Shira Abel Shares Her Experience In Social Media & Marketing

Social Champ has Shira Abel on board this time for an interview.

Shira Abel is the CEO of Hunter & Bard. She is a sought-after Corporate Speaker. She has spoken at Axa Tech, Allianz, eToro, TNW- Europe, and many more.

Shira is serving as the CMO for many SaaS startup. Sharing her devised experience worldwide at conferences, teaching marketing, and judging competitions.

She serves as the mentor for more than 500 startups. Shira also helps underdeveloped countries to establish their entrepreneurship as her philanthropy work. Shira will be sharing her tips and experiences in this interview.

Tell us, how did you start your career as a marketing specialist?


Shira: I started like most marketers do. I started working as a marketing assistant. My main job was copywriting. I worked my way up. My first job in marketing was at a startup. I had to take a test, which was all Star Wars and HTML questions. I got 100%.

How this led you to become such a renowned speaker?


Shira:That didn’t happen until years later. What it did do was teach me the basics and allow me to work hard on exciting things. My family is my motivation for everything.

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Internet marketing has become an essential field altogether in today’s world. How do you think Internet marketing helps a brand /product flourish in the market?


Shira: Consumers with money are online. Businesses with money are online. If you have a product and want to sell it, having an online presence is the best option. It’s your store, and it’s open 24/7.

What marketing strategy, technique, or tool interests you the most right now?


Shira: Account-Based Marketing is interesting to me. Conversion rate optimization also has my reading time and interest. Tools are the ways you execute, they keep changing. Right now, I love Nudge, Folloze, and a few others.

How you use social media for corporate communications?


Shira: Social media has many purposes. It could be for media relations (Hunter & Bard offers PR services, so we do this a lot). Or building relationships with key stakeholders in accounts. Sending a signal to your competitors or the market. Or showing up and being there. Because not being there sends another message and that’s not a good one. How you use social media should depend on your goals.

What are the ideal deliverables for a strategy project?


Shira: A researched and well-thought-out strategy document. That will pull the team on the same page. So that everyone not only understands the goal but the reason and logic behind the goal. Plus, a tactical plan that will execute in stages and who will execute what.

Mentors are the lifelines for success. Who were, or are, your mentors who helped you reach where you are today?


Shira: I’m blessed with too many incredible mentors to count. But some have been: Anthony DeCanti, Ben Childs, Barbara Helton-Berg, and my dad.

What methods can you use for effective internal communications?


Shira: For internal communications, we use Slack daily and Skype for weekly meetings.

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How do you manage to juggle so many projects with competing deadlines?

Shira: Have a project lead for each project. Keep track of all through the Trello board.

What had been your most successful campaign?

Shira:There have been so many… we’ve brought some incredible results for clients. It’s hard to pick – and much of it I can’t give the numbers to. Check out the Hunter & Bard website for a list of our clients and some testimonials. They tell it better than I can.

Have you tried any social media automation tools? What do you think about Social Champ?

Shira: I haven’t used Social Champ before. But I checked it out now. I definitely will be trying it. It looks like great value for money by the features I can see.

Thank you so much, Shira Abel, Social Champ wishes you all the best for your future endeavors. Thanks for enlightening the audience with Social Media Marketing Efforts.

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