Social Media Monthly Roundup: October 2019

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October hosted lots of big holidays, from International Coffee Day to Halloween. But, the real holiday season is about to start. Let’s hope we all are ready for it! Here’s a round-up post for you all. From another month full of updates, best campaigns, and the most happening news.

You know how tough it is to keep up with all the changes these social platforms are up to. Let’s see what all these platforms have got for us this time!

Social Media Roundup October 2019

1. Facebook

The New Check-Out on Facebook

Great news for performance marketing managers. Facebook Ads might be changing AGAIN. Just when you thought you might get it right; Facebook announces testing the “In-App Checkout Ad.” And what a perfect timing, when the holiday season is around the corner.

This new feature will keep the users within the app, even at the time of check-out. This new dynamic ad will show the user an added option of buying via ‘Checkout on Facebook.’

Launching Post Topics to More Groups

Most of the Facebook groups are growing massive. Which makes it challenging to find the posts of the topics you’re interested in. To address this issue better Facebook announced expanding the post tags. This feature was launched for both desktop and mobile apps.

Group admin and moderators can create, edit, and delete post topics. Each group can have a limit of 150 post topics. Group members have the option to post with or without post tags.

New Stories Templates for Businesses

A new feature for businesses was introduced by Facebook. ‘Story Templates.’
This will transform your image into an ad for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger stories. These customizable templates will help you boost your holiday creative. To access new story templates, go to Facebook Ads Manager.

Create your image ad at ads level and choose ‘select a placement to customize.’

Removal of Gray Verification Badges and Organic Page Impressions

Facebook has decided to remove “Grey Verified Badges” on business pages. Page owners will start receiving the notification beginning from October 28. As quoted by Facebook:

“Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook.”

In other news about organic page impressions, this tweet says it all.

It’s hard to say what impact these changes will have. But it will be worth tracking the performance to check what happens after the 28th of October.

Testing ‘Suggested Time’ for Scheduled Posts

Funny how first Facebook killed organic posts reach, and now it’s offering tools to help pages post organically!
This new feature is offered when you schedule a post through Facebook’s publishing tool. And that’s what social media scheduling tools are offering. This new feature is currently available for Page admins only. Your page needs to have enough following to get this feature. Otherwise, it will show like this:

Round-up October

Launching ‘Facebook News’

Back in April, the CEO announced his intent to create a new and dedicated ‘news tab’ within Facebook. Like the Facebook watch tab. He said that it will showcase content from ‘high quality and trusted sources.’

After months of testing and securing multi-dollar agreements with publishers, Facebook’s news tab is here.
Let’s just hope it doesn’t end like Trending news on Facebook.

2. Twitter

New DM Search Option for iOS Users

On October 1st, Twitter rolled out this option for iOS users. You can now search your DMs by user name. The functionality is a little limited right now. You can’t search by the message content. But Twitter is working on it.
October Updates

No More Political Advertising

While trying to maintain the balance between the issue of freedom of speech and censorship, Twitter made a radical decision last month.

Interestingly, this announcement met overwhelming support. And is also seen as a direct challenge to Facebook!

‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode on Android

After the users complaining that Dark Mode wasn’t dark enough, Twitter launched this feature initially for iOS users in March. Now, this feature is also available for Android users.

3. Instagram

Removing ‘Following’ Tab

You might have already noticed this in-app change. Instagram confirmed the removing of the ‘Following’ tab, which showed the recent activities of your connections.

New ‘Emails from Instagram’ Security Confirmation

To improvise the anti-phishing element, Instagram has introduced a list of all emails Instagram has sent to you in the app.

Dark Mode for Latest Versions of iOS and Android

The latest social media app to join the dark mode movement. The dark mode switch makes it easier on the eyes in low light conditions and has significant health benefits too. Instagram officially launched the new dark mode option for the latest version of iOS and Android.

4. LinkedIn

Updating Group Categories to ‘Listed’ and ‘Unlisted’

New Tools For Better Ad Campaigns

According to LinkedIn, this was the most requested update.

5. Pinterest

The New Pinterest Academy

Pinterest launched a new platform with educational courses for marketers, named as ‘Pinterest Academy.’

pinterest Academy

New ‘Dark Mode’ Option on iOS and Android

Joining hands with other social platforms, in launching the dark mode option, Pinterest also announced the news this month.
Dark mode option

Best Halloween Campaigns From October 2019

Talking about October, how can we miss Halloween. The right time for brands to market their products and services. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation showed that Halloween spending by brands is expected to reach up to $8.8 billion in 2019.

Apart from decorations, candies, and costumes, here are a few of the best Halloween campaigns from October 2019 for you.

1.      Skittles

Here comes the best one from skittles.

The introduced a “rotten zombie” flavor skittle for Halloween and challenged to guess which one it was.

The campaign started way earlier than Halloween. They keep the audience engaged on social media by challenging them to guess the right one!

2.      Hershey’s

Are you someone who loves Halloween with all his chocolate heart? See what Hershey’s did for you! A whole new webpage for Halloween recipes.


3. Burger King

Burger King tried hard this time. But, let’s be honest the Burger King’s #ScaryClownNight ad was much better than this one.


Another one by BMW.

5. Budweiser

Something thoughtful digital ad campaign from Budweiser. Reminding people to spend Halloween at bars. Not in bars!

Days Celebrated on Social Media in October

Every month there are days and weeks observe and celebrated on social media. Some are quite well-know like Halloween and Women’s Day. Others are a little more casual and easy-going like National Pizza Day. Brands on social media use these events and hashtags to get attention, spread awareness and increase sales. Here are some examples of social media days celebrated in October.

October 1st, International Coffee Day

Coffee is the most loved beverage globally. And to honor that, the International coffee day is celebrated on the 1st of every October since 2015. Some brands celebrated National coffee day on Sunday 29th September, while others on October 1st. To celebrate and honor the day, most beverage brands offer free coffee and other deals too. An excellent way to get eyeballs on social media. Who would mind a cup of their favorite coffee for free! A few examples of how to use #InternationalCoffeeDay to leverage your brand.

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Coffee Day isn’t just about giving free cups of coffee.

 10th October – World Mental Health Day

Every year on October 10, with the objective of raising awareness regarding different mental health issues, World Mental Health Day is observed. Also, October is celebrated as a mental health month. This day and month provide an opportunity for all brands on social media to start talking about mental health issues and to break society’s taboos.

Not only stakeholders and NGOs talked and spread awareness about mental but Facebook itself launched new filters and stickers for stories and messenger. According to Facebook, each time the “Let’s Talk” sticker is sent, it will donate $1 to a group of mental health organizations.

 15th October – Global Handwashing Day

You can’t use social media as a sanitizer, but you can use this day as an opportunity to tell people and kids especially to use soap/sanitizer/handwash.

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16th October – Boss’ Day

Time to think about the efforts our bosses put in to keep us going! Social media dedicates this one day where you stop thinking of them as the adversary with unrealistic expectations and take a moment to appreciate them. Whether it’s your manager, team lead, coach, teacher or HOD, this was the chance to say thanks!

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Apart from October being the season of cozy jumpers, pumpkin latte, and scary movies, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One in every seven females in the UK is expected to develop breast cancer. By increasing awareness through social media, it is hoped that people become more attentive to the symptoms and can be treated in early stages. Here are a few examples of the best breast awareness campaigns we saw on social media in October 2019.

There are many more social media days celebrated each day. A pro tip to manage each day and make a post about these days is to use a scheduling tool like Social Champ. Don’t miss your chance to stand out on social media. Plan your November ahead of time with Social Champ.

Social Champ
That’s all folk! We would love to hear your “moment of the month” from October. Also, let us know what digital campaign you liked the most in October.
Happy November. Let’s hope that we’re ready for the holiday season! 🙂

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Social Media Monthly Roundup: October 2019

Picture of Saadiya Munir

Saadiya Munir

I'm part of #ChampFam as a Senior Content Strategist. Computer Science graduate who hates to code. Introverted. Mostly hungry or sleepy. Writing a novel is always on my bucket list, and eventually, when I'm done with all the movies on my watch-list and tasks on my to-do list, I'll get to it. Twitter handle: @munirsaadiya

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