Why Is Community the Most Important Element in Social Media? John Lusher Interview Explains

Successful people with millions of followers and a humble attitude are hard to find. And you know you are really lucky if they take out time from their too-hard-to-imagine busy schedules and get in touch with you! Yes, Social Champ was really privileged to have a conversation with one such social media icon, John Lusher, Community Manager. Marketing Consultant. Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Owner of John Lusher Consulting & Scientist at SocialBuzzLab.

John has displayed not only his expertise in the world of digital marketing but also a person with great resolve and think-out-of-the-box attitude that makes him take his work to the next level.

HI John! How Are You? It’s Pleasure to Have You on Board With Social Champ. Could You Briefly Tell Us How You Started Your Career and Became a Social Media Celebrity?  What Motivated You to Become Such an Exceptional Social Media Influencer?

JL –
Hello!  I am well, hope you are too!! I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to speak with you! Thank you so much for your kind words! I started working in marketing a little over ten years ago after a career of 20+ years in outside sales.
I wanted to transition into something that didn’t require me to be on the road and out “selling” every day. Once I was in the field of marketing, I started working in social media and with various social media channels and built my audience from there. Honestly, I never set out to be a social media influencer, I just showed up every day and worked consistently to build my following and my business; the rest followed.

As Your Bio Suggests, You Are the Community Manager, Marketing Consultant as Well as the Owner of John Lusher Consulting, How Did This Whole Endeavor Start? When Did You Realize What You Wanted to Do in Life?

JL –
 After getting out of sales and into marketing, I realized there was a need for small to medium businesses; a need for marketing help. I first started in marketing by working for a restoration and remodeling company; during that time I also realized that I could work with multiple companies as a consultant.
Helping them with marketing, social media, public relations and various activities that would fall under the marketing department. As I added more and more clients, I decided to step out on my own and open my own business, John Lusher Consulting.

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On Your Blog, I Came Across John’s Law, It’s Very Interesting to See You Have Scheduled Your Activities to Promote Others Too, How Did You Come up With This Idea?

JL –
 When I was in sales, I was a member of a business networking group,  BNI (Business Network International) and one of the cornerstones of their program was to give to others. Give others referrals if you can, promote others businesses, etc. From that point on, I have always tried to promote others and to give of myself to others.

The motto of BNI was “Givers Gain” meaning the more you give, the more it comes back to you. I have realized this to be true and I love promoting others; even if it never leads to business.

Having More Than 40k Followers on Twitter, How Are You Able to Manage All Your Activities and Engage With Your Audience?

JL – 
Ha, that is an excellent question and is one tough task! I try to engage with my followers as much as possible; however, I never automate the process. I do schedule tweets to go out, but other than that, I strive to be on Twitter every few hours to answer replies and messages as well as reach out to others.

The one thing that I always tell people is that Twitter takes time; not only time each day to be on Twitter, but also the time it takes to build your audience.

It’s Interesting to See How You Share Your Quote of the Day Every Morning, Motivating and Urging Your Audience to Bring a Change in Their Lives. What Is Your Vision About This?

JL –
 I love that you asked that! I do that both on Twitter and on Facebook, both early in the morning. My purpose in doing so is to provide my friends and followers with something positive to start their day. I believe in positive thinking and I believe that starting your day with a positive thought can be helpful.

Your Blog Makes It Looks Like You Love Social Media Tools. What Do You Think About Social Champ, Which Lets You Retweet, Repost and Schedule Your Content?

JL –
 I have reviewed Social Champ and firmly believe it offers advantages to other services on the market. I have plans try Social Champ in the near future with some new clients.

Having Expertise in Digital Marketing, What Is Your Advice for the Startup Culture to Prevail in This Highly Competitive Environment?

JL –
 Two main points; know your audience and be genuine. Obviously, it is more in-depth than that, but any business or professional must know what specific audience or demographic they are trying to reach BEFORE deciding which social channel to invest their time in and they must be genuine, open and transparent.

As a Content Marketer and Marketing Maestro, What Is the Secret to Getting Your Brand Viral Rather Than Working Around for Years Promoting Your Product?

JL –
 Great question; and the short answer is, there is no secret. No one, myself included, can make something go viral. Social and digital media is a long-term process AND it should be just one tool in an overall marketing toolbox.

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As Your Profile on the Social Media Buzz Refers You as the Mad Scientist, We Are Really Curious to Know the Reason Behind Coining That Term. How Does the Mad Scientist Describe You?

JL –
 Haha, another great question! Since the name of the company is Social Buzz Lab, combined with the fact that I create and develop a lot of content, we came up with the name as the Mad Scientist – always at work creating great content!

Your Twitter Profile Says You Are an Idea Generator. Well, That’s Quite Clear Through Your Creative and Well-Crafted Blogs and Articles. John, How Do You Come up With These Ideas? More Importantly, How Do You Make Sure Those Ideas Are Executed Successfully in Practical Life?

JL –
 That is probably the hardest part quite honestly. A lot of my ideas comes from listening and reading within my field, marketing, and social media. As for executing them successfully, that is a team effort. I don’t work alone, I have a team that I work with, so the team works very hard to implement what we find works best for our clients. Having said that, finding what works best requires constant testing and trying new things. One thing about social media, it is never one size fits all, you have to work hard to develop and implement ideas and then test to see what works the best for your brand or your client.

Being a Travel Enthusiast, Let’s Wrap It up With Your Most Thrilling Travel Experience So Far!

–  I love this question because I love to travel!!  Probably one of the most interesting and fun experiences is one that most people wouldn’t see as such; because it was too rural Georgia here in the United States. I was there for the Plains Peanut Festival; working with my client to support their social efforts as a major sponsor of the Festival. Plains Georgia is the birthplace and home of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. I enjoyed it because it was true Americana –  a look at a small town that uses their claim to fame, peanuts and President Carter, to celebrate their livelihood, their history and their residents. It was truly a lot of fun!

Thank You for taking out the time, Social Champ wishes you all the best for the future and hope our budding marketers learn a great deal from you!

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