How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics in 2023

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Aesthetics are meant to be for Instagram only, but why is that so?

Like me, you are probably wondering why all the aesthetics are for Instagram only, why not for X(formerly Twitter), Pinterest, or even Facebook.

I mean, just take a look on Facebook; the vibes are a little dull, either dark or white. The same goes for the X (formerly Twitter); you will find dark tones mixed with lighter ones. Now we have Pinterest, a platform solely dedicated to visuals. Still, the vibes are dull and light, mixed with slight reddish tones.

But if we take a look at the brighter side of the picture, Instagram is more lively and colorful, mixed with bright and pastel tones that please your eyes, those aesthetically pleasing IG Reels that can hook you for hours. Sometimes, even that one whimsical Instagram feed is super attractive, and you can literally spend hours getting lost in the beauty and creativity.

Years back, when Instagram officially rolled out as a visual-centric platform, no one knew the term ‘aesthetic’ before. All thanks to Gen Z for actually defining all those adorb visuals with a cool ‘Instagram aesthetic’ compliment.

Let’s be honest; every first impression matters the most, especially when your brand’s theme is on-point, following every aspect of Instagram aesthetics that can turn your visiting followers into potential ones.

With Instagram users, some celebrities have jumped on the aesthetics bandwagon, ensuring their everyday styles and pictures rightly fit into their Gram’s themes or patterns, making their feeds colorful and lively.

nicole kidman's Instagram profile
Nicole kidman’s Instagram profile

So, while scrolling through various feeds, I came across Nicole Kidman’s account. Her pretty Instagram grid is known for its aesthetic appeal, including well-composed photos, consistent color schemes, and artistic filters. Her feed is dedicated to her professional work, personal life, and interests.

I know you probably wonder how these Instagram celebs manage to maintain their cohesive feed. Usually, these celebs have social media managers around who use Instagram schedulers to add sparkles to their posts.

Again, the goal is to make your Instagram feed cohesive and stunning. So, if you want your brand to outshine, you must try Instagram aesthetics. Let’s explore Instagram’s bright and colorful side and showcase your brand’s unique style.

Influence of Instagram Aesthetics

Okay, what makes an Instagram post an ‘aesthetic’ post?

If I talk from the blogger’s or influencers’ point of view, it is either a white dressed-down marble table, a pearl white rug, or a monochromatic background. Such attractive photos or Reels always attract user’s attention.

According to a study, high brightness generates 24% more likes than images with low brightness. Basically, Instagram aesthetics are like the secret sauce for your Instagram feed. It’s exactly like when you put on an outfit with your favorite accessories, and of course, you want the colors to match, right?

On Insta, aesthetics are about making your whole feed look awesome and chill. Think of it as telling a story with pictures, no words are needed!

Whether you are into bright colors, old-school vibes, or keeping it simple, having a consistent style is key.

Imagine scrolling through someone’s profile; every picture just clicks together like puzzle pieces. That’s the power of aesthetics. It’s like having your own incredible theme that makes people stop and go, ‘Whoa, this looks amazing!’

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about showing off what you are into, like your love for travel, fashion, or whatever rocks your boat.

Moreover, the most important thing is consistency; it is the glue that holds this aesthetic Instagram magic together. Just make sure that your photos share similar colors, filters, or themes representing all the parts of the same story.

And guess what? Our brains love patterns and familiarity, so when your followers see that cohesive style, they are more likely to stick around and engage with your content.

Aesthetics aren’t just extra, they are like your Insta trademark! (you know, the swag TM)

Social Champ & Aesthetics Go Hand in Hand

Create a cohesive feed and add vibrant colors to your dull visuals using in-app visual integration such as Canva, Wave.Video and VistaCreate.

How to Create Quirky Instagram Aesthetics That Suits Your Brand

You can take your Instagram feed as a gallery, where each photo is like a piece of art. But here’s the twist, instead of just focusing on a single masterpiece, aesthetics are about creating a cohesive one when you look at your entire profile.

Creating an aesthetic feed can be a little tough when you don’t know the right tips. So, let’s have a look at how to create a quirky Instagram aesthetic for your brand.

  1. Know your Brand

    Understanding your audience is the crucial part before you start creating your aesthetic feed. Take a moment to understand your brand. For better results, make a list of questions and ask yourself:

    • Who is your target audience: The most important thing is to understand who your content is speaking to. Different audiences require different approaches. A luxury clothing store on Second Street caters to a different audience than a candy shop in your neighborhood.
    • What is your main goal: Define the core objective of your brand. Are you here to sell products, share experiences, or educate? Your main goal guides your content and aesthetic choices on the platform.
    • What is the vibe of your brand: Pin down the atmosphere you want to create. Is your brand casual, fun, sleek, professional, or something else? This vibe influences everything from visuals to messaging.
    dior Instagram aesthetic profile
    Dior Instagram aesthetic profile

    For instance, Dior is all about giving traditional grooming to their feed, and their content reflects innovation and beauty.

  2. Decide Your Brand Colors

    Colors speak volumes and set the mood for your Instagram feed. Choose a palette that resonates with your brand. So in such a case, if you are a nature lover, think of earthy greens and warm browns.

    If you ask me, the best practice is to set the tone with the desired color palette, leaving a psychological impact.

    Bath&Body Works Instagram profile
    Bath&Body Works’ Instagram profile

    You can think about the emotions you want to evoke. Greens and blues might be your go-to if you run an eco-conscious brand. Check out BathandBodyWorks, their feed is a visual feast of pink, green, and blue mixed with earthy colors that resonate with their followers.

  3. Choose Photo Styles

    Creating an aesthetic feed for your Instagram is all about nailing the details. Consider these key factors to create an eye catchy feed:

    • Colors: Your grid theme should be the BFF with your overall color palette. For instance, if you are into warm and lively tones, choose all those pictures that rock that same style and vibes. You can think of those cozy sunsets or vibrant cityscapes.
    • Editing: Your photo edits can mirror your brand’s soul. If you are a fitness freak, go for punchy, high-energy edits that pop up on users’ feeds. But if you are all about calming vibes, try soft-focus edits.

    Another trick is to use Instagram’s filters, they are like pro photo editors. You can choose one filter that suits your style and stick with it.

    tridemedia Instagram profile

    For instance, take a look at @tridamedia. This Instagram account nails Instagram filters with his intimate and candid portraits with Instagram filters.

  4. Customize Moodboard

    Creating a mood board helps you to create a clear and vibrant feed. Collect images that resonate with your brand’s vibe, whether cozy coffee shops, vibrant street art, or serene landscapes. Mix and match these puzzle pieces to see how they fit together. Refine your mood board until it becomes a true reflection of your vision. Let it be your guiding light, ensuring that each post you create matches your brand’s bigger picture and theme.

    Arrange these images and see how they come together @abeautifulmess does this seamlessly, showcasing colorful and crafty Instagram posts that mirror their playful brand.

    abeautifulmess Instagram profile
  5. Style your Instagram Grid

    Stick to a color scheme that defines your aesthetic voice. Your Instagram grid is like a puzzle, and each piece should fit into the bigger picture. So, you should plan out your posts accordingly and analyze how they look together.

    Moreover, themes play a crucial role while you are on the road to styling your Instagram grid. They have the power to captivate a beautiful frequency of color combos, whether it’s a row of travel tales or a lineup of culinary delights. Strike a balance between various types of content, and remember that your grid is your canvas for storytelling.

    Just like @chiaraferragni, whose grid boasts a consistent color palette that radiates style.

    chiara ferrageni
    chiara ferragni Instagram profile

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Bring Aesthetics to Life via Icon, Feed, and Stories

It’s time to level up your Insta game and bring your aesthetics to life in a whole new way. So you can shine in every corner of your profile, from your icon to your feed and stories, with a touch of your unique style. Here’s what adds sparkles to your Instagram aesthetics.

  1. Icon

    Nasa Instagram profile

    Your Instagram icon aesthetic is like the front cover; it’s the first impression that counts. So, make sure your creativity runs wild here. Think about @Nasa, their iconic logo is instantly recognizable, giving a sneak peek into the cosmic wonderland they share.

  2. Instagram Feed

    Your feed is where your aesthetic rhythm plays out. Make it consistent and coherent, if your vibe is all about nature, weave in lush greens and earthy tones, just like @Discoverearth does, turning their feed into a virtual journey through landscapes.

    discoverearth Instagram profile
    discoverearth Instagram profile
  3. Instagram Story

    tasty Instagram story
    Buzzfeed tasty Instagram story

    Time to get personal with your IG stories. This is where you can unleash your quirky side, sharing moments that you don’t always make it to your feed. Share your day, your thoughts, and your fun side. Add interactive stickers, swipe-ups, and polls to engage your audience, just like @Buzzfeedtasty, which takes you on a mouthwatering journey step by step.

  4. Typography

    Morganharpernichols Instagram profile
    Morganharpernichols Instagram profile

    Okay, now the mighty typography is the art of letters that speak volumes. Your captions are your chance to make a statement. Use fonts that match your vibe,  whether playful, sleek, or artsy. Check out @Morganharpernichols, her poetic captions are like a melody that complements her visuals.

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Proven Instagram Aesthetic Ideas for Every Creator

Instagram is your creative board, and nailing your aesthetic game can make your profile pop like never before. Here are some tried-and-true aesthetic concepts that work for every kind of creator out there, helping you tell your story uniquely.

  1. Maintain Color Consistency

    therow Instagram profile
    therow Instagram profile

    Consistency is the real king! Picking a set of colors that resonate with your vibe and sticking to them across all your posts creates a visual sense that’s super appealing. It’s not just about making your feed look pretty but all about creating a cohesive experience that leaves an impression. For instance, take inspiration from @therow, their elegant feed is a masterclass in color consistency, using neutral tones to create a sophisticated and cohesive look.

  2. Raw Elegance – Unedited Ones

    humansofny Instagram profile
    humansofny Instagram profile

    Sometimes, the most striking stories are the unfiltered ones. Embracing your photos’ raw, unedited charm can create an authentic connection with your audience. It’s about letting your moments speak for themselves; no touch-ups are required. Check out @humansofny, they have mastered this approach, capturing unfiltered stories and emotions that resonate deeply.

  3. In-app Fonts

    atticu poetry
    Atticus poetry

    Words matter! Experiment with in-app fonts to add a personal touch to your posts. Choose fonts that mirror your personality. Each font style speaks a different language – be it whimsical, bold, or minimalistic. Channel your inner wordsmith and experiment with fonts that mirror your vibe. Take inspiration from @atticupoetry uses elegant fonts to complement her poetic captions, making posts feel like artwork.

  4. Blurry Mystic Shots

    Mystique can be captivating. Play with blurry shots that evoke a dreamy atmosphere. These aesthetic works are wonders for artists and creatives. Blurry shots aren’t just accidents; they’re deliberate choices that infuse your visuals with a mystifying aura.

    kristina karpov Instagram profile
    Kristina Karpova Instagram profile
    rosa sita photography
    Rosa Sita Photography

    These shots evoke emotions and curiosity, inviting your audience to explore the hidden layers of your story. A blur can convey emotions that words sometimes can’t. Take inspiration from @kristinakarpova, her insta account creates a mysterious ambiance through her blurred photos that transport you to another world.
    Another inspiration is @rose_sita_photography

  5. Pink Palettes

    From soft blushes to vibrant magentas, this color range adds a dash of magic to your feed. Just like an artist’s palette, the pink hues you choose can set the tone for your aesthetic story. Whether you are curating a dreamy wonderland or infusing energy into your visuals, the pink spectrum has got you covered.

    kristinmadeinc Instagram profile
    kristinmadeinc Instagram profile

    Look to @kristinmadeinc  for inspiration, her feed is a delightful exploration of the various shades of pink, creating a cohesive and enchanting narrative. So, don’t be shy and dive into the world of pink hues and let your feed bloom with whimsical charm.

  6. Gloomy & Grainy Aesthetics

    A gloomy and grainy world where shadows hold their own allure. This aesthetic isn’t about bright lights but dwells in a little obscurity. Embrace the grainy textures and muted tones that add a layer of nostalgia to your visuals. Think of it as capturing a moment through an antique lens, where imperfections tell their own story. This aesthetic can infuse your visuals with a unique feed.

    sejjko gloomy
    sejjko gloomy

    Just like @sejjko, who crafts a feed that blends the gloomy and the captivating, this aesthetic shows elegance in every picture.

  7. All Product-graphy

    Turn your ordinary products into extraordinary ones and feel the essence of all product graphics. This aesthetic is all about giving everyday items a spotlight and transforming them into captivating art pieces. Whether it’s a minimalist arrangement or all product-graphy, explore your artistry.

    flatlays Instagram profile
    flatlays Instagram profile

    Just like @flatlays, who turn everyday items into visual poetry, this aesthetic showcases the magic in simplicity.

Aesthetics are for Instagram ONLY!

At the end of the day, the vibrant Instagram aesthetics are more than just a collection of images. They are a reflection of your personality and a visual journey that captivates your audience. From color consistency to mystic blurry shots, each aspect explored unveils a unique fact of aesthetic you want to put.

Whether you are embracing the whimsy of a pink palette or delving into the magic of gloomy aesthetics, remember that your feed is your canvas, and each post is a stroke in your visual masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the aesthetics of Instagram?
    Ans: Aesthetics of Instagram include fonts, colors, filters, elements, branding elements and individual layout styles.
  2. Does aesthetics matter on Instagram?
    Ans: Yes, aesthetics matter on Instagram. It helps you to generate more likes and followers.
  3. What are the 6 main aesthetics?
    Ans: The aesthetic includes beauty, form, representation, reproduction of reality, artistic expression, and innovation.
  4. Who is the most aesthetic person on Instagram?
    Ans: Juniperoats designs is the most Instagram aesthetic account.
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How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics in 2023

Picture of Yumna Hafeez

Yumna Hafeez

I am a part of the #ChampFam designated as a content writer who likes to write with a side of coffee. When not glued to the keyboard, you will find me munching popcorns in cinema or catching K-dramas on Netflix with a ramen bowl. Let's chat about content, cinema, or anything in between at [email protected].

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