John Siebenthaler shares his Creative Experience in the Digital World

Starting a new venture is never an easy thing. You have to put all your extra efforts and time into growing your business and achieving goals. But when you have multiple skills and a passion for growing in the business world, you can get all the good things in your life.

With the hands-on designing experience, passion for writing, and love for photography, we have John Siebenthaler with us.

John is an exceptional writer and creative designer. He has been ruling the marketing world since September 1989 and runs an agency called ‘Siebenthaler Creative.’ Social Champ is glad to have such passionate clients.

Today we asked John if he could share his entire journey with us, and this is all he has to say. He further opened up how Social Champ helped him take his business forward.

How You Got the Idea for Your Business? What Services Do You Offer?

What started with a freshly minted (pre-internet, web) degree in Public Relations, working knowledge of photography, hands-on printing experience, and a passion for design inspired by the Golden Age of Advertising became a career in freelancing that began out of necessity.

Clients over the years include everything from B-to-B trade publications and building developers, corporate financial and tech sector projects, and motorcycle manufacturers and fitness trainers. Originally my main services were copywriting, design, and photography, but the desktop publishing revolution allowed me to extend my talents to a larger market.

Before the internet, specifically the web, my reach was limited. Today, because of SEO/SEM and SMM, I’m able to offer brand management services, including graphic design, copywriting, public relations, and social media marketing wherever there’s a need for professional communications solutions.

How Social Champ Helps You Deliver Value to Your Customers?

Social media marketing was primarily a one-on-one, time-consuming exercise that didn’t scale well nearly a decade ago. There were a few enterprise solutions aimed at corporate customers, but financially they were beyond my reach. One of the earliest affordable platforms offered browser interface bulk uploads to multiple channels, which worked fine for me, despite limitations. Last year, at the same time, my now former provider increased their rates by roughly 500%. Social Champ crossed my radar. There was no hesitation in switching horses to Social Champ’s feature-rich application that encourages use through an elegant interface and easily customizable posting options.

I’ve just discovered the ability to schedule content to Google Business Profiles, making it much more efficient to utilize that channel for clients locally. And the ease of using the User Interface itself adds value by turning tedious tasks into a pleasant use of SasS on behalf of my customers.

Can You Explain Your Process of Planning and Execution of a Campaign for a Client? What Tools Do You Use?

Most of my work identifies, finds, and curates content aligned with a client’s target market. For a plumbing contractor, that content might range from global trends in bathroom architecture to local events observing water conservation. Keyword search, checking on their FB and Twitter likes and follows, and newsletter subscriptions all serve to funnel possible content into entries on a spreadsheet for review and archiving.

Google is my main search tool, but Duck Duck Go produces some interesting alternatives using the same search criteria. Excel remains, for now, my data delimiter of choice, but I’m considering moving to Google Sheets. I use FileMaker Pro’s database application in parallel for a much easier, much more versatile organizational tool. Results are exported as CSVs, just like a spreadsheet, but are more searchable. If graphics are needed, my main applications are Illustrator and Photoshop, along with a still very serviceable Fireworks vector and raster program. The choice usually depends on whether typography or image is the main focus.

Social Champ was the perfect solution at the right time for continuing and growing my social media marketing efforts. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface in terms of efficiency and versatility, and I look forward to continuing my knowledge and use of the platform.

Thank you, John, for appreciating Social Champ. We are adding new exciting features so that our clients will have a hassle-free social media management experience.

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