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How to Promote Your Brand Using Twitter for Business in 2022

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Are you looking into ways to get your brand noticed as a business? You probably might be wondering where to begin? And it might have crossed your mind to try out Twitter, but you are still confused. Let us assure you that using Twitter for business is a fantastic idea.

Twitter today is not just an ordinary platform; it has grown into a social media giant over the years. With the platform having around 229 million monetizable daily active users, Twitter holds an opportunity for businesses like no other.

It can typically be used today from driving sales to creating brand awareness or offering customer support to your user base. You can also take the help of a social media management tool, to automate your Twitter marketing.

So let’s hop on the learning train and explore how to leverage the power of Twitter.

Why Use Twitter for Business?

Everyone is looking for a place to make an impact in a growing landscape, where their brand or business can get the maximum exposure and drive the best results. According to a survey, 54% of users reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting content).

Likewise, promoting or advertising your brand on Twitter comes with its perks. A fun fact about using Twitter is that Tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets. So, if you are still not using it for your business, you are missing out on the action.

Leveraging Twitter for business doesn’t mean that you would just sit around and post content on the platform. Twitter now offers a whole new dimension for business owners where they can reach a wider audience by aligning their content marketing strategy with their business goals. Going through these figures should make you include Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Is Twitter Useful for Business?

Sometimes we may think about whether Twitter is useful for a business or not? But with time, Twitter has truly shown us that it’s one of the key players in the industry and should be used by companies and brands. Over the years, the platform has introduced new features that help enterprises manage their social media presence and serve as a means of one-to-one communication where users can quickly get their voices heard and resolve their issues. In one of the tweets by Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey he reports that companies using Twitter for customer support see a 19% lift in their customer satisfaction rate.

While using Twitter for business drives more value, companies can see an overall increase in the number of mentions their business receives and can easily cater to their users’ needs. Around 65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for Marketing. So, Twitter is among the best places for businesses to get started on their journey on social media.

How to Set Up Twitter Business Profile?

We are probably guessing that you have set your mind up by now and are ready to use Twitter for business. To use Twitter for your business, you must first start by creating a Twitter business account. Here’s how you can get one for your company:

Social Champ Twitter Profile

      (Source: Social Champ’s Twitter)

  • Create a Twitter account for your business or brand by simply signing up on Twitter. You can fill in your business details, but in case you are missing some information, don’t worry. You can always make changes to it later.
  • Pick a short and sweet Twitter handle for your business. Make sure it aligns with your business name; that way, it would be much easier for others to remember.
  • Upload your brand logo as your Twitter profile picture, and also upload a cover image that resonates with your brand’s voice and image.
  • Change the Twitter username to your business name.
  • Write a short and precise bio that clearly explains what your business does.
  • Add a location, so your audience knows where your business operates from, and add relevant links to your bio so they can quickly locate and find information related to your brand.

Measure Your Success on Twitter

Effectively measure your content’s performance by using Social Champ’s analytics feature and optimizing your marketing campaign to stay ahead in the game.

11 Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

When you know how to use Twitter effectively, you can use it to get great benefits for your business; it can help you get customer feedback, create brand identity, and much more. Let’s have a look at more benefits that you can reap while using Twitter for business:

  1. Reach a Wider Audience

    Twitter allows users to reach a wider audience by utilizing trending hashtags and getting more reach through the retweet option. Twitter’s algorithm favors the users if their tweets can get engagement, pushing them in front of a broader audience to get the maximum results on their tweets. Then there’s also an element of advertising, where Twitter allows its users to run campaign-specific ads that could help you deliver your message to a broader audience.

  2. Helps Provide Timely Customer Service

    Twitter offers direct access to the users to get their voices heard; many businesses create a dedicated customer service account for their support and provide fast service or personalized help through DMs. It also helps customers feel acknowledged and establish a positive image for your brand. According to Twitter, 77% of users feel more optimistic about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to.

  3. Helps Collect Feedback

    Through Twitter, businesses can get feedback directly from their customers, which can lead to product improvement and help deliver quality products and services to the customers. This can be done by directly asking your users about it, or brands can even set up a poll to get their views and opinions on something.

    Social Champ Twitter Poll

    (Source: Social Champ’s Twitter)

  4. Helps Monitor Competition

    Twitter allows its users to search tweets based on keywords, which comes in handy when you are monitoring your competition. Keeping a tab on these industry-related search terms can help you identify how your competition is performing and can also help you identify potential leads which can be turned into paying customers for your business. You can also create Twitter Lists to keep tabs on specific accounts and communities. So, you would have an idea of what they are doing, and you can adjust your Twitter marketing strategy based on that.

  5. Helps in Establishing Brand Identity

    One of the best reasons to use Twitter for business is that it helps your brand establish its identity on social media. It allows users to understand what your company offers and what they could expect from your brand. This can lead your brand to a more extensive appeal to its target audience.

  6. It Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Twitter is one the best places to start if you are looking for external traffic for your website. Marketers use Twitter for driving traffic to their blogs, landing pages, or even to digital resources such as ebooks or guides that their company produces. Since Twitter comes in the list of 10 most popular social media platforms in the world. It has potential like no other.

  7. Use Twitter to Grow Your Email List

    If you are using Twitter for business and want to grow your email list, then you should utilize the Newsletter tool. It allows you to repurpose your Newsletter on Twitter and display a button below your profile bio to subscribe to your mailing list.

    Tips to Grow your email list

    (Source: Madalyn Sklar Twitter Profile)

  8. A Gold Mine for Marketers

    When it comes to using Twitter for business, it simply is a gold mine for marketers. Through Twitter ads, users can run targeted campaigns where they can run ads based on specific goals and objectives around their business. The objectives that Twitter offers can bring fruitful results for your business since they vary from creating brand awareness to lead generation.

    a goldmine for marketers

    (Source: Twitter)

  9. Helps in Identifying Potential Leads

    Twitter allows its users to search for tweets based on specific keywords, so you can utilize this feature for hunting for tweets with phrases usually associated with your industry’s leads. Often people ask for recommendations on Twitter, and this is where your brand could jump into the conversation and guide the users about what your company does and offers. Another way around this is to use Twitter’s advance search feature, which allows you to filter these tweets based on different accounts. So, you can also use it to track your competitor’s reply to those particular tweets.

    Helps in Identifying Potential Leads

    (Source: Twitter)

  10. An Efficient Medium for Customer Support

    As we mentioned earlier, Twitter is an effective medium to offer customer support to your customers. Businesses use it to deliver one-to-one assistance to their customer base. Sometimes users also mention your account on Twitter regarding a query, so it’s a place where you should keep your eyes and ears open. You can also use a social listening tool here to let you know about a mention if the other user has not tagged your brand on the tweet.

  11. Can Be Used to Cultivate and Nurture Communities

    Communities play a large part in any business; they help the company foster by guiding them through the right direction and decisions needed to excel. And when it comes to building and maintaining a community for your business Twitter is the best place. When using Twitter for business, take advantage of the communities feature, use it to onboard new members, and engage with them in friendly conversations regarding your business or brand.

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How to Use Twitter (For Beginners)

The initial steps on starting on Twitter are the same, whether you are getting started as a brand or creating a profile for your use. The basics remain the same, and they depend on these four elements:

  1. Profile Photo + Cover Photo
  2. Account Name and @handle
  3. Bio
  4. Pinned Tweet

Your profile photo is typically the first thing people use to find you on Twitter; keeping that in mind, it should be easily recognizable. Most businesses use their brand’s logo in their profile picture so that their customers can quickly identify and follow their favorite brand on Twitter.

On the contrary, a cover photo can change more often, and this is where you can share the latest updates about your company in a visually appealing format.

Your @handle is the name of your account and is what people use to find your account on Twitter. It is also the thing that is used to mention your account on Twitter and is not changeable. Although you can change your display name, it’s best to set it as your organization’s name, so it’s easily findable.

Your bio sets your brand apart from others; use it to describe what your company does and what it offers. Be sure to include a link to your website so that users can easily redirect themselves to the right place if they want to learn more about your brand.

A pinned Tweet is the first piece of content users see when they visit your profile. Now it isn’t necessary to put one, but it’s a great place to highlight ongoing sales, promotions, or simply let your customers know about the latest happenings in your company. Consider it a piece of valuable real estate that you can utilize for your profile.

How to Use Twitter for Business?

Now that you have your Twitter business account set up, it’s time to focus on what Twitter can offer for your business. These tips will help you level up your Twitter marketing game and will allow your business to genuinely excel on social media:

  1. Craft a Twitter Marketing Strategy

    Before getting started on Twitter, you must first determine what you want to achieve for your business with marketing on Twitter. You must first profoundly analyze your business objectives and then align them with your Twitter marketing strategy.

    A well-crafted Twitter marketing strategy will help you take advantage of specific strengths that you can utilize to make it large on Twitter. Here’s a resource with Twitter marketing tips to help you craft a perfect strategy for your social media.

  2. Host A Space to Engage With Your Audience

    It’s been a while since Twitter rolled out its version of Clubhouse; Twitter Spaces allows users to host live audio rooms in which they can join and be a part of a conversation.

    Hosting space is quite simple, and your followers get notified each time you host one, so you could have an idea of its reach. Apart from this, you can also schedule a space in advance and share the link with others to which they can set reminders.

    So, they are notified in advance when space is about to start, and then there’s also an option to record a space, so your audience can also listen to them later if they cannot join them.

    Twitter Space

    (Source: Twitter)

  3. Track Your Performance with Twitter Analytics

    The Twitter analytics tool is a great feature when you are using Twitter for business; it allows users to track their tweets’ performance and lets users know about the ones who performed the most. Keeping track of your performance will let you differentiate your content based on their performance and help you optimize your content strategy to perform better.

    Twitter Analytics

    (Source: Social Champ Twitter)

  4. Take Advantage of Twitter Communities Feature

    The Twitter Communities feature is a recently introduced feature by Twitter that allows users to create and build communities around their audience.

    Now a community can be built around anything or any topic, and having a space where you can connect and engage with your audience is the best what you can get out of Twitter. When using Twitter for business, brands can create their communities and use it to let their audience know about the latest product releases, news around the company, or simply to provide support to their users. With Twitter Communities, the sky is the limit, and the opportunities are unmatched.

    Twitter Communities

    (Source: Twitter)

  5. Harness The Power of Twitter Lists

    The Twitter List feature allows users to organize and arrange tweets from their favorite accounts into a single stream. They can be set based on groups, topics, or interests. So you can filter the noise and only see tweets from the accounts you are interested in. You can use this feature to keep a tab on your competitors or the accounts you engage with most.

Twitter Lists

(Source: Social Champ Twitter)

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How to Save Time on Twitter by Scheduling Your Tweets

When using Twitter for business, did you know you can cut down on your Twitter marketing efforts by scheduling your content in advance? You can do it natively within the platform or use a social media scheduling tool like Social Champ to help you distribute your content on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Scheduling a tweet with Social Champ is pretty straightforward. You must sign up and connect your Twitter account with Social Champ. Once you are done, you can simply go to the content composer and select your social media accounts from the drop-down menu where you want to schedule your content.

Once you finish composing your content, you can simply schedule it to your selected date and time and save yourself the hassle of staying active each time you post.

Social Champ Publisher

(Source: Social Champ)


Remember that while you are on Twitter, you must maintain a strong balance between your brand’s perfect strategy and creativity. This will help you establish your brand as a market leader and will help you achieve the more significant goals and objectives you have planned!

Using Twitter for business will take time to establish your profile as a dominant leader in the industry, but once you are in the right direction, it will indeed start to show the benefits. Not only will it help you to deliver your message to a larger audience, but it will also help you to connect and network with top leaders from the industry.
Taking that to advantage, Twitter has a lot to offer. You must take advantage of its features to truly outshine your competition and establish yourself as a critical player in the industry.

So redirect your marketing efforts with new energy and let Social Champ be your partner in managing your social media. With just the right features Social Champ will allow you to schedule, track and measure your marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. 1. Is Twitter for business free?

      Yes, using Twitter for business is free. You don’t have to spend a single penny for using any features. You will only have to pay if you decide to advertise on the social media platform.

      2. Is Twitter useful for business?

      It is. Twitter offers tools and features that help businesses and brands reach their target audience. Since it’s one of the most popular social media platforms, it is helpful for any business to exist on Twitter.

      3. Can Twitter be used for marketing?

      Yes! It can be used for marketing. All you have to do is devise a marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.
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