Create content that touches their hearts.
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“Create content that touches their hearts and minds”- Jeff Bullas

  • Elle Bent
    Posted at 08:28h, 18 September Reply

    This kind of content is worth to read. Thanks for sharing.

  • eebest8
    Posted at 23:07h, 11 March Reply

    “Thank you for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.”

  • Ajay chander R
    Posted at 16:40h, 31 October Reply

    That’s a spot on interview

  • Lesli
    Posted at 04:45h, 04 September Reply

    I have heard about scheduling social media posts, but I haven’t tried any yet. So this was great information!

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 08:23h, 05 September Reply

      Thank you Lesli! Hope you try it soon!

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 17:59h, 24 October Reply

      You should try it and get the burden of social sharing off your shoulders!

  • Roma
    Posted at 08:38h, 02 September Reply

    Interesting read, would have liked to see a longer comment from Jeff about his failure(s). Afterall, we all have them, it’s be nice to see how someone successful managed to push through.

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 08:28h, 05 September Reply

      He tried to contribute more in terms of giving useful tips and suggestions for content creation. But thanks for your feedback!

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 18:01h, 24 October Reply

      Noted. We’ll make sure he opens up more next time 😉

  • Claire Lee
    Posted at 14:50h, 01 September Reply

    It’s definitely important to create the right content targeted to your audience. Promoting is another important aspect. Social media is the strongest platform I think.

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 08:30h, 05 September Reply

      Agreed. It’s not only the strongest, but the smartest and the fastest way to create content and then promote it, if used wisely!

  • Our Samyatra
    Posted at 07:18h, 31 August Reply

    Very nice interview.. So much to learn from this post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sameer Ahmed Khan
      Posted at 11:02h, 31 August Reply

      Thank you so much for loving it, Samyatra!

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 08:45h, 05 September Reply

      Thank you Samyatra! We’re glad you found it useful. We aim at sharing the thoughts of more social media influencers for our readers in the future!

  • Tamanna I.
    Posted at 02:07h, 31 August Reply

    When it comes to social sharing I always fail. There are so many social media to catch up, at the end I find myself more into social media than creating an actual content!

    • Sameer Ahmed Khan
      Posted at 11:03h, 31 August Reply

      That’s the problem. Most people get overwhelmed with so much to do and because of that, creating quality content is affected.

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 08:57h, 05 September Reply

      Hey Tamanna! It’s okay if you’re not into creating content. However, you can try Social Champ for scheduling unlimited posts and sharing interesting articles to keep your social networks active all the time!

  • marciaf
    Posted at 21:09h, 30 August Reply

    I know so many people that schedule twitter posts but it just doesn’t feel genuine to me.

    • Sameer Ahmed Khan
      Posted at 11:04h, 31 August Reply

      Until and unless there are emotions or personal opinion on what they share, it will feel as if a bot is posting it out.

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 09:10h, 05 September Reply

      Hey Marcia! Scheduling only makes social media manageable ans saves a lot of time for those who have to upload stuff on the social media regularly. But sometimes, it does create redundancy when people overuse it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Andrea Ryerson
    Posted at 21:08h, 30 August Reply

    I love reading about social marketing! Thank you for the interesting interview!

    • Sameer Ahmed Khan
      Posted at 11:04h, 31 August Reply

      Perfect! ^_^

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 09:12h, 05 September Reply

      Thank You Andrea! I’m glad you found it useful! we look forward to sharing more articles like this in the future.

  • Aleah Gray
    Posted at 14:01h, 30 August Reply

    Great post. I find that there are a number of people trying to outshine the other. I think being original is a great way to be a social champ

    • Sameer Ahmed Khan
      Posted at 11:05h, 31 August Reply

      Haha, true, Aleah! To be a Social Champ, one has to be genuine and feel free to share their world experiences.

    • Mariam Naved
      Posted at 09:16h, 05 September Reply

      Thank you Aleah! Let’s hope we help enthusiasts like you to make their mark on social media!

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