12 Proven Instagram Metrics to Track Your Success in 2024

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Instagram has become Generation Z’s favorite social platform and has witnessed massive growth in 2021. The climbing rise of social media and associated platforms is bespoke proof that internet-based forums are reshaping communication channels. Whether business or everyday users, the hot favorite Instagram is mutual among both cases.

Talk about the beach or the mountains, what comes first in mind that whether it is Instagrammable or not! The scenario depicts how the influencers and photo-freaks think!

However, for the businesses, the scenario is quite different. Brands need to have an appealing Instagram appearance to excel among the competitors of the digital market. From tracking the Instagram metrics to measuring Instagram KPIs, brands are highly recommended to use the right Instagram management tool to track the brand’s success.

Statistical Infographic About Instagram Everyone Needs to Know

Narrowing down the Instagram-related statistics for business benefit, let’s shed some light on the growing importance of Instagram for businesses. I have broken down 12 great Instagram statistics that the marketers need to know in 2022.

  • Instagram has more than 1.386 billion users worldwide and is currently enjoying a huge fan base. Having a billion users around the world is genuinely a massive milestone. The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus drove the users to sign up for Instagram in 2020, and it didn’t slow down after 2020.

Instagram Metrics - 1.3 billion Instagram users

  • The concept of using Hashtags climbed rapidly, and an average post on Instagram now contains 10.7 hashtags.

Instagram Metrics - Hashtags use

  • Instagram is the world’s 7th most visited website and will celebrate its 12th birthday in 2022. It is also ranked 4th among the most used social media platforms worldwide.

Instagram Metrics - 7th most visited website

  • Users of Instagram spent an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform.

Instagram Metrics - Average usage

  • More than 80% of businesses consider Instagram an essential platform for engagement with the audience.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram and business

  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand after watching its story.

Instagram Metrics - Brand followers

  • 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram Shopping

  • Instagram is helping more than 80% of users with their buying decisions.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram buying decisions

  • Around 57% of people are interested in seeing the polls and quizzes from the brands on Instagram.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram polls and quizzes

  • Five hundred (500) million accounts use the option of Instagram Stories each day.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram stories

  • Instagram enjoys the title of being the world’s 2nd most downloaded application.

Instagram Metrics - World's 2nd most downloaded app

  • 18 to 34-year-olds make the most significant share of Instagram’s audience.

Instagram Metrics - Instagram age group

Instagram would continue to make history for being the world’s favorite social media platform, indirectly making it the top choice for business promotion.

What Is Meant by Instagram Metrics? A Detailed Insight

Instagram metrics indicate how business has improved its engagement with the audience so far. The process refers to implementing different metrics of Instagram to track the success and performances of the posts, stories, and other marketing techniques on the platform.

Since businesses are nowadays investing a lot in online marketing and promotion, it has become essential to check whether the resources are paying off the results or not! Instagram metrics are here for the rescue, and you can take the help of these metrics to evaluate if your brand is engaging with the audience in the right way.

Instagram is the king of engagement, and calling it the best social media platform is not going to be wrong. Turning towards Instagram data would help your business drive the leads for the future and reshape the communication channel.

Promoting the brand online is not that easy and maybe daunting for marketers. But if you want to grow your brand and become more influential, it is crucial to track it with the right social media metrics.

Without a second thought, Instagram could be considered as the top-notch platform with the help of which you can market your brand. If Instagram hacks are incorporated rightly to create an outstanding strategy, effective metrics of Instagram can help the business achieve the heights of success.

Why Businesses Should Care About Instagram Metrics?

It needs to be understood that Metrics associated with Instagram success can help you track the performance of the business. Instagram KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are also used here to measure the progress towards specific objectives. One of the most significant benefits of Instagram KPIs is the identification of the audience that is interacting with the business.

Evaluating the right metrics of Instagram success at the right time and taking advantage of Instagram data is essential for marketing and promoting the brand effectively online. These measurements help the business to stand tall in the world of analytics and data. With the help of the below-mentioned metrics, marketers can track their audience’s interest in the business.

Instagram is the safest application to connect with the audience so far and its marketing strategy needs these metrics to achieve its goals incredibly. However, this is not a walk in a park for expert marketers.

But hold on, are you looking for the Instagram metrics for the business? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Keep reading for more information.

12 Powerful Instagram Metrics to Understand in 2024

Growing like a social media giant, Instagram has gone a long way and has become more than just a photo-sharing application. From the brand’s advertisement to sharing pictures from the holidays, it is relatively safe to say that Instagram would help your business unlock new heights of success.

In this detailed guide, I have comprised 12 proven IG metrics to help marketers track their success in 2022 and beyond. Let’s kick it off!

  1. The Growth Rate of Followers

    A business’s Instagram profile with tens of thousands of followers is not an indication of a successful business. A lot of businesses are not able to retain them. You must not focus on the number of followers but the growing rate. If that growth rate is high and consistent, then it is clear you are using the right tactics to gain and retain followers.

    Growth rate of followers

    Take the example of Oreo, the classic cookie brand that kills it all when it comes to socials. Oreo got an incredible following of 3.2 million followers, and the brand uses fundamentally clever techniques and different Instagram metrics to retain the followers. Vibrant with the bright blue color on the business profile and catchy advertisement is the walking proof showcasing Oreo at its best.

    While you are on the ground of online business, you would face the incoming and outgoing of customers daily. That’s okay. You must not shake out your focus from the vanity and provide the customers with quality services and products. Keep the focus on the Instagram metric of follower’s growth rate to ensure that your audience increases with potential customers.

  2. Instagram Engagement Metrics

    Have you tracked how often your post gets the likes, comments, and reposts on your posts? It is where Instagram analytics and monitoring come in handy. While running a business on Instagram, this is essential to engage the followers with the theme of your marketing essentials. Create a bridge with their needs and make them feel at home.

    Engagement of Instagram

    In this way, you would increase your visitors’ chances to become loyal customers. At this point, to check out the engagement’s result, you would have to do some calculations and implement an ideal social media management tool to provide you with the tracking and analytics measurement of Instagram. The business needs to evaluate the results of Instagram’s engagement to reshape its marketing strategy.

    The engagement rate of Instagram metrics and KPIs is the percentage of followers and their views on your posts. Here is a quick way to calculate the percentage. Take the average number of likes and comments your posts have acquired in a single month. Sum that number and divide it by the number of followers. This Instagram metric will give you a clear picture of whether your audience’s engagement is going in the right direction or not.

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  1. Impressions

    Impression indicates the number of people who have seen your post. It doesn’t matter if they have liked or commented on the post or not. But if they have seen the post, it would count in impressions. At this stage, using the hashtags would ensure content reaches a wider audience, it helps in improving the impression score.

    Instagram impressions

    Post on Instagram feed or the Instagram Stories, hashtags would play a significant role in taking your content to a broader audience. In a nutshell, impressions imply how often and how many times your posts have been shown to the users of Instagram, and Instagram metric would help you here. If the reach of your Instagram content is higher than the impression, it is clear that your content is liked among the audience.

    If the posts on Instagram business profile are performing well, then the chances are relatively higher to increase your reach and engagement with a wider audience. Ensure posts with higher impressions-to-reach ratios directly show that the content strategy is doing great. The addition of trending hashtags would allow your business to steal the limelight by showing up in the exploring options.

  2. Reach

    Report engagement rate by reach is also in the list of Instagram metrics only available for the owned accounts, and brands can check their competitors only with the engagement rate of followers. In this way, it is evident that brands can compare their performance only through the rate and number of followers.

    Instagram reach

    When it comes to the engagement of Instagram, benchmarking with the competitors is highly recommended. An Instagram metric like reach is one of those Instagram KPI measures that could help the business to reach specific goals in a limited time and gain exposure to a vast audience. Here, it is essential to create crispy and engaging content for the followers to interact with your business.

    Here is a quick way and another Instagram metric for you to have a more in-depth look into your performance. Tracking the engagement rate by reach is relatively easy, and here is how to calculate it. Add the likes and comments and divide that number by posts. The answer should further be divided by the reach. Once you get that number, multiply it by 100 to get the average engagement rate per post by reach.

  3. Top Posts

    Another metric in the Instagram metrics list is to track which posts from your business profile are performing well and why. Check the reasons of the audience and find out why they are interacting with your business. Is this because of the large number of hashtags that you use below your posts or because of that mini cat in your photos?

    Instagram Top posts

    Make sure to find the reason for your top-performing posts so you can continue to practice the same procedure in the future. Once a guideline is set for future posts, it would become more accessible for the business to create engaging content for the targeted audience. Be it with the reels or the amazingly designed short videos, Instagram top posts must be catchy and interactive for the audience.

    Among the top brands, Nike is ruling Instagram, and that’s not a secret. Apart from using celebrities and real athletes, Nike’s Instagram account is filled with smart call-to-action strategies. Persuading the customer to make a purchase is not the deal but catching his attention and allowing him to visit the profile and website seamlessly is the real goal. And business could achieve this by working effectively on posts.

  4. Active Hours

    Instagram is the most popular social media platform iGen already uses, like crazies. Since the age group of 18 to 34 is using Instagram more than the other age groups, it is quite evident that marketers must narrow down their marketing tactics to impress the specific age group.

    Instagram active hours

    In terms of metrics of Instagram and marketing, businesses need to know when their audience is most active. The time of the day when the audience is using the certain Instagram page a lot more as compared to the other timings of the day, it would help in identifying the specific time zone when the brand must post its content. In this way, it is relatively easier to gain the attention and views of the audience in the meantime.

    Identify the age group for which you are offering your services. If the age group lies between the youngsters then you can easily conclude that they would be more active at night hours. At this point, the Instagram KPIs would become relatively easier to achieve. Ensure to have a clear mindset about what you want to market to what type of audience and how your brand would help the audience so you could track their active hours.

  5. Days of Activity

    Here comes another important Instagram metric and that is the activity days of the audience and of the brand as well. There would be some days when your audience would be interacting with each and every post. Also, there would be someday when the audience will not be engaging towards your content. That’s alright.

    days of activity

    However, this has been concluded after extensive research that Monday Blues are the most active days for Instagrammers and Sunday is the most inactive one. When we talk about the factor of engagement, this is understood that Instagram is the major channel for this engagement purpose. But to crack it up in an effective way is the real deal. Here, it is quite necessary to post the content on the active days.

    Moreover, in order to keep in touch with the audience and to keep your old posted content extremely intact with the newer one – it is essential to use Instagram metrics on the active days of Instagrammers because it will automatically connect you with a wider audience. Furthermore, to bring your target audience closer to your business, your Instagram active hours and days make a significant change.

  6. Visits on Profile

    Profile visits refer to the number of views on your profile achieved on any particular post. Visits on the business profile play a vital role in enhancing engagement with the audience and can work wonders for the brand. The Instagram metric of monitoring and analyzing Instagram’s posts should be considered essential and marketers should always care about it.

    Profile visits

    Another important factor about profile visits is that they help the brand to gain its followers. If you are looking forward to enhanced brand recognition and loyalty among the audience, then putting up the right social media tool for engagement tracking and analytics would serve the best help. You can incorporate the help of Social Champ as well to track the analytics and to bring the audience closer to your business.

    Here is the screenshot showcasing what the dashboard of Instagram monitoring on Social Champ looks like. You can get IG metrics for instance; direction clicks, impressions, phone call clicks, profile views, reach, text messenger clicks, total followers, total follows, total media count, and website clicks.

    Social champ dashboard
    Have a look at the most followed brands on Instagram among which Nike takes the first spot with more than 1.6 billion followers, Starbucks followed up with the second place, then comes Forever 21, Adidas, and Topshop. These brands have made golden out of Instagram metrics and drove the traffic to their business pages with entertaining stories and promising discounts. In return, the audience now follows these brands for future purchases.

  7. Most Engaged Hashtags and Tags

    Tags, hashtags, and more hashtags, Instagram is generally being ruled by these hashtags. The imported concept from Twitter has made Instagram the favorite social media channel for today’s generation. And Instagram hashtags are no more a secret about it.


    The Instagram algorithm is rapidly changing and can impact your content strategy over the social media platform. At this point, hashtags have proven to be the most reliable way to keep the business going with the flow. By using hashtags that are relevant to your business niche and can help you to stand tall in the industry, you can keep a great check on the engagement and reach as well.

    Just the way you use SEO keywords in the content, you have to use the hashtags in your Instagram content to market to the audience. Branded hashtags can help you increase the chances of popping up in the top posts. If a person would search the hashtag in the Instagram search bar, he would surely reach your posts and content via those incorporated hashtags. How incredibly helpful these Instagram metrics are!

  8. Performance of IGTV

    IGTV is mostly used by influencers, content creators, and those businesses that target a huge audience. Instagram TV abbreviated as IGTV and it is the standalone video application that allows the user to share short entertaining or informative videos with the audience. Using IGTVs for marketing purposes isn’t a bad idea at all!

    Instagram IGTVs

    The IGTVs are truly a great source of interacting with a brand. From the perspective of the audience, IGTVs of Instagram can help them to understand the product of the business. Once crafted finely, a brand can demonstrate how amazingly they have worked for the product and can engage with the audience. Make it short or long, feature of IGTV is an ideal way to market the brand however, keep the content winning and interactive for the audience.

    But using this feature is definitely not a piece of cake and here, implementing effective metrics associated to Instagram and strategies is a must. Look at Kylie Jenner and her cosmetic products. The fundamental tricks of launching the product on Instagram and creating hype among the audience must be applauded. Posting interactive and catchy IGTVs can help your business to grow your audience gradually. Consistency is the key so make sure to be unique with the content for your business account.

  9. Instagram Story Metrics

    Let’s talk about another fun feature of Instagram, Instagram stories that have helped hundreds of brands in gaining their followers. In terms of brand’s growth, Instagram Stories can help you to stay on the top however, you must gain followers beforehand to make your Instagram metrics of Stories work.

    Instagram Stories

    You can post the stories at this point as well to reach your short-term Instagram KPIs. Adding the links in the stories has also become easier and now you can divert the traffic from stories towards the original website. If you have got a verified business account or more than 10k followers on the business profile, then adding the link to the stories is definitely a guarantee to gain new followers.

    But don’t forget the fact that each of your content needs to be very engaging and interesting for the audience. Instagram Stories should be interactive enough to drive the audience towards the website. You can put up the call-to-action stories as well to share the valuable content with your followers. If it’s an IGTV then link the viewers to watch the full stories. “Swipe Up” is the most valuable feature to utilize the CTA feature.

  10. Another important metric over which the business account must keep an eye is the inclusion of profile link in the business account. Trust me, this Instagram metric would help you measure all the visitors who would have turned to the loyal customers after visiting the business account of your brand on Instagram.

    Social Champ Instagram Profile links

    The links given on the bio possess the ability of transforming your entire brand right from the scratch. With the help of these useful links in bio, a visitor can gain a quick insight about your business and you can track those visits via Instagram metrics. In return, it would allow them to decide whether they should become your customer or not. But to receive more out of this Instagram metric, you need to optimize your business account smartly.

    Apart from hashtags, you can utilize the CTA links in the profile. The links should be proper and must define your brand at a quick glance. The link can have some super cool caption before it as well to hype up why the customer should click and visit it. Once you have communicated the message effectively to the potential customer, it would become easy to promote the campaigns with the same hashtags and CTAs.

Track Your Instagram Success!

This detailed guide entails the top 12 Instagram metrics that are highly needed to understand to track the success of a business in 2022. Since Instagram is one of the finest channels to communicate and engage with the audience, it is essential to understand how these metrics would work for the business.

With the help of this comprehensive article, you would gain a deep insight into how IG metrics can be measured. All in all, if you want to succeed in Instagram marketing, then you should become a pro at using all the above-discussed IG metrics. If you incorporate the metric rightly, you will propel your business to another level successfully with huge traffic incoming to your page.

People Also Ask

1. What Are Instagram Metrics?

Instagram Metrics are generally the calculations of the analytics your business has received on the business account of Instagram. These metrics indicate how the business has engaged with the audience so far. The process refers to implementing IG metrics to track the success and performances of the posts, stories, and other marketing techniques on the platform.

2. How Can I Measure Instagram Analytics?

Measuring the Instagram analytics is not a daunting task once you get to understand it. The business accounts on Instagram have got the option of analytics right in the center and you can view the activity of your account by clicking on insights. In the insights tab, you can check the other metric like reach, engagement, profile visits, audience’s active hours, gender, age group, etc.

3.What Is the Most Important Instagram Metric?

Instagram is the largest marketing tool in the business’s industry and using it rightly is the real deal. Several important Instagram metrics include, reach, sales, engagement rate, profile links, audience active hours, growth rate of followers, traffic incoming to the original website, engagement on reels and stories, views on stories and posts, and inclusion of hashtags on the business profile and content.

4.Why Instagram Metrics Are Important for a Business?

Instagram Metrics can help you track the performance of the business. IG metrics indicate how business has engaged with its audience so far. The process refers to implementing IG metrics to track the success and performances of the posts, stories, and other marketing techniques on the platform. These metrics can help your business to engage with the audience more successfully than ever before.

5.Does Instagram Analytics Matter in 2022?

Yes. Instagram Analytics matter in 2022 and would keep mattering in the upcoming years for the business that are dealing online in the digital world. Measuring the Instagram analytics is a daunting task to so many marketers but with the help of social media management tool of Social Champ, you can monitor the analytics for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube from one dashboard.
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12 Proven Instagram Metrics to Track Your Success in 2024

Picture of Summaiya Shahid

Summaiya Shahid

I am a part of #ChampFam as a content writer and content strategist. A computer science graduate who always hated coding yet my love for writing poetry and blogs grew stronger with time. I usually love to watch cartoons specifically Doraemon and hangout with my friends when I am free. Launching my personal makeup brand has always been my dream and I am open to more advice about it. Ping me at [email protected]

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