Preserving Visibility: 7 Valuable Tips to Dodge Instagram Shadowban in 2024

Instagram Shadowban
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Picture playing beautiful music in a grand concert hall, but due to a technical glitch, your sound becomes muted. While a few people seated nearby can appreciate the melody, the majority of the audience hears nothing—a parallel to how an Instagram shadowban muffles your posts, allowing only limited visibility to a specific group of followers.

When crafting marketing content for your Instagram account, the primary goal is to captivate and resonate with as many users as possible. However, encountering a shadowban can essentially nullify these aspirations, as the content you’ve meticulously curated and scheduled with an Instagram Scheduler gets confined to the shadows, reaching only a limited fraction of your intended audience.

Understanding the implications of an Instagram Shadowban is crucial if you’re striving to grow your presence on the platform. From its definition and underlying causes to the telltale signs and strategies to overcome it, this comprehensive guide aims to demystify the workings of a Shadowban and equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate Instagram’s landscape effectively.

Instagram Shadowban Explained

An Instagram shadowban refers to a practice by the platform where an account’s visibility is restricted without the user receiving any formal notification. This ban primarily limits the reach of an account’s posts to its followers, significantly reducing its visibility in hashtag searches and on the Explore page.

Similar to a billboard along a highway shrouded in thick fog, an Instagram shadowban obscures your posts from being prominently displayed on the platform. While your content is there, it remains hidden and less likely to be seen by the wider audience browsing through Instagram.

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6 Causes of an Instagram Shadowban

Here’s the statement Instagram released on their Creators account in this regard:

You can also check out the statement that the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, made through his X account in this regard:

Instagram emphasizes its commitment to fostering genuine engagement and ensuring that user experiences are authentic and in line with their community guidelines. Any infringement upon these guidelines, whether intentional or inadvertent, significantly heightens the risk of being shadowbanned.

Cause of Instagram shadowban
Cause of Instagram shadowban

Take a look at what Instagram says about this matter below:

Here are the violations of Instagram’s community and recommendation guidelines that can lead to an Instagram Shadowban:

  1. Rapid, Repetitive Actions

    The saying “too much of something is poisonous” is quite true in this regard. If you perform rapid and repetitive actions at unusually high frequency or volume within a short period, you can expect to be shadowbanned.

    Certain actions, when performed excessively, can trigger Instagram’s algorithms and raise flags, potentially leading to the imposition of an Instagram shadowban or other restrictions on an account.

    Some examples of rapid and repetitive actions that can prompt Instagram to impose a shadowban include:

    • Aggressive Following/Unfollowing: Following and unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short span, especially in a systematic or repetitive manner, is considered spam behavior.
    • Excessive Liking or Unliking: Liking or unliking numerous posts rapidly or in high volumes can be flagged as spam by Instagram.
    • Commenting in Abundance: Posting excessive comments in a short timeframe, especially if they are repetitive or generic, may also be considered spammy.
    • Posting Content Too Frequently: Sharing an unusually high number of posts within a short period might also be perceived as spammy behavior.

    Instagram’s automated systems typically identify these rapid and repetitive actions and consider them unusual or abnormal user behavior.

    As a result, accounts that perform these actions excessively may face consequences such as a shadowban, where the visibility of their content is restricted, limiting its reach and engagement on the platform

  2. Using Banned or Restricted Hashtags

    Instagram has a set of community guidelines and policies governing the use of hashtags on the platform, and certain hashtags are either restricted or entirely prohibited due to containing content that violates these guidelines. The platform takes measures to prevent the spread of inappropriate or harmful content associated with these hashtags.

    When you use or include banned or restricted hashtags in your posts, even if the content itself doesn’t violate any rules, you can see reduced reach and engagement for your posts. In some cases, it may result in an Instagram shadowban where your content’s visibility is limited primarily to your followers, restricting its exposure to a broader audience.

  3. Using unauthorized Apps or Services

    Instagram strictly prohibits the use of third-party apps or services that violate its terms of service. Many of these unauthorized apps or services require users to provide their login credentials, and in doing so, users grant access to their accounts. These actions violate Instagram’s data policy, leading to potential penalties and shadowbans.

  4. Using Bots or Automated Services

    Automated services or bots can automate actions such as liking, following/unfollowing, commenting, or posting on behalf of the user. These automated activities create unnatural patterns that go against Instagram’s guidelines, triggering the platform’s algorithms to flag and restrict accounts engaged in such behavior.

  5. Posting Duplicate Content

    Replicating or posting the same content repeatedly within a short timeframe is considered spammy. This behavior is discouraged as it can flood users’ feeds and diminish the quality of their experience.

    Instagram’s algorithm detects the above five activities to preserve the platform’s integrity. Engaging in any of these spammy behaviors violates Instagram’s community guidelines, designed to maintain a fair and authentic environment for users.

    It’s important to note that Instagram may impose a shadow ban on some posts even if they do not violate the platform’s community guidelines.

  6. Many Reports Against Your Account

    While Instagram’s algorithm primarily detects violations of its community guidelines, a surge in reports against an account might trigger a manual review by the platform’s moderators.

    If multiple users report your account for violating Instagram’s policies, such as posting inappropriate content, engaging in spammy behavior, or violating community standards, the platform might temporarily limit your account’s visibility or reach while investigating the reported issues. This action aims to maintain a safe and positive environment on the platform.

How to Check If You’re Shadowbanned on Instagram

You used to receive hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and even a couple of shares on your Instagram content. However, lately, you’ve noticed a drastic decline, where your latest posts hardly garnered any engagement — not even a single thumb up. This significant drop in interaction might prompt this question in your mind: “Am I shadowbanned on Instagram?”

The lack of engagement, especially from users beyond your immediate followers, could indicate a potential issue, and investigating the possibility of a shadowban might be your next concern.

On December 7, 2022, Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram was expanding Account Status so professional accounts can understand if their content may be eligible to be recommended to non-followers. You can listen to the announcement here: Account Status Update.

Example for Instagram shadow ban
Example of Instagram shadow ban

If you have a professional account on Instagram, you can check whether your content is being recommended to other users by going to your Profile>Menu>Settings>Account>Account Status. This feature serves as a tool for you to gain better transparency regarding the visibility and recommendation status of your content on the platform.

Instagram does not disclose the specific criteria for shadowbanning, so sometimes it’s unclear why an account might be shadowbanned.

Perhaps you’ve checked your account status but still can’t figure out whether Instagram has shadowbanned your account. You’re probably wondering: how do I know if I’m shadowbanned on Instagram?

Well, there are some actions you can take to check whether Instagram has shadowbanned your account:

  1. Check Engagement and Reach

    A noticeable drop in engagement (likes, comments, shares) or a sudden decline in the visibility of your posts to users who don’t follow you might indicate a shadowban.

  2. Test Hashtags

    You can create a post using a unique hashtag that hasn’t been used before. Then, ask a friend or a non-follower to search for that specific hashtag. If your post doesn’t appear in the hashtag search results to them, it could signal a shadowban.

  3. Use Instagram Insights

    If you have a business or creator account, Instagram Insights can provide valuable data. Look for significant drops in reach or impressions, especially when using specific hashtags or posting at particular times. You can utilize our free social media scheduler to gather crucial Instagram Insights.

  4. Engage With Others

    You can also interact with accounts that don’t follow you and ask if they can see your recent posts in their feeds or explore pages. Lack of visibility to non-followers might suggest a shadowban.

  5. Test with a New Post

    You can also create a new post with unique content and relevant hashtags. Monitor its engagement and visibility over the next few days. If it remains low or doesn’t appear in searches, it could indicate a shadowban.

  6. Use Trusted Tools

    Several online tools and websites claim to check for a shadowban. However, their accuracy might vary. You can use a tool like the Shadowban Free Calculator to check if Instagram has shadowbanned your IG account.

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7 Tips for How to Avoid Instagram Shadowban

As a marketer or business striving for online visibility and engagement, a shadowban poses a considerable setback, thwarting your marketing strategies and rendering your hard work less effective.

Here are seven valuable tips on how to avoid Instagram Shadowban:

  1. Follow Instagram Guidelines

    We’ve established that violating Instagram’s guidelines can lead to penalties, including shadowbans. So, one of the obvious ways to avoid an IG shadowban is adhering to Instagram’s community guidelines.

    You can adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines by avoiding inappropriate content spam, hate speech, and any behavior that violates the platform’s rules. Also, you should always prioritize posting high-quality, original, and authentic content that complies with Instagram’s terms of service.

    Creating valuable, original, and engaging content that complies with Instagram’s rules increases the likelihood of reaching and connecting with a broader, more receptive audience.

  2. Use Relevant and Clean Hashtags

    Relevant and Clean Hashtags
    Relevant and Clean Hashtags

    Since using banned or restricted hashtags can lead to your posts being hidden or limited in their visibility, you should be very careful with the hashtags you use on your IG posts. Take a look at what Instagram recommends regarding the use of hashtags on the platform:

    If you have to use hashtags, ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your content and do not have a history of being associated with prohibited or spammy content. Using relevant and appropriate hashtags consistently will help you establish credibility with Instagram’s algorithm.

    You should note that sometimes, hashtags that were previously acceptable might become restricted or banned due to policy changes. Therefore, you should regularly review your hashtag choices to avoid unintentional violations and ensure ongoing compliance with Instagram’s guidelines.

  3. Engage Organically

    Organic engagement refers to genuine interactions with other users on the platform. It involves engaging in authentic activities, such as liking, commenting, following, and sharing content, without resorting to automated or manipulative tactics.

    Engaging organically follows a natural pace, allowing for intermittent interactions with other users rather than rapid or repetitive actions. It allows you to build real connections and relationships with your audience, which ultimately fosters trust and credibility and reduces risks of penalties like shadowbans.

  4. Diversify Your Content

    Remember that repetitive posting of the same type of content or excessively similar content might be flagged as spam by Instagram’s algorithms. Diversifying your content ensures that you’re not violating guidelines against repetitive or misleading behavior, reducing the chances of penalties like shadowbans.

    You can diversify your content by introducing varied content types such as photos, videos, Stories, Reels, IGTV, and carousel posts. Doing this demonstrates that you’re not solely focused on one type of content, which can help prevent your account from being perceived as repetitive or spammy.

    Furthermore, varied content encourages users to spend more time on your profile, exploring different posts, Stories, or videos. This signals to Instagram that your content is engaging and encourages natural, prolonged interactions, which can positively influence algorithmic decisions regarding your visibility.

  5. Take Breaks between Actions

    Instagram’s algorithm deems rapid actions, such as mass liking or commenting on numerous posts continously as unnatural behavior. To avoid risking a shadowban, you should engage with content that genuinely interests you at a steady pace. Allow time between interactions to mirror the way users naturally engage on the platform.

    And instead of following a large number of accounts in a short time, you should spread out your follow requests throughout the day. Stick to a moderate pace that reflects authentic engagement rather than rapidly increasing your follower count in a short period.

    Adhering to these practices reduces the risk of an Instagram shadowban and contributes to a more genuine, natural, and organic interaction style on Instagram.

  6. Monitor Engagement and Analytics

    Monitoring analytics and engagement on Instagram is crucial in steering clear of a shadowban as it provides valuable insights into your account’s performance and behavior. Analyzing metrics such as reach, impressions, likes, comments, and follower growth helps in identifying any irregularities or sudden drops in engagement that might signal potential issues.

    Additionally, understanding your audience’s response to your content and keeping track of your account’s performance aids in ensuring that your engagement remains organic, compliant with Instagram’s guidelines, and authentic.

    Ultimately, monitoring analytics helps you maintain a healthy and credible online presence and allows for strategic adjustments to uphold a positive relationship with the platform and your audience.

    If you’re looking for a tool you can use to monitor engagement and analytics, Social Champ is a great choice. This is a robust social media management tool that can significantly assist in monitoring analytics and engagement on Instagram, aiding in the prevention of a shadowban. It can allow you to track key metrics such as reach, impressions, likes, comments, and follower growth.

  7. Use Tools Mindfully

    If you utilize any third-party apps and scheduling tools to manage your Instagram activities, ensure they are compliant with Instagram’s policies. You should avoid services that simulate excessive or unnatural engagement, as they can potentially trigger Instagram’s spam filters and lead to a shadowban.

    Before using any third-party app, ensure they are reputable tools that prioritize organic engagement, adhere to Instagram’s guidelines, and offer transparent practices. Mindful use of third-party tools also involves using them moderately, and regularly reviewing their functionality to ensure they don’t inadvertently trigger actions that could harm your account’s visibility or engagement.

    By following the above seven tips, you can avoid an Instagram shadowban and increase the trustworthiness of your IG account.

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How to Fix an Instagram Shadowban

If you suspect that you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram due to a potential violation of the platform’s community guidelines, your next query might understandably be: “How can I fix shadowban on Instagram?”

Restoring your account’s normal visibility involves a few key steps. First, review Instagram’s community guidelines thoroughly to identify potential violations and cease any actions or behaviors that could have triggered the shadowban.

If you believe Instagram imposed a shadowban on your account unjustly, you can report the issue to Instagram through their support or help center. They might review your account and lift the ban if it was imposed in error.

But if you acknowledge your mistakes, you should be ready to take full responsibility and proceed with the necessary steps to fix the shadowban. Going forward, you should focus on authentic and compliant engagement, such as using relevant hashtags, diversifying content, and engaging with your audience organically. You should also consider taking a break from activities that might be seen as spammy.

Regularly monitoring your account’s performance, engaging mindfully, and avoiding previous violations will contribute to restoring your account’s visibility and reach on the platform.

And that’s how you can get your account out of the shadowban curse on Instagram.

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In Conclusion

As Instagram continues to evolve its algorithm and policies, users need to be more vigilant than ever to avoid Instagram shadowban. It starts with staying informed, followed by leveraging organic engagement practices, monitoring account analytics, and considering the use of reputable management tools like Social Champ to shield your IG account against the pitfalls of a shadowban.

With its robust suite of features, including comprehensive analytics, content scheduling, and engagement monitoring tools, Social Champ empowers you to navigate Instagram’s intricacies strategically. It enables mindful management of social media activities, promoting authentic engagement and content diversity while mitigating the risk of inadvertently triggering actions that could lead to a shadowban.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Instagram Shadowban?

An Instagram shadowban refers to a situation where your posts or account visibility are restricted by Instagram without notification. This restriction often results in decreased reach and visibility of your content to users beyond your followers, primarily caused by violating Instagram’s guidelines or engaging in behaviors perceived as spam or inappropriate.

2. How Long Does Instagram Shadowban Last?

The duration of an Instagram Shadowban can vary widely. In some cases, it might last for a few days, while in more severe instances, it could persist for weeks or even longer. However, there isn’t a specific or fixed duration set for a shadowban.

3. Is it Easy to Get Shadowbanned on Instagram?

While Instagram’s algorithmic processes are not explicitly transparent, it’s relatively easy to trigger a shadowban inadvertently by engaging in behaviors that go against the platform’s guidelines. Actions such as using banned hashtags, engaging in spammy behavior, violating community guidelines, or using automated tools that mimic unnatural engagement can increase the likelihood of being shadowbanned.

4. How Can I Prevent an Instagram Shadowban?

To prevent a shadowban, it’s essential to adhere to Instagram’s guidelines by avoiding spam behaviors, using relevant and clean hashtags, diversifying content, engaging organically, and using third-party tools cautiously.

5. How Do I Check For a Shadowban on Instagram?

There isn’t an official tool provided by Instagram to explicitly check for a shadowban. However, you can try several methods to assess if your account might be shadowbanned. You can also monitor engagement metrics like likes, comments, and reach. A sudden and unexplained drop in these metrics might indicate a shadowban.
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Instagram Shadowban

Preserving Visibility: 7 Valuable Tips to Dodge Instagram Shadowban in 2024

Picture of Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel is a guru of B2B marketing and professional networking. His in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn's unique environment has paved the way for business success.

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