30+ Facebook Stats for Digital Marketers in 2023

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In the dynamic world of digital marketing, keeping up with the latest trends and stats is essential. So, let’s talk about the 30+ Facebook Stats 2023 you need in your arsenal.

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, and suddenly, you realize how crucial it is to understand the platform’s ins and outs to reach your audience effectively.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve gathered a wealth of data to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Facebook marketing with an efficient Facebook management tool by your side.

But wait, we’re not just throwing numbers at you. We’ll break down the stats into actionable takeaways, giving you the upper hand in crafting strategies that truly resonate.

Let’s dive into the world of Facebook statistics!

General Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook offers a vast audience for marketers to target and engage with. Its global reach and diverse user base make it a crucial platform for businesses to establish their online presence.

  1. Most Used Popular Social Platform

    Facebook is the most used platform, with almost 3.03 billion monthly active users. This makes it a more popular platform than others, like Twitter and Instagram. It means that Facebook is a top-rated and popular platform among users.

  2. Astonishing Yearly Revenue

    According to the statistics, the total revenue of Facebook in 2022 was $116.6 billion. Facebook has made almost an additional $2 billion from people’s advertisements and payments.

  3. Most Visited Site

    According to the Facebook monthly stats, Facebook is one of the most visited online platforms. Millions of users worldwide visit the platform daily to watch the brands and their favorite channels.

    On the internet, Facebook.com is the 3rd most visited platform. We are not talking about the Facebook application; it’s about the website.

  4. Recommended Content From AI

    Almost 15% of the Facebook content is suggested by Facebook Algorithm, and the quantity will increase more at the end of this year. It shows how much potential Facebook has for brand owners and individuals.

  5. 2nd Most Downloaded App on Android

    According to 2023 stats, Facebook is 2nd most downloaded app on Android, with an impressive 7.57 billion downloads worldwide. It shows how people love using this social media platform.

Facebook User Stats

Facebook users span various age groups, but it tends to be most popular among users aged 18 to 34. However, the platform has a significant user base across all age ranges, making it valuable for brands targeting younger and older audiences.

  1. Daily Active Users

    According to the Facebook survey, almost 67% (1.98 billion) of the population goes active on their accounts daily.

    The trick for increasing Facebook engagement is knowing what the user wants. People share the content on the platform to let their audience see what they like.

  2. 4-5% Of the Facebook Monthly Active Users Are Fake Accounts

    Despite the regular crackdown against fake accounts, almost 4-5% of the Facebook monthly active users are fake accounts. Taking down fake accounts increases advertisers’ trust in Facebook for marketing.

Facebook Demographics Stats

Demographics play a crucial role in giving data-driven insights; below are a few interesting ones.

  1. 1 Out of 5 People in India Are Facebook Users

    India is home to 314.6 million Facebook users. This stat makes India the top country according to the user ranking. Almost 1 out of 5 Indians use Facebook, making India a global advertiser market.

  2. Most American Adults Use Facebook

    According to Facebook, in America, almost 70% of the population is on Facebook to enjoy the platform. This places Facebook in second place after YouTube for the most used app by US adults. Even Instagram is in 3rd place, with 47% of American adults using it.

  3. 25% Of Gen-Z Users Plan to Spend Less Time on Facebook in 2023

    Facebook traffic stats show that almost 25% of Gen Z users plan to spend less time on the platform in 2023. 7% of the users plan to leave the platform between the ages of 18-25. However, there is still much marketing potential on Facebook for marketers if they know the audience.

  4. Female Users Are Less Than the Male

    Compared to male users, female users prefer using Instagram more than Facebook. According to the data provided by Facebook, female users are almost 43.4%, and male users are 56.6%.

Facebook Usage Stats

Facebook usage stats show when users are most active can help marketers schedule their posts and advertisements for maximum visibility and engagement.

  1. The Per-Person Usage Time on Facebook Is Almost 19.7 Hours Monthly

    According to Facebook live stats, users on Facebook spend almost 19.7 hours. It is the 3rd highest time on any social media platform.

    Compared to Facebook, users spend almost 23.4 hours on YouTube monthly and 22.9 hours on TikTok every month.

  2. Us Adults Spent 25.7% Of the Time on the Platform in 2022

    According to Facebook stats for 2019, the number of Facebook users stats in the US decreased to 35.3%. US users are predicted to keep decreasing until 2024 with a percentage of 22.4%.

Facebook Stats for Business

There are many Facebook stats that you must know before starting any business on this platform. Let’s dive into them:

  1. 200 Million Businesses Are Active on Facebook

    According to the Facebook business stat, 200 million businesses are active on the platform. This colossal figure shows the importance of Facebook as the marketing and sales channel for business.

  2. 87.1% of US Marketers Use Facebook Platform

    About 87.1% of US marketers use the Facebook platform for marketing purposes. With a 6-8% ideal Facebook reach, the platform is heaven for marketers looking for better ROI and conversions.

    If you want to grow your reach and see what people respond to best, check out tools such as Fanpage Karma.

  3. 53% Customers More Likely to Buy From Business They Can Message

    About 53% of customers prefer to buy from businesses that chat and reply on Messenger. It shows that customers like to buy once they confirm details from the businesses rather than clicking and buying without any inquiries.

    With tools such as Fanpage Karma you can manage all of your incoming messages and comments on Facebook, and moreover on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok as well.

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Facebook Ad Stats

Facebook was one of the first platforms to offer advertisements on their platform, which is why it is quite widely used and yields amazing results.

  1. About 3 Million Businesses Advertise Through Facebook

    According to Facebook user stats, almost 3 million businesses are advertising to reach customers. It includes more than 70% of companies operating outside the US.

  2. Facebook Will Collect $75.11 Billion in 2024 Through Ad Revenue

    According to Facebook stats, Facebook is estimated to earn $75.11 billion in revenue in 2024. It is almost $36 in revenue from each user.

  3. Facebook Advertising Cost $0.94 per Click

    $0.94 is the average cost per click on Facebook. Users can see higher or lower numbers based on the marketing campaigns. This cost shows that Facebook is affordable for the new businesses’ ads.

Facebook Shopping Stats

Facebook has expanded into e-commerce with features like Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping. Understand these Facebook shopping stats to know more about the audience.

  1. About 19% Of US Users Search for Products on Facebook Before Shopping

    As Facebook is one of the best online shopping platforms, 19% of US users start searching for their favorite items on Facebook. Amazon, Walmart, and YouTube are famous among users, but Facebook is still preferred.

  2. 1 Million Shops Are on Facebook

    There are 1 million shops on Facebook. These Facebook stats show the shopping potential and buyer’s trust in the marketplace.

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Facebook Video Stats

Videos are resulting in better engagement for Facebook creators. Let’s uncover interesting Facebook stats for videos.

  1. Videos Account For Half of the Time Spent on Facebook

    Facebook is one of the best platforms for creating and sharing videos. The platform has seen a steep increase in video content. Videos account for half of the time spent on Facebook, which shows users’ engagement.

  2. 47% Of Ad Recall Happens in First 3 Seconds of a Video Ad

    Data shows that the first 3 seconds of the video ad create 47% of the total campaign value. It shows that the conversion rate on Facebook videos is higher in the first few seconds. Marketers can create compelling campaigns using this finding.

  3. 81% Of the Businesses Favor Video Campaigns

    Due to the engaging nature of Facebook videos, almost 81% of businesses prefer video campaigns. It shows that audiences engage with video content more than images and text.

Facebook Device Statistics

The majority of Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices. Here is the stats breakdown according to devices.

  1. 98.5% Of Facebook Users Use Facebook Exclusively Through the Mobile

    According to Facebook stats, almost 98.5% of users use it exclusively on mobile phones. It shows how important it is to have a mobile to enjoy the features of Facebook.

  2. 2.6% Of Facebook Users Use the Facebook on a Computer

    Most people love using the Facebook platform on their mobile phones. Only 2.6% of the users prefer using the computer to enjoy Facebook. Whatever device you have, the main thing is that Facebook offers similar features to the users to enjoy their time.

Facebook Feature Stats (Reels, Stories, Messenger)

Features like Facebook Stories and Messenger have gained significant traction. Let’s see what amazing stats are awaiting for Facebook feature stats.

  1. Facebook Stories Reach 500 Million Daily Users

    Using Facebook is also preferred by users because they love viewing stories. According to Facebook stats, stories reach almost 500 million daily users.

  2. Over 1 Billion Stories Are Posted Daily

    According to Facebook stats, users post almost 1 billion stories daily on the Facebook family of apps to showcase their social life and lifestyle. The users post the stories and help their followers and fans know what they are doing and how they are doing in their lives.

  3. Facebook and Instagram Reels Get 200 Billion Views Daily

    The reels on Facebook are becoming more and more popular every day. Meta CEO revealed that reels on both platforms get 200 billion views daily. Reels are the perfect advertisement strategies that help brands expand and grow to provide visibility.

  4. 50% Of Users Want to Be Introduced to New Products Through Stories

    Due to stories’ fast and helpful nature, 50% of users want to discover new products through them on Facebook family apps. It shows the potential of stories for business ads.

Facebook Consumer Behavior Statistics

Users report discovering products on Facebook and actively follow and engage with brand pages. Here are interesting facts about Facebook consumer behavior.

  1. The Highest Number of Buyers Are on Facebook

    According to Facebook stats, Facebook has the highest number of buyers worldwide. Most buyers on Facebook are above 14 and love making online purchases and shopping for their favorite products from their favorite brands. This year, Facebook has almost 65.7% of US buyers.

  2. 78% Of Us Users Discover New Products on Facebook

    According to the Facebook survey, 78% of the users discover new products on Facebook. It shows that platforms demand highly curated marketing strategies.

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Facebook is one of the best platforms, with billions of users. Its users are increasing daily due to the best features and most user-friendly interface.

Users love using it to share their thoughts, lifestyle, and business on Facebook to showcase their talent. Facebook advertising allows users to expand their business and keep a close eye on their audience. If you are wondering if the Facebook platform is secure enough to start any business, don’t worry. This Facebook stats 2023 guide can help you.

Just start taking advantage of it and expand your thoughts and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Find Facebook Statistics?

Open your Facebook account and go to the Facebook page stats. Once the page opens, tap on the more option and select insights. Logging into your account from the computer is also a good way to understand things.

2. Which Country Uses FB Most?

India is the country that has the highest Facebook population, with 448,100,000 users. The United States has the second-highest Facebook population, with 188,000,000 users. Facebook has worldwide users and is expanding more and more every day.

3. Is Facebook Analytics Free?

Yes, Facebook analytics is free. You can take advantage of its features because it offers $100 with a 14-day trial. Remember that after the free trial, you will need to pay for it.

4. Is Facebook Still Popular?

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, with billions of users. Facebook’s population increases yearly because of its high security and privacy features. This year, the Facebook population has increased by about 1.3%.

5. Does China Use Facebook?

There are almost 2.96 billion users on Facebook. Facebook is not being used in China. The parent company is Meta, which is banned in China. That is why people in China cannot use Facebook.
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