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The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2023 – Social Champ

There are more than just a few articles on the internet that tell you the best time to post on Facebook.

Interestingly, each of these guides conflicts with each others. Moreover, these articles contradict my analysis as well.

Brace yourself, this may not be what you want to hear, but the best time to post on Facebook depends on your business and your audience.

Yes! It is true! There is not one time where you can expect to get traffic on your Facebook. It might not be the easiest thing to digest, but it is true.

An example might help you understand.
Imagine gamers being online in the midst of the day. Or imagine business people being online in the middle of the night! It just does not work that way! Hence, your audience and your business determine the engagement hours on Facebook. This will eventually tell you the best time to post on Facebook.

However, you can find out what the best time to post on Facebook according to you is?

According to a Research by Marketing Charts, Facebook receives half of its reach within 30 minutes. So, you should try to determine when your fans are on Facebook and try to schedule your posts around that time.

Step 1: Determine Who Your Audience Is

Head over to Facebook Insights for your page. It has all the demographics you need to determine whether your posts show to a specific Audience Segment or not.

Now, as you dig deeper, you can see review the age range and gender breakdown by opening your Facebook Insights and visiting the “People” tab.

If you have multiple locations or a large customer base, or you are looking to expand your outreach globally, you will want to review the location of your audience as they are across various time zones.

Getting this information will help you determine the maximum number of people in the same time zone. Of course, if you post on a single time on Facebook, you might not reach out to all-time zones in the engagement hours. However, the reason why you want to post on the best possible time is to accommodate maximum engagement.

determince audience

Step 2: Think About What Their Day Looks Like

Now that you know the demographics of your audience, think about their day — what would they be doing at this specific time, is your typical prospect a mom? A businessman? Or a job worker, likely to work at a 9-5 job? All of these factors can help determine the best time to post on Facebook on your page.

Head over to the “Posts” tab to see when most of your audience is online.

One advantage that you will get with this is that you will also be able to decipher the type of content your audience will like. With this strategy, you will have not only a chance to make the maximum out of the timings but also the relevancy and desires.

audience behaviour

Step 3: Apply What You Know

Now your simple analysis is finished, it’s time for you to do creative thinking,
Utilize the information you currently have about your audience to develop your content marketing strategy.
The hard part is to determine the spot in posting your content to create the maximum effect. That is when your audience is online and when other businesses are posting less frequently.

You will get there with time, and regular posts will eventually let you determine how active your posts are.

You can see if you’re on the right track by experimenting and scheduling your content at different times (time zones) and then gradually analyzing how much engagement each post received. This is visible in the “Posts” tab:

scheduled posts

Engagement hours

Facebook has a very useful in the business manager section of it. It helps you determine the maximum engagement hours in the last 28 days. They show you a chart that helps you quickly go through the time when the audience on your page was most active.
The activity of your audience shows organic engagement, which is highly beneficial for you. However, if you plan on using that, then make sure to keep the following in your mind.

  1. Data is from 28-30 days

The chart shows the data in the last one month or less. While it is a great way to find out the average, keep in mind that it is the AVERAGE! The standard helps you find the mid of time timing instead of the accurate ones. You can rely on this, but make sure to make some smart decisions apart from this as well.

  1. The exact hours of posting are not there

The data shows you that there is engagement on a particular day and time. However, there is not posting time.
You will ask yourself this for sure. Why not post it at the same time?

The answer is simple.

Ask yourself this; do I see posts of the same time on my newsfeed?

Unless you refresh every two seconds after seeing everything, you will not see extremely latest posts on your feed. The way the Facebook algorithm works is that you see 50 minutes to 80 minutes old posts first before you see newer or older ones.

So, how do I decipher posting times?

The answer is simple: whatever the engagement hours are most active, you post 2 hours before that! Doing so will allow your audience to check it once they are on their newsfeed.

However, keeping up can be very difficult. There is a solution to this too. Find out your posting times and then make your content beforehand. Use a handy tool like Social Champ to quickly queue your relevant posts up on the timings that you require. This way, you can continue doing other tasks and not worry about when to post. If you ever run out of ideas, social champ helps you with that too.

There is a content curation option where you can find the best articles online and curate content from there. So, in reality, you will always have something to post. In fact, with hundreds and thousands of royalty-free images and gifs, you have the option to work with them as well. Social Champ has several other features that will overall help you manage your Facebook.

It has a feature to help you with several different social media platforms. If your business has many social media platforms, then Social Champ manages all for you. You can also recycle and reuse content with this tool.

  1. Update is important

Using this feature will help you a lot. But keep in mind to make some changes.
Keep refreshing the date every one month or 40 days. This is to help you ensure that your stats are updated continuously, and you get the best out of this feature.

Share Content that’s In the Moment

Sometimes the most critical task you need can do to reach your audience is to share extremely timely content.
For example, you can give your audience a look behind the scenes of your business by sharing photos of your staff.
Or, take a 5-minute Facebook Live video and interview your co-founders about the journey you had. Or ask your staff about their favorite holiday tradition. Live video performs well because Facebook prioritizes this appropriate content in the newsfeed.

Facebook Marketing With Social Champ

Switch to easy, fast-paced, and more streamlined Facebook marketing with Social Champ’s automation features!

The bottom line: What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

No matter when you post on Facebook, Facebook updates its algorithm every once in a while. The algorithm controls when your content gets seen.

This doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t worth your efforts. You should look for ways to connect with your fans on other social media platforms. The better way to be live & connected with your audiences on every channel is to use a social media scheduling tool. It will not only give you the right insights about the engagement of your posts but will also save your time & efforts.

Remember that all you can do is plan to the best of your efforts. Keep in mind to use these strategies and do not overdo it. Also, always keep yourself prepared to post. You should have a monthly calendar in hand that will help you keep your posts ready and at hand. This is so that whenever you have to post, you have something in your bag!

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