What to Post on Instagram in 2024: 30 Ideas & Examples

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There are no two questions about the fact that Instagram is a goldmine for business owners and influencers alike. The picture-sharing platform is one of the most used social media networks out there, with 2.4 billion active users.

This constitutes a huge share of people who have access to the internet. However, thinking about what to post on Instagram daily is a pain, which is why we have the perfect solution. We are here with 30 ideas for businesses, influencers, and people trying to build their brands.

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What to Post on Instagram? – 30 Ideas & Examples

This question gets really tiring really fast when you have a million networks to take care of, and you don’t even have time to look up from your desk. At this point, a social media calendar is your best bet, but what exactly to fill it in with

We are here to bring 30 answers to your most despised question ever!

Let’s start with influencers.

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What to post on Instagram – Influencers Edition

From daily to weekly post ideas, this list has something for everyone, with examples and the exact content type that you need to create.

  1. A Day in My Life

    One of the most recent reel trends is “a day in my life” videos. These short videos show your daily routine. Many influencers also target a part of their day for these videos, like their job routine or a morning with their kids.

    With this type, ideas are endless. Starting from your morning routine as a SAHM or your 9-5 job at a startup, there is so much that you can do. Recently, a lot of people on TikTok and Instagram have also started to film their 5-9 routine, which is mostly the time when they get off from work and start their day at home.

    Take a cue from how this model-turned-influencer shares her day.

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  2. What I Eat in a Day

    What I eat in a day videos are immensely popular right now!

    And to be honest, they are quite therapeutic. A lot of people like to post their diet routine; some post what they cook for their families, and others simply film when they like to eat on vacations or during travel. If you are creative enough, then this idea has opened a whole new genre of reels.

    This is such a popular idea these days that you can actually find accounts that are dedicated to these videos.

    Here’s an example:

  3. Styling Reels

    In this day and age, when sustainable fashion is at its all-time high, styling reels are immensely popular. You can mix and match old & new clothing to create a look, you can transform a daytime look to a nighttime look, or you can put together the perfect outfit for a date night.

    With so many festivities coming up all year round, you can take inspiration from them and even create an entire series out of styling reels. Plus point? This would open new avenues for you to work with fashion brands if you are not able to pocket partnerships yet.

    Styling reels can also help you with stories, you can use BTS and still shots from the shoot to use as stories. That is a LOT of content from just one day!

  4. Weekly Dumps

    I personally love weekly dumps, cute random photos showing what your week looks like is my absolute favourite. You, too, can do one at the end of the week, post cute outfits, your coffee shots, or even completely unrelated pictures.

    Also, this can seem quite relatable for your followers as well. Between aesthetic pictures and carefully directed reels, this would serve as a break!

  5. Fit Check

    This one is more of a story idea rather than a post, but it works best if you make it a habit. Post cute full-length pictures of your outfit each day and save them in a highlight at the end of the week/ month. You can also start a fit-check series, like office wear, evening dresses, or festive clothes.

    And no, you don’t have to get ready for these pictures separately. You can do it whenever you dress up!

    Oh, and fit checks can be adorable as well:

  6. Transition Reels

    Transition reels can be used for a number of things, ranging from announcing an important event in your life, showcasing a brand, or even travelling. The possibilities are endless: you can lip-sync on a song or create your own audio by doing a voice-over.

    A few events can account for transition reels are:

    • Shooting for a fashion brand,
    • Shooting for a footwear brand,
    • Disclosing your next travel destination,
    • Announcing your graduation or marriage,
    • Shooting a haul video,
    • Showing off your new hair.

    Honestly, whatever transition you have in your life, you can make an amazing reel for it!

  7. What I Have in My Bag Reels

    This might be an old idea, but it definitely is relevant for all. From fashion influencers and corporate blogs to family pages and mom support groups, all genres could use this super useful idea. This reel is not only entertaining but also quite useful. Corporate blogs can make a reel on what to carry to work each day, what essentials one should have for a full day of work, or create sponsored posts for different work bags!

    Similarly, family pages can create what to carry on a road trip, travel essentials 101, or even how to pack for a big family reel. Even food influencers can mix and match this idea to create a reel of snacks that can be kept fresh in a bag.

  8. Skincare Videos

    Honestly, I urge all influencers to create more and more skincare-based reels rather than makeup tutorials. Let’s make healthy skin the new norm this year.

    Skincare videos are fun to watch and promote healthy habits. Plus, you get to learn a lot from it. One way to make them more knowledgeable is to explain the science behind the products that you use or break down the exact composition so that one can deeply understand. However, make sure that you yourself completely understand the product before you promote it.

    Here’s an example:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Glow Recipe (@glowrecipe)

  9. Tech Reviews

    With new phones coming out, every now and then, people are always craving fresh tech reviews. It could actually spiral into a full blog as well; you can review new phones, gadgets, desktop computers, and so much more. Furthermore, you might also end up on an influencer list for Samsung and other such giants. You just need to make videos that are informative and have clear shots of the technology that you are reviewing.

    However, this market is quite saturated, and you really need to put your heart and soul into recording to make it work. Once you get the hang of it, it eventually gets easier.

    There are so many people in this space that you can look up to. I am linking one of my favourite tech influencers below!


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

  10. Test drive videos

    Did you know that you can sign yourself up for test driving cars before they are released for the public? This gives them the chance to get public feedback and improve their features if possible.

    If you are into cars, then this one is honestly a great one for you rather than just a job. You get to drive new cars, create content, and look like an absolute treat while doing so. Keep an eye on different websites; these forms open up quite a lot. Sometimes, brands reach out to influencers as well when they run such campaigns. You can also look for PR companies of such brands and shoot an email to get enlisted in programs.

    Now that we are almost halfway through the list, the question “What to post on instagram” does not seem all that daunting, right?

  11. Yearly Roundups

    Yearly roundups are an amazing way to end the year with a recap that truly captures the incredible year that you have had. Stitch together videos, audio, still pictures, and memories to create a reel that speaks to your soul. And you don’t have to wait for the year’s end to create a roundup; you can easily do one for your graduation week or wind up a busy quarter at work with one.

    In a nutshell, anything that you live through within a certain time frame qualifies for a roundup. Here are a few roundup examples:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Zimmer90 (@zimmer90music)

  12. POV Videos

    POV reels are snippets of your day when you are doing a mundane task but it is essentially one, and you perform it every day. Or something that is only applicable to you, but others can relate to it as well. Here are a few ideas for POV reels:

    • POV: Attend my graduation ceremony with me
    • POV: You travel across the world for your best friend’s wedding
    • POV: My daughter’s first birthday

    Take some inspiration from this super cute reel:

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What to post on instagram – Blogs & Niche Pages

Blogs and niche pages usually know what they want to post on Instagram, but sometimes, it can get repetitive and boring. To get out of that rut, it is important to not only experiment with different ideas but with content types as well.

Here are a few ideas to help you when stuck.

  1. Funny/ Trending Reels

    Jump on the bandwagon with funny reels that are currently trending in your industry. For example, one such trending reel that you must be flooding your explore page right now is “We are XYZ, of course, we.” Maybe you could do that too.

    You can ask a few friends to join in with you and do it together.

    Similarly, you can find so many other trending reels that you can either use as a template and put your own visuals or use the audio and make a video yourself.

    Another trending video is this one:

  2. Challenge Videos

    Challenge videos have to be one of the most common ones out there. There are billions of challenge videos on the platform, especially related to food and small games. I mean, we all remember the iconic ice bucket challenge that was all over the feeds a few years ago? Similarly, you can find quite a lot of fun challenges on Instagram that you can either do alone or with a group of friends.

    For inspiration purposes, you can browse through TikTok and find challenges that are right up your alley!

  3. Relatable Meme Videos

    For every niche out there, there are tons of memes that you can find every day. From cat videos to the girl crying on the bed, you can customise anything for your audience. The year that went by has to be an absolute goldmine for memes. I mean, they are STILL relatable, and the templates can be found all over the internet.

    2024 is actually not that behind, as well. I mean Rihana actually performed at a private concert for an Asian billionaire’s wedding, the entire Meta went down while Zuckerberg was attending the said event, and SO much more.

    Like, we are just three months into 2024, and so much has already happened. I personally think this was just the trailer for what is about to come, and I am for it!

    Oh, and not to forget the biggest meme material for millennials: adult friendships

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  4. Funny Office Memes

    Corporate blogs have been on the rise this past year with offices showing off their company culture or just individuals helping others out. The best part about corporate blogs is the fact that they are relatable to the masses, especially for the current batch of employees.

    They make fun of what the employees are thinking, about how emails can practically just end the meeting culture, and how much corporate friendships actually matter in real life!

    I mean, check this out:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Char Alabanza (@gnarlyoodles)

  5. Travelling Hacks

    Travelling can be stressful for a lot of people, especially the thought of taking flights and other related tasks, which is why travel blogs are immensely popular these days. Gone are the days when pretty pictures did the trick to bring in new followers. Now, people want more relatable content. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely post all the aesthetic skyline shots and sunset timelapse but also work on hacks and tricks that can help fellow travellers.

    You can do videos on what to carry in your hand luggage, travel essentials with kids, how to book cheap flights, or review budget airlines.

    Here are a few topics that you can cover for traveling hacks:

    • Snacks and entertainment options to carry with toddlers
    • How to find the best deals on flights and accommodation
    • How to upgrade your seats
    • Family vacation destinations in winters/ summers
    • The most accommodating airline
    • The best and most durable suitcases

    Here’s an example:

  6. Reaction Videos

    Reaction videos are either absolutely hilarious or full of knowledge; there is literally no in-between. Also, the possibilities are endless with this one, making reaction videos on skincare, food, jewelry, recent events, and literally anything that you can find on the internet. Just make sure that you are an expert on the topic yourself so that you have some authority when you create such reels.

    I, for one, am obsessed with jewelry reaction videos and live for them after the MET Gala. Though I have to admit this one is not a super new idea, it is surely one of the evergreen ones. The best part is that you will never go out of content because you are not actually coming up with new ideas. You are doing what you are best at!

    Here is one of my absolutely favorite jewelry critiques out there:

    Her videos are hilarious, and the way she speaks really does capture your attention.

  7. Recipe Posts

    Recipe posts are everyone’s favourite, and now even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon with their viral recipes as they like to call it, like Gigi Hadid pasta and Kylie Jenner’s cookies. Celebrities really are going viral for absolutely no reason at all, I mean, a few days back I saw some create a viral peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I thought that was the most basic thing out there; I guess I was wrong.

    However, that does not mean that food pages on Instagram are not successful. Trust me, there are SO many pages that are doing super well with fusion cuisine and whatnot. Here’s an example:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Lauren Nagel (@bonappeteach)

  8. Food Videos

    Food roundups are another type of videos that you can create with your daily eats. Especially if you are a recipe creator, you must have tons of images in your phone that must be absolutely delicious. Create a reel with similar pictures and videos to post at the end of the week!

What to post on instagram – Business edition

It is definitely super hard to make sure that your business page goes viral, mainly because you focus more on what you are offering instead of what your audience wants. However, here are the top ideas that would help you beat the years-old question of “what to post on Instagram” and get the right eye on your content!

  1. BTS Posts

    Posting BTS content and real human faces humanise your brand and shows that you are all not a bunch of robots. But actual people who work day and night to bring an excellent product for you. BTS content is not limited to what goes on at work, but can also be the product shots that don’t make it to the feed or the process that goes behind creating the perfect reel.

  2. Product Pictures

    Product pictures are a brainer on business pages; aesthetic pictures help you sell more since they put your product in the limelight. You can either photograph one image at a time or upload the entire collection at once!

    Here is one for inspiration:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Glow Recipe (@glowrecipe)

  3. Contest Posts

    Run contests on your business page for higher engagement. You can gift something from your collection to the winner or offer a discount on your services. Either way, it is a real idea to increase your followers and target the right audience.

  4. Relevant Infographics

    It is so important to post infographics on your Instagram account. But make sure that you resize your regular ones to the right size. This way they are more readable and easy to understand. And the best part? You don’t have to put in any extra effort. You can just cut down your article or an old post to create something new and interesting!

  5. Useful Industry-Relevant Carousels

    Industry-relevant carousels are usually a group of pictures that discuss a single topic with pictures and little text. They are a fun way to increase your industry vocab and get some shares as well.

  6. Collab Reels

    Creating reels in collaboration with creators is also an amazing idea. It provides the much-needed social proof that we love. When someone other than you promotes your business, it comes off as much more authentic. You can sign up an influencer for a series of posts or do a one-off collaboration. Either way, make sure that you list down the requirements from both sides to avoid exploitation.

    Here is an extremely stubble reel in collaboration with Clorox cleaning products.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Dylan (@theeverythingdad)

  7. Holiday Posts

    Wishing your friends over the internet is the new norm and it’s about time that brands catch up on it. Putting up New Year and holiday posts should be an essential that you do every year. It might not bring in sales, but it does definitely show that you care!

  8. Customer Testimonials

    Putting up positive reviews from your real clients can sometimes be the seal of approval that your funnel clients are looking for. That one positive review can really make all the difference. Therefore, don’t forget to ask your audience about what they think of your products and put it up in a carousel post.

  9. Memes and Fun Reels

    A company is only as fun as their social media is. I mean no one is coming to check out your aesthetic office space, but everyone is sure to drop by your Instagram. Put up memes using trending templates and reels that resonate with your target audience. Here is how we do it:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Social Champ (@socialchampio)

  10. Announcement Posts

    Social media announcements should be a part of your launch kit, ALWAYS. When the email goes out, your social media manager should be ready to hit the post as well. You know what’s even better? A set template that sets your announcement posts apart from the regular ones!


What to post on Instagram is not really as much of a satan’s spawn as we thought it was. If we really think about it, the possibilities are endless for Instagram posts and we are all for creativity!

FAQs – What to Post on Instagram

>What to Post on Instagram for business?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Carousel posts
  • Relatable memes
  • Product pictures
  • Review reels
  • Announcement posts

What to post on Instagram as a creator?

Ideally, creators should focus on putting out content that they are best at, such as transition reels, fashion advice, relatable posts, travel hacks, jewelery reactions, recipes, or whatever their niche asks for. Just remember to always ask for feedback from your audience and use it to create better content!

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

There is no universal best time to post, but you can find the one that suits you best by signing up for Social Champ analytics.
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Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

What to Post on Instagram in 2024: 30 Ideas & Examples

Picture of Marium Fahim Khan

Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

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