of those witty and goofy filters, avatars, and, of course, the mighty SNAP STREAK game.

But guess what? The platform is still GEN Z’s favorite, with millions of users and downloads from all around the world. Let’s not forget that this yellow ghost knows how to engage and steal users’ attention with the mighty disappearing messages.

Also, don’t forget celebrities like Kylie Jenner to Gigi Hadid, who are pros and active users on the platforms; they usually document their daily snaps of the day, traveling, having meals, and model shenanigans through snaps and stories. So, if you are still ghosting this platform, then it’s high time to review your decision.

Well, I would say these new trends are here to stay forever, and it looks like they are unstoppable. Trust me, it’s super important to stay ahead of the curve. Still not convinced yet? Here, I have compiled a Snapchat statistics guide that unveils the important data helping you to reshape Snapchat for business.

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Let me show you the bigger pictures of staggering Snapchat statistics that will reshape your perspective on this platform.

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General Snapchat Statistics

Snapchat, the cool yellow social media platform, was launched in 2011 and is the reigning champ with its unique feature of disappearing messages and ephemeral stories. Despite its huge evolution into a platform with shopping and branded filters, its key element remains connecting with friends and family.

While the platform might not wear the crown for the most popular social media (that title goes to Facebook for all the obvious reasons), Snapchat firmly resonates with Gen Z.

Users usually spend an average of 25 – 30 minutes daily on the app, sending millions of snaps every minute. This is what makes Snapchat ideal for brands aiming to engage with people of every age (especially Gen Z).

Here’s a breakdown of mind-blowing general Snapchat statistics.

  1. Over 3 million  users have joined Snapchat as of Q1 2023Snapchat stats
  2. The platform has around 1 Billion downloads on Google Play StoreSnapchat stats
  3. Around 34% of people use Snapchat more than any other social media platform while hanging out with their friends
  4. Snapchat has a market cap of $15.23 billion as of September 2023
  5. It is the 10th most-used platform in the world
  6. Snapchat supports more than 40 languages
  7. Around 250 million Snapchat users engage with AR every day
  8. Over 350 Million+ Snapchat users engage with Snap Map each day
  9. Snapchat has over 300K+ active Lens creators, and 3 Million Lens are made by community

Snapchat Usage Statistics

As discussed above, the platform is occupied mostly by the younger crowd. You would hardly find Gen X or Boomers on the platform.

Studies reveal that a whopping 60% of teenagers globally are on the Snapchat game. And among the cool Gen Z and Millennial people, Snapchat strikes the right balance between male and female, spread across 20+ countries worldwide.

  1. Snapchat has over 750 million monthly active users
  2. With millions of downloads worldwide, India reserves the top position for most Snapchat users in the world
  3. US is the second largest market for Snapchat, with around 108.8 million usersSnapchat stats
  4. After the US, Pakistan is the third largest market for Snapchat, with 25.9 million active users
  5. An average user sends around 20-50 snaps per day
  6. The platform was downloaded 330 million times in 2022
  7. The platform’s popular Lenses are viewed more than 10 billion timesSnapchat stats
  8. The platform has around 14 billion daily video views
  9. Around 1.7 billion Bitmojis are created by Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature

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Snapchat Statistics for Business

If you are on the road to leveraging the power of Snapchat for your business, congrats, you are joining a global trend. Let me be honest here, high-end brands worldwide tap into Snapchat’s devoted and deeply engaged user base. This platform isn’t just a social hub but a place where users look for inspiration for their purchases.

Also, with nifty features like AR filters and effects, advertisers have a playground for interactive and creative engagement with their target audience.

Scroll down to unveil more Snapchat statistics for business and supercharge your social media strategy.

  1. Around 60% of Snapchat users are more likely to make an impulse purchase than the non-Snapchat users
  2. Over 39% of Snapchat users consult with friends and family before making a purchase decision
  3. Snapchat users are 2X more likely to share their purchases with others
  4. Over 23.2% of Snapchat users  follow or research brands or products on the platformSnapchat stats
  5. 64% of Snap Ads are viewed with the sound on
  6. Around 55% of Gen Z have ad recall after watching 0 to 2 seconds of an ad
  7. Over 4 billion Snaps are created on the platform every day
  8. Around 42.3% of users use Snapchat to share photos and videos
  9. Over half of Snapchat users agree that AR gives them more confidence when it comes to the quality of the product

Snapchat Statistics for Advertising

When it comes to advertising on Snapchat, then you are actually tapping into a vibrant, and ready-to-shop audience. Even if your social media ad budget is small, Snapchat still offers cost-effective options to make your mark on this interactive platform.

With ad formats tailored to boost awareness, drive leads and conversions, you can set up your Snapchat ads in a breeze and it actually takes less than five minutes. Check out the list of Snapchat ad statistics.

  1. Snapchat’s advertising audience reached 557.1 million
  2. Snapchat’s advertising revenue is expected to reach $3.8 billion
  3. Snapchat ads have the potential to reach 7.75 million users in Australia
  4. India has the largest Snapchat advertising audience
  5. Brands on Snapchat use unique ad formats to promote their products, including short form video content and AR
  6. More than 57% of business post video ads on the platformSnapchat stats
  7. Ads that last 5 to 6 seconds have the best performance

Snapchat Demographic Statistics

Snapchat is more likely for Gen Z. Most people there are between 18 and 34 years old. And guess what? It’s not just a USA thing; it’s everywhere! Snapchat has a worldwide fan club from the US to Europe, Asia, and beyond.

All credit goes to those disappearing pics and videos. That’s what makes it lit for us Gen Z-ers. Let’s take a look at the Snapchat demographics statistics.

  1. The average Snapchat user is 24 years old
  2. 54% of Snapchat users are daily Gen Z users
  3. 51% of Snapchat’s audience is female, and 48.2% is male
  4. Around 94 million people use Snapchat in Europe daily
  5. 67.9% of Snapchat daily active users are based outside of North America
  6. Around 86% of daily users on Snapchat are students
  7. Snapchat has received a 72 out of 100 user rating in United States
  8. 1.4% of users preferred Snapchat as their preferred social media appSnapchat stats

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Snapchat Filter Statistics

Snapchat filters are all the rage, and the stats prove it! Did you know that there are over 400 million Snapchatters using filters every single day? Yeah, you read that right! Whether it’s giving us puppy dog ears or transforming us into dancing hotdogs, we just can’t resist.

One more thing, Snapchatters create millions of snaps with filters each day, showing how much they love to get creative and share the fun. These statistics are enough to prove how Snapchat filters have taken over the world.

  1. Taco Bell’s Snapchat lens was viewed around 224 million times in a single day
  2. The average user accesses the Snapchat camera over 20 times per day
  3. The most popular filters are dog filter, Flower crown, Face Swap, Cartoon, and Anime eyes
  4. Filters are used by both men and women but are slightly more popular among women and that is, around 54%
  5. Filters are used for a variety of purposes, including personalizing photos and videos, expressing emotions, having fun, creating memories, and connecting with friends
  6. Filters can be used to promote brands and products
  7. Snapchat has partnered with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Disney to create custom filters
  8. Snapchat has created filters for events such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars

Snapchat for Everyone!

Honestly, Snapchat statistics uncover a vibrant and youthful ecosystem where creativity and connection thrive. With over a million users using filters daily, especially a huge number of Gen Z and millennial presence, Snapchat is a hub for self-expression and communication. These stats highlight its popularity and evolving relevance in the ever-changing world of social media.

So, whether you are a user or a marketer, paying attention to Snapchat’s statistics is key. But the best marketers know that looking beyond one social media platform can gain them the widest audience. While managing multiple social media platforms requires more content and seems like more work, tools like Fanpage Karma make it easy to stay in the loop of trends across all social media platforms and to create engaging content that their fans love across all major social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the statistics of Snapchat?

As of January 2023, Snapchat has over 492 million daily active users.

2. What gender uses Snapchat the most?

Female users are more likely to use Snapchat than male users.

3. How many users are on Snapchat 2023?

Snapchat has over 750 million monthly active users.

4. Which country uses Snapchat the most?

India is the country with the most Snapchat users, with over 182 million users, and the United States is the second most popular country for Snapchat, with over 108 million users.
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50 Snapchat Statistics: Why Do They Matter to Marketers in 2023

Picture of Yumna Hafeez

Yumna Hafeez

I am a part of the #ChampFam designated as a content writer who likes to write with a side of coffee. When not glued to the keyboard, you will find me munching popcorns in cinema or catching K-dramas on Netflix with a ramen bowl. Let's chat about content, cinema, or anything in between at [email protected].

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