44 Social Media Addiction Statistics Everyone Must Know

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The social media addiction statistics show how people are attached to their devices to use all social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, so on, so forth.

Before the world of Internet, people still had social lives. The difference was that they had an ACTUAL social life and not a VIRTUAL one! Then, technology happened! And gave us the gifts of evolution of the internet and social media. Social media is a place all of us are addicted to.

A place we can’t live without, well not comfortably at least.

we have technology
It is a place where people feel safe to share but then again people feel free to bully too.It is place of networking and communications. So much so that the people feel better speaking out on the Internet rather than speaking in public or face to face

Virtual communication is on the top of its game in the field of Millennial and Generation Z, the iGeneration if you will. Social media addiction is taking a toll on the youngsters the most. It is controlling their minds in a way that is subtle but very alarming too.

All Night Sleep

Social media statistics 2018 show how the addiction of social media has had a negative effect on people’s daily life. People are short on temper, shortening their attention span, irritated and agitated at the same time.

The wave of trends that people have started to follow that state that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can become an influencer, has made the young ones believe that they can get easy money by just posting a few clicks of their life, slap them with filters, and account that with an inspirational quotes.
That is SO NOT the case!

social media addiction statistics

One starts to procrastinate, leaving everything behind to either post on the internet or catch up on all the shenanigans that the others have been up to. This leads to getting late to work, or not submitting your assignments on time, or delaying things that needed to be done!

Statistics of People Attached To Their Devices

  • Instagram: 1 billion users
  • LinkedIn: 562 million users
  • Reddit: 542 million users
  • Twitter: 326 million users
  • Snapchat: 186 million daily users
  • Flickr: 90 million users
  • 4Chan: 22 million

Let’s talk about social media addiction statistics!

Social media addiction statistics have been very clear that we, the human beings, well mostly the Millennial and Generation Z, has been connected to their phones on a very high rate.

How high?

Let’s start the count!


social media addiction statistics

1. Facebook has almost 500,000 new users every day; 6 new profiles every second
2. 76% of Facebook members log on it every day
3. The average user gives his 35 minutes on Facebook a day
4. Out of which, 24%  have used their time to look at other people’s images and posts.
5. There are approximately 270 million fake Facebook profiles of all the princesses, princes, angels, kings, etc.
6. There are about 60 million business pages on Facebook which are active
7. Facebook facilitates 5 million active advertisers on its platform.



8. 500 million people check Twitter each month through Google and other resources without signing in
9. Out of these users, 44% made an account but left their account untouched
10. An average Twitter user has almost 707 followers
11. There is a sum of 1.3 billion accounts, with  about 326 million monthly active users
12. But there are 391 million users who have no followers
13. Almost 500 million Tweets sent out each day on an average. This rounds up to about 6,000 Tweets every second
14. Twitter’s top 5 marketing accounts for 50% of all Tweets
15. 77% of Twitter users feel more affected by a brand when their Tweet has been replied to



16. 300 hours of video is enrolled to the Youtube database each minute
17. People now watch Youtube videos of about 1 billion hours every day
18. An average person watches content of 40 minutes of YouTube in a day
19. YouTube sees around 1,148 billion mobile video views per day
20. More than about half of YouTube watches come from cellphones
21. An average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes
22. The user-submitted video with the most amount of views is the video for Luis Fonsi’s song ‘Despacito’ with 4.36 billion views
23. You can operate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages (covering 95% of the Internet population)


social media addiction statistics

24. According to social media statistics, there are 800 million Monthly Active Users on Instagram
25. Over 95 million photos are being uploaded each day
26. There are 4.2 billion Instagram Likes per day
27. An average Instagram user surfs for 15 minutes a day
28. 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35
29. When Instagram featured videos, more than about 5 million were shared in 24 hours
30. Pizza is the most popular Instagrammed food, followed by sushi and steak
31. The most liked picture on Instagram is one of an egg and TikTok videos are the most uploaded ones.


social media addiction statistics

32. LinkedIn has 500 million members
33. Around 106 million of those access the site on a monthly basis
34. More than 1 million users have posted content on LinkedIn
35. Over 3 million companies have their own LinkedIn accounts



36. Snapchat has 187m, active daily users
37. 60% of them are under 25
38. In 2018, approximately $90m was spent on Snapchat ads
39. The average user spends 25 minutes a day on Snapchat
40. Snapchat has new features added to the accounts this month


social media addiction statistics

41. Pinterest has 200 million active users each month
42. 67% of Pinterest users are mostly under 40-years-old
43. The best time to Pin is Saturday from 8 pm-11 pm
44. In 2018, the male audience grew 41% and their average time spent on Pinterest tripled to more than 75 minutes per visitor

5 Alarming Symptoms of a Social Media Addict

watching TV

Sharing Your Life

This might sound absurd but people have reported getting REAL-LIFE stalkers because they had posted every single detail from their daily life on their social media platforms. Social media addiction statistics show how people might follow you because you post a lot, but it becomes deadly dangerous because you are giving them all the access of your life YOURSELF!

Has it ever been the case with you where you don’t meet a friend for days and days, yet you know exactly how their days go, or know anything significant happening in their lives?
Very unconsciously we know things about somebody even when they haven’t told us about them because of their information on social media.

Depression Because of Comparison


Jealousy is an ugly word!
Nobody wants to hear that about themselves.
But let’s get real for a minute.

Once you start comparing your life to others on the basis of things they own or the places they go to, then you know you have a problem!
The capability that lets people choose what to post and what not to share has opened floodgates to create online personas that have nothing to do with their originality.

Lack of face-to-face communication leaves you more lonely and depressed. Your social media addiction has started to reach a very serious high if you hate social media because of what others post, and get jealous of it.

Social media addiction statistics show that not only do people get depressed because of the things they compare themselves too, but also some of them had to go to extremes as suicide to get away from the addiction.

Frustrated When You Can’t Find Your Devices

You FREAK out if you can’t find your phone in your pockets. Literally, you would turn the whole house upside down just to find your phone.

Do you feel the need to reach out in your pockets for your phone every time you stop at the traffic light, or can’t post on Facebook because of the Wifi?
One study shows that Americans check their phones every twelve minutes, while one in ten checks them every four.

This is an indication in the charts of social media addiction statistics of how seriously dependent we are to the Internet and social media, and how social media statistics are right about it being an actual mental illness.

Agitated With No Internet

Agitated With No Internet

How many times has it happened that you kind of feel bored because you have nothing to do just because there is no internet?
Like the world around you has stopped and you feel really angry and jump towards the Wifi device, trying to engineer a way to make it work?
Social media statistics 2018 show that people feel vulnerable and boredom hits its peaks when they have no internet.
Why is this?

This happens when your life revolves around social media and you get irritated because you feel empty without it. Sure, you think you have self-control and will be able to quit anytime you want.

But, really. Can you??
You get happy when the number of your followers increase.
You get sad when you are left on ‘seen’ in a messenger without a reply, sometimes leaving you friend-zoned.
You get angry when you get disconnected from the internet.
You get scared when you accidentally, ‘very unintentionally’ like a picture of someone from 2 years ago.
You feel proud when that cute picture of yours get a hundred likes on Facebook.
You get excited when you hit a new high on the leader board of an online game.

This shows how your emotions, whether it be anger, irritation, happiness, sadness, is connected to the artificial intelligence world when it should be connected to the real world.

And thus, getting you your dose of social media addiction, leaving you emotionless for the real world and full of emotions for the virtual world.

Check EVERY Buzz

You eat, sleep, work, play, brushing your teeth, going for a walk, blah blah blah blaahhhhh, do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with social media.

You are logged into multiple devices so you can check and track all of your social media accounts from anywhere you are.
Do you constantly feel like taking pictures?
Is the first thing that you do in the morning is checking your phone?
Can you not leave your phone alone if there is even a slight buzz? (Even when it doesn’t actually buzz, and you have imaginary buzzing in your head?)
Do you check in every place you go to your social media accounts?
Do you prefer notifications over speaking to an actual person?

If the above answers of yours were all in the favor of social media, then I’m sorry, my friend. Because you are a social media addict. Social media addiction statistics reveal that the first thing a social media addict does in the morning is to check their phone.
And it is also the last thing they do before they go to sleep.

Also, the most annoying thing perhaps, #you #hashtag #every #thing #that #you #type #in #the #caption!!

Putting an End to Social Media Addiction

social media addiction statistics

There are times when you start your day with social media and you get involved so much that you don’t even realize when the daylight has turned into night light!

Social media addiction statistics state that 78% of people who use less devices in their daily life have healthier brains than the ones who do!

To prevent this and other symptoms from happening, here are things that you can do;

Reduce the apps

No more CandyCrush.
No more Facebook.
No more Snapchat.
Clean your phone off of all the unnecessary apps.
Use it for calls and important messages only.

Swipe less to live more!

Once these apps will be less in reach, they will automatically lose their attraction.

Restrict Notifications

Turn off the notifications to all platforms.
Yeah, you read that right!
Notifications are just signals for you to check your phones. No notifications means less checking of the phone, resulting in a better life.

According to social media addiction statistics, this has been one of the best way to getting yourself rid of this ugly addiction.
Notifications can directly affect your temper since you won’t be able to do the task at hand once you indulge in checking social media.

Limiting Your Time

Keep a check on yourself.
15-minute rule usually does wonders Or the “No social media in the office” generally works too.
Even at home, try putting a timer on the usage of social media.
And since you’ll have a lot of time to spare, you can pick up different hobbies or so.
Keep yourself busy.
Make new friends. No, not on the internet!
Concentrate on the things close to you, family, friends, hobbies.

Healthy Apps

Use apps that block all social media apps on your phone after a certain time registered in.
Or, the other option can be using apps that can schedule your posts.

The social media posts scheduling tool can be useful because you can bulk upload your content, posts, and pictures, for a week or a month.
Let it do its magic while you relax!

social media addiction statistics

Limit Your Devices

No, I don’t mean that your use less devices. Just limit their access in certain areas of the house.
Like in the dining area, or the bedroom.
Social media addiction statistics show that almost 86% of the people who have cell phones in their bedrooms sleep late because they are using their cell phones at night.

Time just slips by!
So get yourself an alarm clock instead of using your phone as an alarm.
And leave your phone in the living or anywhere outside your bedroom.

As per social media addiction statistics, 9 out of 10 people keep their phones near their pillow while they sleep, which can be extremely hazardous!

Wrapping up

social media addiction statistics
Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction statistics show that just like any other addiction, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or whatever, social media addiction too, creeps in seeming completely harmless But once it settles in and strengthen its roots, it can cause various mental health problems like anxiety, depression, etc.

Social media site creates an illusion of connectivity. -Malay Shah

The little ting of excitement that you might feel when you see a notification on your devices is “dopamine” that makes you feel excited and satisfied, but at a chemical level. If you find yourself craving for social media like mad, try to follow the advice above.

Never let these online social platforms take away your precious time or control your life, you should be the one that controls them as a tool.

Take care of yourself and the people around you by unplugging from the artificial world and plugging into the real life!

Happy Safe Socializing!
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Zahra Farid

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44 Social Media Addiction Statistics Everyone Must Know

Picture of Zahra Farid

Zahra Farid

Humbled to say that I'm the most fun and lively character of our #ChampFam, designated as Senior Content Writer. I've five years of experience in content creation. Digital marketing enthusiast and horror movie addict. When not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! You can ping me at [email protected].

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