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Social Media Manager

[soh-shuhl mee-dee-uh man-i-jer]

Time has made social media a critical marketing domain due to its ability to reach maximum audiences. However, you can not rely solely on the domain to plan, perform, and assess. This requires manual assistance and here is when a social media manager comes into the picture.

A social media manager is the person who is ideally responsible for content creation and execution for a brand. The tasks may include content planning, running campaigns, tracking analytics, and communicating as a brand advocate. 

Typically, a social media manager is expected to know all the latest trends and campaigns on social media and notably strategize the brand’s participation in them. Suppose you want to be a social media manager. In that case, your skill set should include writing, editing, creative designing, expertise in the usage of social media platforms, and know-how about the key performance metrics of social media. 


Ania Barcyk and Jordan Quinn are two famous social media managers known for their expert branding on social media. 

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