Halloween social media posts

Spooky Halloween Social Media Posts to Die For

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The season of Oogie Boogie is upon us, and needless to say, every brand is coming out with their Halloween social media posts to catch your eye!

Buy it or not, Halloween is the fourth most widespread holiday that gets customers to open up their wallets.

But most of the time, sellers put their holiday marketing center on Thanksgiving onwards and miss out on a lot of excellent marketing opportunities.

Do not make this blunder.

Halloween is a big deal.

From trick-treating to pumpkins to even social media Halloween costumes, Halloween marketing is a vast industry.

But, Halloween is so much more than that; it is actually a custom holiday that allows people to express themselves, be inventive, and festively celebrate.

So, to help you begin your holiday marketing power, let’s take a look at Halloween marketing and Halloween advertisements you can practice kickstarting your business’s holiday season fad!

dead gorgeous
Halloween Advertisements By Statistics

To support your company get ready for this holiday, here’s a glimpse at Halloween by the numbers:

  • Total projected spending is estimated to reach $9.1 billion, up from last year’s $8.4 billion.
  • Social media Halloween costumes will deliver up the largest share of the investment, coming in at roughly $3.4 billion.
  • Men ($96) plan to pay nearly $20 more, on average, than women ($77).
  • 64% of celebrants don’t intend to begin shopping until October, but over a third will start in September or earlier.
  • What’s the value of a few bags of Halloween candy? In 2017, more than two-thirds of 70.6% of Americans handed it out, paying around $25 each.
  • The amount of those shopping this early had increased by 11% since 2013.
  • Men (24%) are significantly more likely than women (17%) to wait until the last two weeks of October to begin their shopping.
  • 49% of marketers say they will originate a holiday campaign before Halloween, according to Experian Marketing Services, a global data services company. They register the most popular time to start holiday campaigns overall is the first 15 days of November.
  • 158 million consumers who will engage in Halloween activities
  • $2.6 billion is supposed to be the total TOT +0.05% spending on costumes, from 43.6% of people who plan to dress up (NRF).
  • Children’s costumes rack up $1.04 billion, while grown-up costumes are expected to reach $1.22 billion.
  • $360 million is the number expected to be spent on greeting cards (NRF).
  • 29% of people who plan to shop for Halloween at a department store (ADRS)
  • Typically the most suitable time to start your Halloween marketing is in September, depending on your target audience

With these estimates in mind, there are perks to incorporating Halloween marketing in your holiday plans!

Don’t be a scaredy-cat when it comes to marketing for this season!

Stop Stressing, Start Scheduling!

Schedule campaigns in advance using the content dashboard and social media marketing calendar to save yourself from stress later on!

Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Business

food network

If you’re a marketer, this holiday season is a high time to build your business through Halloween-themed campaigns that spook, spellbind or scare your customers into engaging more with your brand.

The alternatives may be limitless!

Halloween-ize Your Goods

oreo cookie

If your business doesn’t sell Halloween stuff, you might be scarifying your head, trying to figure out how to get a boo-st (get it? ;)) in revenue this holiday season.

But do not fret! You can grow into the Halloween spirit!

Even if your company isn’t spooky, you can still “Halloween-ize” your products, services, or also festively produce your items to bring in the Halloween shoppers!

So, if you are a restaurant, serve some Halloween desserts. If you are an e-commerce business marketing clothing, build a line of Halloween-themed shirts or items.

If you are a gym, plan a fitness event that raises money for local charities and challenges participants to dress up in social media Halloween costumes.

Heck, if you are a tech business, create content that talks about how something “bytes” with vampires on it and prepare a Halloween photo contest giveaway to the best advantage of your products for Halloween.

The possibilities are endless!

Design a Halloween Themed Logo


Your logo should always be a recognizable logo that represents your brand.

But during the days and weeks driving up to Halloween, you can combine some festive aptitude to your logo with elements like pumpkins, haunted houses, bats, or other popular Halloween illustrations.

That way, you can explicate your Halloween spirit while still keeping the primary design elements of your logo intact.

Google, of course, produces specialty logos for many various holidays, including Halloween.


The example above is just one such of how labels can add some Halloween details while still keeping their primary logo recognizable.

Sprinkle Some Pumpkin Spice on Halloween Social Media Marketing

payless shoe source

Added idea for Halloween marketing campaigns is to add some Halloween details to your favicon, which is the little icon that displays up next to your web URL in the address bar of your browser.

This is a similar idea to varying up your logo for the season.

But you’ll likely require to simplify things since you don’t have a big area to work with.

Leading on from making adjustments to your social media branding is the necessity to adjust your Halloween Marketing Campaign Ideas to include a themed drive for Halloween.

This should already be appearing for other significant events – such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, etc. – but if you’d earlier neglected Halloween, now would be the time to fix that omission.

Add Ghoulish Details to Your Halloween Social Media Posts

halloween whooper
When selling at Halloween, you can also add some flair to your online store.

With some simple design components like spooky fonts, spiderwebs in photo corners, or even animated cartoons, you can make it clear to online shoppers that your business is in the Halloween spirit.

Don’t limit yourself to only scoring Halloween elements into the app itself, but contemplate giving your app icon an inadequate Halloween look too – a small addition to your app icon could help it stand out on mobile devices, assisting users to open it to see what else is unique.

Naturally, you shouldn’t only improve the look of your app; you should also roll-out Halloween specific proposals, promotions, and content.

Halloween-themed content you partake via email or Halloween social media posts can also be readjusted for your mobile app, along with any improvements you are running in general.

Send a Halloween Themed Newsletter with Spook-tacular Sale Deals


Another on a list of Halloween marketing plans is to use your email newsletter to show off your Halloween spirit to clients.

Let them know about any Halloween raises you’re hosting and include a particular coupon code or discount offer to promote them to buy products or visit your company’s online presence over the holiday.

If you’ve already seen the benefits of email marketing, then you would also know that tiny themed additions to your email campaign can also increase sales, or drive brand recognition, particularly for some service-related businesses, such as plumbers, medical, contractors, and even financial assistance providers.

For many of these businesses, correlating your services to a celebration such as Halloween is not easy.

Still, at the very least, you can share valuable content – with a slight Halloween theme – with your audience.

Scare Up Some Halloween Photo Contests

burger king

Large companies and brands have penetrated into the power of user-generated content (UGC).

But, it is quite perfect for small and medium businesses, with limited marketing budgets and resources.

And running a themed contest is a straightforward way to get UGC.

Halloween is all about costuming up, decorating, and making weird and wonderful feasts and treats, so welcome your customers to share pictures of their Halloween decorations, attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) at producing Halloween treats like cakes, cake pops, cookies, cupcakes and more, or them or their pets outfitted up for Halloween.

In the concern of driving brand awareness, run these competitions on your top social media platforms, and make initial conditional to use of a specific hashtag.

Entrants are liking and sharing the Halloween Engagement Post.



Most of the ‘holidays’ honored throughout the year center around family and loved ones.

Still, Halloween is all about fun – from juniors to seniors, from young children running about trick-or-treating, to adults getting costumed up for a more grown-up Halloween party.

And it is necessary to remember this in your Halloween-associated marketing: the primary aim is to bring in business and boost your brand, but being dull and slothful in your approach is not going to influence any fans.

And just because you’re a small company doesn’t mean you should overlook the Halloween marketing campaigns launched by big labels and multinationals.

You might have the support or the budget that they do, but you can still get many great designs from them that you can implement on a smaller scale, and using a much lower budget.

If not this year, then surely the following year, because like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Halloween is celebrated every year.

Happy Spooking!

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