Flash Saver: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Of The Year

The deal launches on 20th November and will only be available to users who have pre-booked the deal.
And how do you do that? You can book your slot in the deal by entering your email address below, and you will be amongst the first ones to get the mega discount.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal – There are some generous Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals already clustering across the digital world. From WordPress themes & plugins to social media marketing tools, the social world is getting ready for the biggest sale of the year! However, this is just the beginning, so you should expect even more offers from now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These flash sales promotions range from discounts, promo codes, flat sales to gift cards.

How Pumped Are You?

Black Friday falls on November the 23rd this year. The sales start as early as the 16th of November. Several articles and blogs are roaming around the internet, showing deals and discounts and what-not.

2018 may finally be the year you trade in your traditional marketing with digital marketing. Over the last few years, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have increased their gigantic active user database, offering features that keep you connected while shaping your branding strategies. However, these features aren’t enough to level up your marketing.

This is where social media marketing and management tools are needed. However, most of these tools are too much expensive to use and operate. But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals like these, getting a social media management tool for a month or even a year is more tempting than ever.

Social Champ Is Participating in the Biggest Sale of the Year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Social Champ is an all-in-one social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule, post, monitor your posts, and increase your outreach by a whopping 75%. Although the package pricing is already very reasonable, Social Champ will be offering the biggest discount on their product, A 50% DISCOUNT FOR A LIFETIME. So get your wallets, online or physical, ready to shop till you drop in this festive season of shopping!

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