15 Engaging TikTok Challenges to Boost Your Brand’s Reach in 2024

TikTok Challenges
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TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse platform for brands seeking to connect with younger audiences and boost their online presence. With its diverse range of content and engaging challenges, TikTok offers a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their creativity and personality while reaching millions of users worldwide.

While TikTok challenges can be efficient for brand promotion, managing multiple posts and ensuring consistency can be challenging. This is where a TikTok scheduler comes into play. A TikTok scheduler is a valuable tool that allows brands to plan and schedule their TikTok content in advance, ensuring a steady stream of engaging posts without constant manual intervention.

In this article, we’ll explore 15 engaging TikTok challenges that can help to increase your brand’s reach in 2024. So if you want to up your brand’s TikTok game, don’t forget to read this blog till the end!

What are TikTok Challenges?

TikTok challenges are trends or prompts initiated by users on the TikTok platform that encourage others to participate by creating and sharing their videos following a specific theme, concept, or set of instructions. These challenges range from dance and lip-syncing to comedy skits, DIY projects, cooking challenges, and more.

Typically, a TikTok challenge starts with a user or group of users creating a video that sets the tone for the challenge, often using a specific song, audio clip, or hashtag to identify it. They then encourage others to join by tagging their friends or using relevant hashtags in their captions.

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Participating in TikTok challenges can help users engage with the platform, connect with others, and showcase their creativity. Challenges often go viral when they resonate with a large audience, leading to widespread participation and the creation of countless variations of the original concept.

Some challenges are spontaneous and arise organically, while brands, influencers, or celebrities initiate others to promote a product, song, or cause. Regardless of their origin, TikTok challenges have become a prominent feature of the platform’s culture, contributing to its dynamic and interactive nature.

How to Curate a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok

Creating a branded hashtag challenge on TikTok can effectively increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and generate a UGC promoting your brand. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to curate a successful branded hashtag challenge on TikTok:

  1. Define Your Objectives

    Clearly outline the goals you want to achieve with the challenge. Is it to increase brand visibility, drive sales, promote a new product, or simply to engage with your audience?

  2. Understand Your Audience

    Identify your target audience on TikTok and understand their interests, preferences, and behaviors. Tailor your challenge to resonate with them.

  3. Develop a Creative Concept

    Brainstorm creative ideas for your challenge that align with your brand identity and objectives. Consider incorporating music, dance, humor, or storytelling to make your challenge more engaging.

  4. Choose a Catchy Hashtag

    Select a unique and memorable hashtag that reflects your brand and the theme of your challenge. Ensure that it’s easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

  5. Create Compelling Content

    Produce high-quality content to kickstart your challenge. This could be a TikTok video that introduces the challenge, demonstrates how to participate, and showcases the desired outcome.

  6. Promote Your Challenge

    Use your other social media channels, email newsletters, websites, and influencers to promote your challenge and encourage participation. Provide clear instructions on how to join and use the branded hashtag.

  7. Collaborate with Influencers

    Partner with TikTok influencers who align with your brand to help amplify your challenge and reach a wider audience. Their participation can lend credibility and authenticity to your campaign.

  8. Engage with Participants

    Monitor the progress of your challenge and engage with participants by liking, commenting, and sharing their videos. Show appreciation for their creativity and enthusiasm.

  9. Encourage User-Generated Content

    Encourage users to get creative and share their interpretations of the challenge. Consider offering incentives such as prizes, shootouts, or features on your brand’s social media channels.

  10. Measure and Analyze Results

    Track the performance of your branded hashtag challenge using TikTok’s analytics tools and other social media monitoring platforms. Evaluate key metrics such as views, likes, shares, and user-generated content.

  11. Iterate and Improve

    Learn from the insights gathered during your campaign and use them to refine future branded hashtag challenges. Experiment with different concepts, formats, and promotional strategies to optimize results.

    By following these steps and incorporating them into planning and executing branded hashtag challenges, you can create a memorable and engaging experience for your audience while effectively promoting your brand on TikTok.

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15 Amazing TikTok Challenges to Generate Brand Engagement

Here are a few of the top-performing branded challenges on TikTok:

  1. #BrandVerseChallenge

    Poetry has a unique way of capturing audiences. This newest TikTok challenge encourages users to create short poems or rhymes incorporating your brand’s name or products. Participants can showcase their creativity while highlighting your brand, whether it’s a limerick, haiku, or free verse.

    To execute this challenge, create a catchy announcement video explaining the rules for participation. Consider this newest TikTok challenge to inspire participants. Throughout the challenge, engage with submissions by liking, commenting, and reposting the most impressive verses on your brand’s TikTok account.

  2. #BrandRecipeChallenge

    Food-related content consistently performs well on TikTok, making this challenge a perfect fit for brands in the culinary space. Challenge users to create unique recipes using your brand’s ingredients or products. Encourage participants to film their cooking process, share cooking tips, and showcase the final dish in a mouthwatering manner.

    Post a tutorial video of a signature recipe using your brand’s products to kickstart the challenge. Promote the challenge across social media platforms and offer incentives such as featuring the best recipes on your website or providing exclusive discounts for participants.

  3. #BrandFashionChallenge

    Fashion is a popular category on TikTok, making it an ideal platform for showcasing your brand’s apparel and accessories. Prompt users to showcase their styling skills by creating outfits featuring your brand’s clothing or accessories.

    Create a video featuring your latest collection or trendiest pieces to launch this challenge. Encourage participants to film themselves styling outfits, incorporating your brand’s items in creative ways. To amplify the engagement, offer prizes for the most stylish or innovative looks and share participant submissions on your TikTok account.

  4. #BrandTriviaChallenge

    Trivia challenges are entertaining and educational, making them an effective way to engage your audience. Pose trivia questions related to your brand, products, or industry, and reward participants who answer correctly with shootouts or prizes.

    To get started, create a series of trivia questions covering various aspects of your brand’s history, values, or offerings. Announce the challenge on TikTok with a teaser video showcasing some intriguing trivia questions. Throughout the challenge, interact with participants by providing hints, acknowledging correct answers, and congratulating winners.

  5. #BrandTransformationChallenge

    Transformation stories resonate with audiences as they showcase the tangible impact of your brand’s products or services. Invite users to share their transformation journey using your product or service, highlighting before-and-after results.

    Start by sharing decent transformation stories from satisfied customers or influencers who have benefited from your brand. Encourage participants to share their stories through videos, photos, or testimonials, emphasizing the positive changes they’ve experienced. Feature the most inspiring transformations on your TikTok account to inspire others and foster a sense of community around your brand.

  6. #BrandMemeChallenge

    Memes are a powerful form of user-generated content that can effectively communicate brand messages and foster engagement. Invite users to create memes related to your brand or products, then repost the most creative ones on your TikTok account. To initiate the challenge, share a series of branded templates or images that participants can use as a basis for their memes.

    These funny TikTok challenges encourage participants to release their creativity and humor while incorporating elements of your brand. Acknowledge and reward the creators of the funniest and most shareable memes to incentivize participation and amplify reach.

  7. #BrandDanceChallenge

    Dance challenges are a staple of TikTok culture and can effectively promote brand awareness through engaging and entertaining content. Create a catchy dance routine incorporating elements of your brand’s logo, slogan, or products, and encourage users to replicate it. Post a tutorial video to launch the challenge, breaking down the dance steps and demonstrating the choreography.

    Utilize popular TikTok sounds or songs to enhance the appeal of the dance challenge. Encourage participants to film themselves dancing and share their videos using the designated hashtag. Recognize and showcase the best dance submissions on your TikTok account to inspire others to join in.

  8. #BrandFitnessChallenge

    Fitness challenges appeal to health-conscious audiences and allow brands in the wellness industry to promote their products or services. Challenge users to complete a series of fitness exercises using your brand’s workout gear or following a specific workout routine. Kickstart the challenge by sharing a workout video led by a fitness influencer or trainer, incorporating your brand’s products.

    Encourage participants to film themselves completing the exercises and share their progress on TikTok. Offer incentives such as exclusive fitness guides, merchandise, or discounts to motivate participants and drive engagement.

  9. #BrandTalentShow

    Talent shows are entertaining and inclusive, allowing users to showcase their skills while promoting your brand. Invite users to showcase their talents, such as singing, dancing, comedy, or magic tricks, with your brand’s products as props or backgrounds. To initiate these funny TikTok challenges, post a teaser video featuring diverse talents and encouraging users to participate.

    Provide clear instructions on how participants can submit their talent videos using the designated hashtag. Encourage voting or judging to determine the winners and offer prizes or recognition for the most impressive performances. Share highlights from the talent show on your TikTok account to celebrate participants and engage your audience.

  10. #BrandPetChallenge

    Pet-related content is viral on TikTok and can be leveraged by brands to create engaging and heartwarming content. Invite users to share videos of their pets interacting with your brand’s products or wearing branded accessories. Start by posting adorable videos or photos of pets enjoying your products as inspiration for the challenge.

    Encourage participants to film their pets in creative scenarios, showcasing the unique bond between pets and your brand. Feature your TikTok account’s cutest and most amusing pet submissions to delight your audience and foster brand affinity.

  11. #BrandDIYChallenge

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) challenges empower users to show creativity and ingenuity while incorporating your brand’s products or materials. Prompt users to get creative with DIY projects using your brand’s materials or products, then feature the best submissions on your account. To launch the challenge, share DIY tutorials or project ideas that participants can replicate using your brand’s products.

    Encourage participants to film their DIY process from start to finish, providing tips and guidance along the way. Recognize and reward the most innovative and visually appealing DIY projects to incentivize participation and inspire others to join the challenge.

  12. #BrandReviewChallenge

    User-generated reviews and testimonials can build trust and credibility for your brand while encouraging engagement from your audience. Ask users to share honest reviews or testimonials about your brand or products, then repost the most insightful ones on your TikTok account. Start by sharing positive reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers or influencers.

    Encourage participants to share their feedback through videos, photos, or written testimonials, highlighting their experiences with your brand. Showcase the most engaging reviews on your TikTok account to demonstrate social proof and encourage others to engage with your brand.

  13. #BrandPartnerChallenge

    Collaborating with influencers or complementary brands on TikTok can amplify your reach and engagement while fostering valuable partnerships. Create a challenge that showcases both your products and services. To initiate the challenge, partner with influencers or brands whose values align with yours and co-create engaging content highlighting your offerings.

    Collaborate on a challenge concept that encourages user participation and creativity while promoting both brands. Feature highlights from the challenge on both brands’ TikTok accounts to maximize exposure and engagement.

  14. #BrandAwarenessChallenge

    Harness the power of social media to raise awareness about a cause or issue that aligns with your brand’s values. Launch a challenge encouraging users to create content advocating for the cause and using your brand’s hashtag.

    To initiate the challenge, share compelling statistics, stories, or facts about the cause to educate and inspire your audience. Encourage participants to share their experiences, opinions, or calls to action related to the cause. Amplify the impact of the challenge by donating a portion of your sales or partnering with relevant nonprofits or organizations. Share highlights from the challenge on your TikTok account to amplify the message and inspire meaningful action.

  15. #BrandBehindTheScenesChallenge

    Offering a glimpse of your brand’s operations or creative process behind the scenes can humanize your brand and foster a deeper connection with your audience. Invite users to share their behind-the-scenes moments, whether it’s showcasing their workspace, creative process, or daily routines.

    To initiate the challenge, share authentic and candid behind-the-scenes footage from your brand, providing insights into your team, processes, or product development. Encourage participants to share their behind-the-scenes content using the designated hashtag. Feature highlights from the challenge on your TikTok account to showcase the authenticity and personality of your brand while engaging your audience in a meaningful way.

By taking advantage of these 15 TikTok challenges, brands can effectively generate engagement, foster community, and amplify brand awareness. Whether through creative expression, talent showcases, fun TikTok challenges, or social advocacy, TikTok offers a versatile and engaging way to connect with audiences and drive meaningful interactions.

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Benefits of Creating TikTok Challenges for Your Brand

Here are the TikTok challenges list for your brand, which can yield numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness:
    Current TikTok challenges have the potential to go viral, exposing your brand to a vast audience of users. When participants engage with your challenge by creating and sharing content, they introduce your brand to their followers, exponentially increasing your reach and visibility.
  2. Enhanced Engagement:
    TikTok challenges are inherently interactive and encourage user participation. Inviting users to join in and create content related to your brand fosters a sense of community and promotes engagement with your audience. User-generated content also tends to generate higher engagement levels than brand-generated content.
  3. User-Generated Content (UGC):
    TikTok challenges provide a steady stream of user-generated content that can be repurposed and shared across your brand’s social media channels. This UGC serves as authentic testimonials and endorsements, showcasing real people using and enjoying your products or services.
  4. Brand Advocacy:
    When users participate in your TikTok challenges, they become advocates for your brand. By willingly creating content related to your brand and sharing it with their followers, participants demonstrate their affinity for it and effectively endorse it to their social circles.
  5. Creative Brand Expression:
    Current TikTok challenges offer a platform for brands to express their creativity in unique and engaging ways. Whether through dance routines, DIY projects, or comedic skits, challenges provide an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and values in a fun and memorable manner.
  6. Audience Insights:
    Monitoring user-generated content from TikTok challenges can provide valuable insights into your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Analyzing the types of content users create and engage with can inform future marketing strategies and product development initiatives.
  7. Influencer Partnerships:
    TikTok challenges present an opportunity to collaborate with influencers and content creators to increase their reach and influence to amplify your brand’s message. Partnering with relevant influencers can help broaden your audience and lend credibility to your brand.
  8. Positive Brand Associations:
    By creating fun and engaging challenges, your brand can foster positive associations with entertainment, creativity, and community on TikTok. Participating in challenges can evoke users’ joy, excitement, and belonging, strengthening their connection to your brand.
  9. Social Proof:
    Users’ participation in your TikTok challenges is proof of your brand’s popularity and relevance. When users see their peers engaging with and endorsing your brand, it reinforces the perception that it is trustworthy and worth engaging with.


TikTok challenges are a dynamic and effective way for brands to enhance their reach and engagement in 2024. By tapping into the platform’s immense user base and fostering interactive experiences, brands can cultivate a sense of community, drive user-generated content, and amplify their message entertainingly and memorably.

From dance challenges to DIY projects, these 15 engaging TikTok challenges list offer various opportunities for brands to connect with their audience, spark creativity, and strengthen their presence on one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. The power of TikTok challenges can propel brands to new heights of success in the digital era in 2024 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Do TikTok Challenges Go Viral?

TikTok challenges often go viral because of their highly engaging and interactive nature. They encourage user participation, creativity, and social sharing, which can lead to widespread adoption and exposure.

Additionally, challenges that are easy to replicate feature catchy music or trends and tap into popular culture tend to gain traction quickly, driving their virality.

2. What Challenges Are Trending on TikTok?

TikTok trends are constantly evolving, but some challenges that have gained popularity recently include dance challenges like the “Savage Love” dance, DIY projects such as tie-dyeing or home decor transformations, and lip-sync challenges to trending songs or audio clips. Additionally, challenges related to comedy skits, makeup transformations, and fitness routines often trend on the platform.

3. What Is the Stupidest TikTok Challenge?

While TikTok challenges can be entertaining and creative, some challenges have gained notoriety for their potential risks or lack of sense. One example is the “Skull Breaker Challenge,” which involved two people tripping a third person, causing them to fall and potentially injure themselves. This challenge was widely condemned for its dangerous nature and was quickly discouraged by TikTok and safety organizations.
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Daniel Clark

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TikTok Challenges

15 Engaging TikTok Challenges to Boost Your Brand’s Reach in 2024

Picture of Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel is a guru of B2B marketing and professional networking. His in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn's unique environment has paved the way for business success.

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