16 Amazing Social Media Calendar Tools for Businesses in 2024

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One of the most tiresome aspects of managing a social media business is the creation of content schedules and aligning them with everyday trends. The day you forget to check your posting schedule, you are doomed.

Well, you can save yourself from daily burnout by keeping it all aside, settled, and in sync in a single go with the help of a social media content calendar. However, it is high time to dive deep into it if you are still unaware of what a good social media management tool integrating with a content calendar can do for your business.

Read this ultimate guide that has got you covered with all the basics of social media calendar tools.

What Is a Social Media Calendar?

As the name suggests, a social media calendar is a visual representation of your social media activities aligned with respect to date and time. It can be anything from a spreadsheet, a digital calendar, or an interactive dashboard.

A go-to social media calendar usually includes the date and time any post will go live, social networking account, content copy, visual assets, links, and tags.

Benefits of Social Media Calendar Tools

It is not a mere calendar, folks!

A social media calendar tool maintains your schedule and brings numerous benefits to your business, elevating its overall presence. Below are a few benefits you gain by integrating a calendar into your marketing strategy.

  1. Keep Your Business Organized

    Social media calendar tools keep the content for all your social media accounts and profiles in sync. You can also make changes to the plan anytime and update the calendar accordingly. This will save you from last-minute hassle, and you will be able to focus on other areas of your business efficiently.

  2. Provides Visibility Across All the Activities

    Using the best social media calendar tools, you can track all the activities across your targeted social media platforms. Check out the recent activities, make any changes if needed, and improve the workflow.

  3. Maintains Consistency

    The most valuable perk of having a social media calendar tool for your business is the fact that it maintains consistency and brings productivity. It keeps the activity consistent on your social media platforms and does not let them die.

  4. Measure Performance

    Tracking key performance indicators, social media metrics, campaigns, and trends are all possible with the help of social media calendar tools.

How to Create a Social Media Calendar?

Here comes the question of how to craft a winning social media calendar capable of yielding promising results. Well, there are a few steps to keep in mind while setting up a social media calendar for managing your business.

  1. Strategize Your Content

    Assess your social media presence, best engagement platforms, and content i
    deas that perform well for your business. Evaluate what works best when and then make a strategy highlighting the major elements your social media calendar must include.

  2. Choose the Social Media Platforms You Will Post On

    No need to get separate social media calendar tools for each platform. Instead, create a list of the social networks your audience uses the most. Next, integrate them within your social media content calendar.

  3. Decide What Your Calendar Should Include

    For every business, a social media calendar would differ. Evaluate your business goals and aims and then tailor the calendar accordingly. Identify what must be included in the calendar. As a beginner, you can consider including the platforms you will be using, the day and time your posts will be published, content copies, graphics, links, and tags within your content calendar.

    Once you get to know it, you can expand it further by incorporating advanced calendar features.

  4. Get Feedback

    Once you are done with the creation of your calendar, share it with your team members and stakeholders and get their opinion to ensure the calendar can satisfy everyone’s needs. The more opinions you will take, the more efficient your calendar will be.

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16 Social Media Calendar Tools for 2024

Now that you have become well-versed in the idea of how using calendar tools to manage social media can boost the productivity of your business, it is time to choose the best tool for your company. However, do not go for any option available. Remember, only the best-suited social media content calendar tools can be utilized to their maximum capacity.

Hence, to provide you with noteworthy options, here is a list of social media calendar tools you must try once.

  1. Social ChampSocial Champ Calendar

    Social Champ is an all-rounder in social media management, offering advanced features for scheduling posts across the leading social media platforms. This tool allows users to manage posts with the least hassle with the help of its social media calendar feature. Among the calendar tools to manage social media, this one comes in as very appealing and visually impactful.

    You can streamline the flow of your content in a single go. Also, group multiple clients in a single workspace, add as many workspaces as required, and select the workspace to view scheduled social media posts on various social platforms all within a single dashboard. You can also use filters to search for posts specifically within a pool of data scheduled in the calendar.

    In addition, this calendar also gives you the power to add, edit, or delete any scheduled social media posts. Hence, Social Champ serves as a neat and reliable calendar to get your business integrated within.


    The pricing starts at $29 per month, and the tool also offers a free plan.

Manage Your Schedules With Social Champ!

Check out our social media calendar feature and enable automated post publishing, approvals, and team collaboration altogether for your business
  1. Google CalendarGoogle Calendar

    Google Calendar is a scheduling service developed by Google itself and is by far among the most commonly used social media calendar tools. This calendar requires less time and effort involved by providing a shareable calendar that works across Google Workspace. It also brings all your calendars together so that you can manage your personal and professional schedules side by side.

    All you need to do is to add a task, set a deadline, track the activities, and check off the completed tasks as soon as they are done. Using this tool, you can surely opt for a smarter way of planning your day, utilizing its multiple features and keeping everyone in your team in the loop as well.


    The Google Calendar is available for free.

  2. CalendlyCalendly

    As the name suggests, Calendly is a social media calendar tool providing features to ease the workflow and help you plan workable schedules for your business. Using Calendly, you can track your availability and select the best time for meetings and activities. You can also get your team on board to collaborate with its team-scheduling feature.

    In addition, you can also embed the tool with your website and streamline the workflows, increasing conversion rates and offering a seamless experience. Hence, this tool tops the list among free social media calendar tools with its free plan and appealing features.


    The pricing starts at $10 per month.

  3. MissingLettrMissingLettr

    MissingLettr is another considerable option among calendar tools to manage social media. It offers a multi-purpose social media calendar that helps the user to schedule, automate, and publish posts on autopilot. Hence, you can easily view all upcoming campaigns and announcements anytime and make changes if needed.

    In case you like to add notes within your schedules to remember important points for the day, you can simply hover the ‘+’ icon in the calendar and add any notes you want. So, if you are looking for a social media calendar that can ultimately bring you peace of mind, then this one is surely a win.


    The pricing starts at $9 per month.

  4. ContentCoryContentCory

    ContentCory helps users create efficient and beautiful social media calendars for their businesses. The tool automatically sends email reminders five, fifteen, or thirty minutes before your post time. You can also save post ideas in a handy idea box to never lose any content. In addition, you can also create notes to share important details within the team on the dashboard.

    Hence, you can easily manage your social media presence using this social media calendar tool.


    The pricing starts at $29 per year since they only deal with yearly subscriptions.

  5. PlanolyPlanoly

    Planoly is an easy-to-use social media calendar tool that allows users to automate their content marketing strategy all within a single dashboard. This tool gives ideas, notes, and suggestions based on the weekly trends you can use to inspire your content.

    In addition, you can utilize its Instagram planning, TikTok planning, and Pinterest planning features to create, edit, and schedule content posts. If you want to repurpose a content piece on multiple social media platforms, you can do that with a simple click of a button. Hence, if you want a simple and reliable social media calendar for your business, try Planoly and experience a sigh of relief.


    The pricing starts at $13 per month.

  6. Story ChiefStory Chief

    Another advanced social media calendar tool among the considerable social media content calendar tools is Story Chief. This tool allows users to ideat content, publish posts, and stay organized and synced with the daily tasks of business. Using the all-in-one calendar, you can organize all the content for different social media channels within a single dashboard.

    In addition, Story Chief is also capable of generating actionable insights by monitoring your content and suggesting ideas that are likely to work the best for your business. Hence, you can adapt to more productivity and less burden with this tool on your side.


    The pricing starts at $220 per month.

  7. EvernoteEvernote

    If you want a calendar that organizes your schedules and reminds you of important stuff, then Evernote is the option you must try. This tool stands out among the other social media calendar tools with its feature of connecting notes with the Google Calendar. Set up your calendar, add notes for necessary reminders, and link them with the events to create an understandable and manageable planner.

    Hence, this tool is for the ones who like to keep the events, meetings, and reminders all together in sync.


    You can get started for free and compare the other plans on the website.

  8. Hopper HQHopper HQ

    Hopper HQ provides a simple interface for planning schedules easily and visually. All you need to do is to drag and drop the content for the coming weeks and months and organize them according to your content marketing strategy. You can reorder and adjust the posts anytime in case of any last-minute changes.

    The option to preview posts to see how they will appear on the feed is another excellent perk that comes along with this tool. You can also use the image editor to enhance the images by adding filters, borders, and text overlays and also for changing any other aspects of the image.


    The pricing starts at $19 per month.

  9. PallyPally

    Another all-in-one platform on the list of social media calendar tools is Pally. This tool provides the fastest way of publishing posts by scheduling them in advance and leaving the rest on the tool. It executes auto-publishing of the content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Business Profile, and TikTok.

    Additionally, you can also keep all the clients in the loop by sharing the calendar with them. They can leave comments, add notes, and approve posts through the shared calendar. To make your dashboard a little fancy, you can also add custom colors to make the interface interesting.


    The pricing starts at $15 per month.

  10. NapoleonCatNapoleancat

    Power-packed with social media management features, Napoleon Cat is a reliable social media calendar tool you can use to tailor content and publish it instantly. A handy and easy-to-use calendar allows you an elaborative view of your entire social media content strategy neatly organized in a single place.

    If you are maintaining campaigns or executing a special product launch, you can make it evident in the calendar by adding titles and color-coded labels to your posts. Hence, a simple and engaging experience of content scheduling and management awaits you with this tool.


    The pricing starts at $31 per month.

  11. CoScheduleCoShedule

    One of the ideal options among the free social media calendar tools is CoSchedule offering a forever-free marketing calendar to its users. You can add all your projects, tasks, ideas, social messages, and other elements of marketing strategy to the calendar and enjoy complete visibility of all the activities in a single place.

    Nothing to worry about regarding any sudden changes as this tool provides maximum flexibility allowing the users to drag and drop projects and reschedule activities as needed. You can also create and execute campaigns and monitor analytics to evaluate the results. Hence, a total winner if you want a steady solution to your scattered content pieces.


    The marketing calendar is available for free.

  12. SendibleSendible

    Sendible works well as a social media calendar tool for users who want to schedule posts for their social media platforms dynamically. Offering to schedule for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and YouTube, the tool is capable of tailoring content for every platform by adding mentions, hashtags, emojis, and visuals.

    You can also schedule posts in bulk to save time and effort using Sendible. It also allows the promotion of evergreen content by allowing the scheduling of content with queues. Hence, you can sit back and enjoy a visual overview of your social media posts, past and present, with the calendar view.


    The pricing starts at $29 per month.

  13. BrandwatchBrandwatch

    Power-packed with features, next on our social media calendar tools list is Brandwatch. It offers a marketing suite that brings with it an all-in-one calendar to ensure smooth and timely content creation for campaigns. The calendar includes all the paid and organic content visible in an intuitive interface. It also helps users to keep track of their upcoming activities and monitor the workflow efficiently. In addition, user roles and a content pool are also available within the marketing suite to be used.

    Hence, if you want basic content management features altogether, this tool can be a lifesaver.


    The pricing plans of Brandwatch can be compared on the website.

  14. PlanablePlanable

    As the name suggests, Planable helps you maintain easy-to-manage schedules for your business with the help of its calendar feature. The Planable calendar allows you to schedule content, plan posts for all your social media platforms, drag and drop items to create a perfectly balanced schedule, and view it all within a single glance.

    Hence, you can enjoy improved productivity and enhanced workflow for your business by having this vigilant calendar tool by your side.


    The pricing starts at $13 per month.

  15. IconosquareIconosquare

    Another good option among social media content calendar tools is Iconosquare. It allows users to schedule content by offering a social media calendar for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can upload the content in advance, label the visuals, crop images, add tags and mentions,  draft the post, and then send it for approval. Your clients or colleagues can approve the posts through a unique link.

    This tool promises to save time by allowing you to easily share the same content on different social media platforms. You can also share the calendar with your clients to show them what it looks like. So, if you aim to target Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram only, this content calendar tool can help you in the best possible manner.


    The pricing starts at 59€ per month.

Summing It Up!

That’s all, folks!

The social media calendar tools can make your life as a business manager much easier and relieving. These tools will automate your schedules and help you achieve goals more quickly. Hence, go through the list of suggested tools for social media calendars, choose the best-suited option for your business, and boost your presence in a unique yet productive direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a free social media scheduler?
    Social Champ offers a social media calendar feature within its free plan.
  2. How do I organize my social media content calendar?
    Create a content strategy, choose the platforms on which you want to publish posts, set the deadlines, and add these details to your calendar. Following these steps will help you maintain your social media calendar every day.
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16 Amazing Social Media Calendar Tools for Businesses in 2024

Picture of Wasla Zainab

Wasla Zainab

Hi, there. I am a part of #ChampFam as a Junior Content Writer. My academic background introduces me as an engineer, but I prefer to write aesthetic poetries in the moonlight. Apart from writing, I love to put forward my opinions on public forums. Literary fiction with a cup of tea is the best I can do. You can ping me at [email protected].

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