Artificial Intelligence in Social Media – A Deep Insight!

Social media and Artificial intelligence
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Are you one of those who have spent countless dollars and much energy in improving your social media marketing strategy? Understanding social media marketing is a difficult feat to crush for quite a lot of businesses. With an abundance of companies now presents on social media, trying to stand out and develop a genuine connection with your target audience is getting even more complicated by the second.

Adding to the fact that social media is not just about casual conversations and sharing news anymore, the labyrinth intensifies further.
Because social media in the present is a full-fledged platform for e-commerce, marketing, customer service, and whatnot, social media becomes too hard to handle. However, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can make the management of social media marketing a lot simpler. AI does more than just boosting results.

Here is a discussion on how uniting social media with artificial intelligence can help you reach all your goals.

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media – a Robust Online Presence 24/7

Long gone are the days when a consumer had to wait for the next working day to speak to a company. The digital world is rather instantaneous. Missing out on a comment from your potential customer would push them to another company’s social media profile. Probably to a company that is quicker in responding to customers.

Fortunately, AL enables you to have a robust online presence through social media automation all day, all week. It provides you the opportunity to answer all the customer queries and support them regardless of the time. You would not be able to cater to each client personally, but a chatbot would take your place and help out.

Artificially intelligent chatbots are capable of answering any open-ended questions. They do this with the help of natural language processing, paired with machine learning to formulate coherent sentences. This means that you would not have to worry about robotic language turning away your customers.

The truth is that according to VentureBeat, about 69% of consumers prefer to talk to chat-bots due to their speed of communication with brands. The implementation of chat-bots is rather simple today. And it is only going to get more effortless in the future.

Build an Online Presence

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Instant Content Creation

The creation of content is a tedious and taxing effort. But with the use of AI-powered tools, you can create content faster than your expectations. News Giants such as Bloomberg, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, all use such tools to immediately create content that gathers hundreds of shares, clicks, and likes.

The artificially intelligent machines may not work precisely like human beings, but their ability to adapt to natural language generation turns data into more straightforward, readable, text. Companies can use multiple NLG tools for content creation.

Let’s take the example of a flourishing online leather store that wants to improve their social media marketing. All that they will have to do after the implementation of NLG capabilities is to upload data in a prewritten template and rest assured! AI will ensure that the job is done.

There is a variety of AI-driven tools that are capable of studying the style and register used by brands. This will help in tracking the level of audience engagement on posts. This data would empower you with insights about the best type of content suited to your needs and would help you understand consumer behavior a lot better.

Better Customer Insight

Image recognition software is the latest source of insight about consumers active on social media. The image recognition software like Google’s Cloud Vision enables you to search hundreds of visual files at once and helps in instantaneous detection of features and figures. However, how does this help a company in getting detailed information from customers of social media?

This can be used to search images on social media networks about your company or products, along with the other things commonly included in the photographs. For example, if an iconic figure is wearing shoes from your brand, it will be highlighted in the picture.
This will lead you to how your products are being used and where are they mostly used. It can uncover new ways for you to market your products and find innovation before your rivals in the market catch up.

The Route To New Markets

If you wish for your content to break into new, foreign exchanges, then not only do you need to translate your content but also localize it. If you are unaware of content localization, then let us explain it to you. It is the adaptation of your content around specific destinations with the assistance of translation and adjustment according to the needs of the foreign audience. This means an interpretation of not just language but also culture. For only a cultural translation would help you connect better with new audiences.

The market has an abundance of AI-powered translation tools today, but the day is not far when artificially intelligent machines would also do content localization. Google has announced Tacotron 2 as a tool that is capable of understanding context and distinguishes between complex linguistic situations such as tenses and affiliated meanings.

These advancements are only taking us closer to the day where companies would be able to introduce their products globally without worrying about suitable content localization experts, as excellent AI-powered tools would do that.

Final Takeaway

After discussing all of the complicated facts above, we would like you to have a break and take a few minutes to imagine a hypothetical situation. Consider that social media management does not require the use of physical contact with screens.

Imagine automatic creation of content and the ability to connect with audiences who are most interested in converting to sales, and you do not have to spend hours scouring through spreadsheets. Imagine that you receive instant reports on data that helps you boost your ROI from social media marketing. Does this not seem to you like a sci-fi movie?

Let us tell you this that the scenario above is not far from reality due to the rapid advancements in AI. All of the AL-powered tools may not be for your use yet, but quite a lot of them are here. We would suggest you start the implementation of artificial intelligence in your social media marketing schemes today to not just save time and energy but also stay ahead of your competition.

Social media and Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media – A Deep Insight!

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