100+ Social Media Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

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Social media is the jack of all trades today, be it marketing, sales, or even customer support. This is why, in 2024, you should refine your strategy by looking at the most recent social media statistics to stay on top of your game.

Social media statistics will give you an insight into your audience, their interests, and what they are looking for this year. You can then combine this data with a helpful social media management tool for a stress-free year. Not only that, but you can also tailor and adjust your strategy for the upcoming quarters by looking at these stats.

Let’s get going!

General Social Media Statistics – Demographics & More

First up on our list are general social media statistics because to create a custom strategy for each platform, it is super important to get the basics out of the way forward. This segment will discuss the demographics based on gender, geographical location, age, generation, and more!

  1. Today, there are a total of 4.95 billion social media users worldwide, which makes up 61% of the total world population. This number is expected to rise to 5.17 billion by the end of the year.
  2. Internet users spend a total of 151 minutes a day on social media, which equates to almost 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  3. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, with 3.05 billion users.
  4. Social media users comprise 53.6% of men and 46.4% of women.
  5. An average user uses 6.7 social media networks per day.
  6. People in the United States of America have an average of 7.1 social media networks.
  7. The most engaging form of content on social media is short-form videos, capturing 66% of consumers.
  8. 50% of Gen-Z users and 44% of millennials use social media daily.
  9. 96.5% of social media users use a mobile phone to scroll through their accounts. Almost 61% of the users use a laptop or a desktop computer.
  10. 84% of people aged between 18 and 29 use at least one social media network; they also happen to be the biggest online age group.

Now, on to the more lucrative social media statistics for businesses!

Social Media Statistics – Consumer Behavior

If you are a business considering investing in social media marketing, this is your sign. Social media is a goldmine for marketing and finding the perfect consumer base, since so many people are obsessed with it.

If Facebook is not your cup of tea, you can try marketing on visual platforms like Instagram or TikTok. But the point is that your audience is waiting for you to appear on your feed.

And if there is one that the pandemic taught us, then it has to be the immense power of social media. Most businesses survived without stepping out of the house and found ways to operate online.

So here it goes.

  1. 56.1% of the total users buy at least one product online a week.
  2. 51% of consumers research a product online before making a final purchase, as it leads them to more trust due to real-life reviews.
  3. 30% of users use social media as a search engine to find trending products.

Social Media Statistics – Business Behaviour

If the consumer statistics are insufficient to drive your social media strategy this year, then let’s look at some of the most surprising social media business statistics.

  1. According to Statistica, around 89% of marketers use Facebook for business, and 80% use Instagram.
  2. Total ad spending is expected to grow by 6.1% in 2024, with businesses investing around 80% of social media advertising budget.
  3. Meta business reports claim that marketers can reach more than 2 billion users monthly with Facebook ads, which comprise around 40% of the total number of internet users.
  4. 90% of the users follow at least one brand on social media, which gives businesses an upper hand in staying on top of their consumers’ heads.
  5. Global ad spending is expected to result in a total of $219.8 billion in 2024.
  6. A recent study revealed that 86% of businesses say that increased exposure is an advantage of social media marketing, resulting in a 76% increase in traffic and a 64% increase in generated leads.
  7. Around 75% of the users look for a brand on social media before checking out for reviews and recommendations.
  8. Around 23% of the users keep an eye on what their favorite brands post on social media.

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Social Media Statistics – Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is here to stay, and it shall make more waves as we descend into 2024. After its popularity in the recent decade, this approach has marked a prominent territory on all social media networks, mainly Instagram and TikTok

  1. The influencer industry stood at 21.1 million USD at the end of 2023, which is triple what it was in 2019.
  2. The short video format is the most used format for influencer marketing, making TikTok the best-suited platform. However, Instagram remains the comfort zone of most influencers.
  3. Around 78% of the total marketers ranked Instagram as the best influencer marketing platform since there are around half a million influencers on Instagram.
  4. According to a study, 30% of the influencers said that TikTok is the best-paying platform for influencers, followed by YouTube.
  5. According to another study, Instagram yields the highest ROI for influencer marketing.
  6. TikTok generates the highest engagement on influencer posts.
  7. 60% of marketers aim to spend more on influencer marketing in 2024.

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Social Media Statistics by Platform

While planning a social media marketing strategy, it is also essential to pay attention to individual platform statistics. This ensures that the approach is tailored according to the needs of your business and is mainly focused on where your target audience is most active.

Social media statistics also enable you to edit and adjust your current strategy, which is another critical reason to watch the latest updates.

Let’s break down social media statistics by platforms one by one!

Social Media Statistics – Facebook Edition

Since its inception in 2024, Facebook has hit several milestones in the decades. From being the only social media network that mattered to now a multimillion-dollar corporation, it has been a ride.

Today, Facebook is owned by Meta, which also acquired Instagram and WhatsApp in recent years. However, Facebook has retained its crown as the most used and the number one social media network in 2024.

  1. Facebook has a total of 3.05 billion monthly active users and 2.09 billion daily active users in 2024.
  2. 56.5% of the total number of Facebook users are male, and 43.5% are female.
  3. The most Facebook users are of the age group 25 to 34, which makes up about 31% of the total users, followed by the age group 16 to 24.
  4. 57.8% of the world’s population uses Facebook monthly.
  5. India has the highest population active on Facebook, which amounts to 327 million users, followed by the US, with 179 million.
  6. Facebook is the most used social media network, retaining its popularity since 2004.
  7. An average user spends around 31 minutes on Facebook daily in the US.
  8. The engagement rate on Facebook page posts is 0.07%.
  9. Facebook videos get 4 billion views daily collectively.
  10. Live video engagement is around 26% on Facebook, which is higher than all the other social media platforms.
  11. 1.8 billion people interact on Facebook groups each day.
  12. 81% of businesses share videos on their pages on Facebook.
  13. Facebook has around 10 million active advertisers in 2023.
  14. Facebook’s ad revenue has surpassed $100 billion in the past three years as of December 2023.
  15. Users around the world spend 19.7 hours per month on Facebook.

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Social Media Statistics – Instagram Edition

Instagram, launched in 2010, is Facebook’s sister company and comes under the umbrella of Meta after the group acquired it in 2012 for $1 billion. This photo-sharing platform is one of the most widely used platforms for influencer marketing.

  1. There are currently 1.4 billion active users on Instagram, which is expected to reach 1.44 billion in 2025.
  2. As of 2022, Instagram is the fourth most popular social media network.
  3. Gen-Z users in the US use Instagram for about 5 hours per week.
  4. 51% of Instagram users are male, and the remaining 49% are female.
  5. Instagram age demographics are as follows:
  • 8% of users are in the 18 to 34 age group.
  • 24% of users are in the 35 to 54 age group.
  • 7% of users are 55, and 8% are below 17.
  1. As of 2023, Instagram generated $50.58 billion in ad revenue, which is expected to be $59.61 billion by 2024.
  2. According to Statista, India has 230 million users, taking the lead in users, followed by the US with 143 million and Brazil with 113 million.
  3. According to Pew Research Center, 60% of US users use Instagram daily.
  4. Nearly 12% of the consumers shop on Instagram.
  5. The most popular Instagram handle is @instagram, with 650 million followers, which is followed by Christiano Ronaldo and Messi, with 595 million and 477 million followers, respectively.
  6. 50% of Instagram users prefer funny content.
  7. An average user spends 11.7 hours per month on Instagram.
  8. Instagram is Gen-Z’s favorite social media platform.
  9. 91% of the users watch video content on Instagram each day.
  10. Ads on Instagram must reach an audience of the 18 to 34 age group since they are the largest age segment.

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Social Media Statistics – X (formerly Twitter) Edition

Twitter has had quite the year in 2023, from being renamed to X to losing its precious bluebird. The platform also had one of the first paid social media services, Twitter Premium, which was later rebranded as Twitter Blue.

However, no one was able to take down the mighty platform. Let’s get into some social media statistics for Twitter!

  1. Twitter has a total of 335.70 million monthly active users.
  2. There are 63% male and 37% female users on the platform, making it the most imbalanced social media platform.
  3. Elon Musk is the most followed person on Twitter, with 156.8 million followers, followed by Barack Obama (132 million) and Justin Beiber (112 million).
  4. Twitter’s valuation stands at %41.09 billion in 2023.
  5. Elon Musk acquired the platform for 1/9th of the total yearly revenue, for $44 billion.
  6. Around 38.5% of the total users are between 25 to 34 ages, making it the largest age segment.
  7. The United States has the highest number of Twitter users (76.9 million), followed by Japan (58.95 million) and India (23.6 million).
  8. X (formerly Twitter) was one of the first platforms to offer paid subscriptions, Twitter Premium, which has 640,000 subscribers.
  9. At least 26% of the tweets use an emoji.
  10. An average user spends about 5.1 hours per month on Twitter.
  11. According to Pew Research, 23% of US adults use Twitter.
  12. Twitter is the 7th most popular social media platform.
  13. 87% of the people who use Twitter also use Instagram.
  14. Twitter ads can reach 544 million users globally.
  15. 53% of Twitter users use it as a news source.
  16. Users spend much more time on Twitter than on Facebook & Instagram.

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Social Media Statistics – Pinterest Edition

Pinterest has to be one of the most visually aesthetic social media platforms. Let’s get to their social media statistics.

  1. There are 445 million users on Pinterest, of which 16.7 million are from the United Kingdom.
  2. 60% of the users on Pinterest are female, and 40% are male.
  3. The US has the most extensive user base of Pinterest users, with 86 million users, followed by Brazil (28 million)  and Mexico (19 million).
  4. According to Statista, the US and Netherlands have a penetration rate of 28%, followed by Belgium (27%) and Canada (25%).
  5. 80% of the platform users have found a new product on Pinterest, which means there is a huge market for you to advertise your products on the platform.
  6. 31% of Americans use Pinterest.
  7. 45% of people with a household income of more than $100,000 use Pinterest.
  8. 8 out of 10 people associate Pinterest with a positive feeling.
  9. The main reason people use Pinterest is for research on brands.
  10. Pinterest ads can reach over 270 million people, which is relatively lower than other social media platforms.
  11. If your primary target market is between the 25 to 34 age group, then Pinterest is for you since 1/3rd of the audience lies in that demographic.
  12. Pinterest is the third most used website in the United States.
  13. 96% of the top Pinterest searches are unbranded, meaning people use the platform as a search engine.

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Social Media Statistics – YouTube Edition

YouTube takes the stage as the king of video format platforms. However, the platform requires time and effort when it comes to strategy. So, let’s get social media statistics and YouTube editions.

  1. There are 2.9 billion active users on YouTube each month.
  2. The largest age group lies between 25 to 34 (21.1%).
  3. Out of the total users, 45.6% are female and 54.4% are male.
  4. Total time spent per day is 48.7 minutes.
  5. 81% of Americans use YouTube.
  6. YouTube is the second most popular social media network as of January 2024.
  7. 80% of the parents say that their kids under the age of 11 watch YouTube.
  8. YouTube is the most popular in India (462 million), followed by the US (239 million) and Brazil (144).
  9. The video platform is mainly used by 95% of US teens, making it the most popular platform among Gen-Z users.
  10. YouTube is the second most used website in the platform after Google.
  11. YouTube generates 113 billion visits per month.
  12. More than 500 minutes of videos are uploaded on YouTube each month.
  13. In the face of in-app revenue, YouTube generates $28.9 million from the United States per month.
  14. The most popular YouTube video based on views is Baby Shark (13.93 billion views), followed by Despacito (8.54 billion views).
  15. The most popular YouTube channel based on subscriber count is T-series (259 million), followed by Mr. Beast (237 million).

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Social Media Statistics – LinkedIn Edition

LinkedIn, launched in 2003, is the best professional social media network to make connections and find jobs. However, it is also an excellent B2B marketing network, which makes it a good addition to your marketing strategy.

  1. There are 1 billion monthly active users on LinkedIn, spread over 200 countries.
  2. LinkedIn has around 200 million users in the United States alone.
  3. The largest age group on LinkedIn is between 24 to 35 years of age (60%), which is the largest age group present on social media overall as well.
  4. 57% of the LinkedIn users are male, and 43% are female.
  5. 3.3 million users on the social media platform are either non-binary or transgenders.
  6. Only 2% of people on LinkedIn are above the age of 55.
  7. LinkedIn’s ad revenue in the US came close to $4 billion in 2023; this number is likely to increase more in 2024.
  8. 53% of the LinkedIn users come from high-income families.
  9. 63% of the users use the platform daily or at least once each day, and 15% of them use it weekly.

In Conclusion

Keeping an eye on social media statistics is immensely important to create a cohesive strategy in 2024 for all networks. Keeping a check on them ensures that your plan is working out and allows you the space to make amendments and adjustments going forward.

FAQs – Social Media Statistics

1. What Is the Most Used and the Most Popular Social Media Network?

Facebook is the most popular social media network, with 3 billion users, followed by YouTube, with 2.9 billion, and Instagram with 1.4 billion users.

2. Is Social Media Marketing Still Effective?

Social media marketing generated a revenue of $207 billion in 2023 and is expected to increase to $255 billion by 2027, which shows that the influence of social media is here to stay.

3. What Percentage of the World Has Social Media?

62.3% of the world’s population uses social media at an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes daily.
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100+ Social Media Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Picture of Marium Fahim Khan

Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

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