100+ Creative YouTube Video Ideas: Your Go-to Guide for 2024

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You’ve definitely come across some not-so-good YouTube videos. You know, the ones that make you scratch your head and go, “Huh? What were they thinking when they came up with that idea?” But then, there are good YouTube videos. These are like freshly baked batches of cookies – tasty, satisfying, and everyone wants a bite.

Whether you’re aiming to market your brand, showcase your talents, or simply entertain and inform, you should know that good YouTube video ideas are the sturdy foundation upon which you construct a successful YouTube Empire. They act as the guiding stars in your creative constellation, drawing in viewers like moths to a flame.

But how do you go about getting good video ideas for your YouTube channel? Well, I’m about to uncover not 10, not even 50, but 100+ YouTube video ideas for beginners. So, arm yourself with a YouTube scheduler because you’ll be scheduling many YouTube videos after finding out all the ideas you can try.

What are Good YouTube Video Ideas

The last thing you want is to go for bogus video ideas, as they might leave you slipping and sliding like a clumsy penguin on ice. But what makes a video idea good? Well, here are several aspects that contribute to getting good video ideas for YouTube:

  1. Relevance and Trending Topics

    YouTube video ideas - top trends
    YouTube video ideas – top trends

    Creating content that aligns with current trends, events, or popular topics can attract more viewers. Whether it’s a new challenge, a viral trend, or a topic that’s currently hot, relevancy can significantly boost a video’s visibility.

  2. Unique Perspective or Twist

    Offering a unique angle or perspective on a well-known subject can set your video apart. It could be a fresh take on a common topic or a unique storytelling approach that captures viewers’ attention.

  3. Value and Utility

    If you’re considering YouTube video ideas to get subscribers, it’s important that you choose those that will help you provide value to your audience. Educational content, tutorials, ‘how-to’ guides, and tips and tricks videos often perform well as they offer practical help or knowledge that viewers seek.

  4. Engagement and Interactivity

    Videos that encourage audience participation, such as Q&A sessions, polls, challenges, or interactive elements, tend to receive more engagement. This helps in building a community around your channel.

  5. Entertainment Factor

    Entertaining content, including comedy sketches, storytelling, vlogs, and entertaining challenges, keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to watch till the end.

    YouTube Video Ideas - Comedy Sketch
    YouTube Video Ideas – Comedy Sketch
  6. Targeted Audience Appeal

    Another crucial thing to consider when looking for YouTube video ideas to get subscribers is your target audience. A good video idea resonates with your target demographic, ensuring that it addresses their concerns or entertains them in a way that speaks directly to them.

  7. Evergreen or Timeless Content

    Creating content that remains relevant and valuable over time, rather than being tied to a specific moment, ensures that your videos continue to attract views long after they’re published.

    Combining these aspects, while maintaining brand authenticity, can significantly increase the chances of a YouTube video idea resonating with your audience and performing well on the platform.

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How to Get YouTube Video Ideas

Discovering engaging YouTube video ideas for beginners might seem like a creative puzzle, but fear not! Unveiling engaging concepts doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge – not when you know where to look.

Here are several ways to get video ideas for YouTube:

  1. Audience Feedback and Comments

    Engage with your audience through comments, polls, or surveys to understand what they want to see. Their feedback can spark numerous video ideas.

  2. Social Media and Online Forums

    Explore social media platforms and online forums relevant to your niche. Discussions and questions there could spark ideas for your next video.

  3. Trending Topics and Keywords

    If you’re looking for YouTube video ideas for students, you should keep an eye on trending topics, hashtags, or keywords within your niche. Platforms like Google Trends or YouTube Trends can provide insights into what’s currently popular.

  4. Competitor Analysis

    Analyze what content your competitors or channels similar to yours are creating. While not about copying, it can inspire unique ideas or different approaches.

  5. Your Expertise or Passion

    Leverage your expertise or passion. Create content about what you know best or what you’re passionate about; your enthusiasm will resonate with viewers.

  6. FAQs and How-To Guides

    Address frequently asked questions or create comprehensive how-to guides related to your niche. This could provide valuable content and ideas for your audience.

    Those are the ways you can find video ideas for YouTube. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding YouTube video ideas, you can use a YouTube video ideas generator. This is a tool that will create unique and relevant ideas for YouTube videos in seconds.

    Remember, the beauty of this article is that it’s a treasure trove of good YouTube video ideas for beginners! You don’t have to go scouring the internet or brainstorm endlessly; it’s all right here. So, sit back, explore the suggestions below, and let the creativity flow. You’ll find plenty of inspiration to kickstart your YouTube content creation journey.

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100+ YouTube Video Ideas You Can Try in 2024

Looking to breathe new life into your YouTube channel this year? Dive into our comprehensive guide featuring 100+ innovative and first YouTube video ideas tailor-made for 2024. This extensive list spans across diverse genres, ensuring there’s something exciting for everyone to explore and experiment with in the ever-evolving landscape of online video content.


  1. Educational Explainers: Explain complex topics or concepts in a simplified manner.
  2. Top Tips and Hacks: Share top tips or life hacks related to your niche.
  1. Product Reviews: Review and share your thoughts on products, gadgets, books, etc.
  1. Educational Challenges: Set up challenges focused on learning or skill improvement.
  2. Tutorial or How-To Guides: Teach your audience how to do something (e.g., cooking, DIY crafts, using software etc).

Here’s a perfect example from Social Champ:

Entertainment and Lifestyle

  1. Vlogs: Document your daily life, experiences, or adventures.
  1. Challenge Videos: Attempt trending or unique challenges.
  1. Reaction Videos: React to viral videos, trailers, or other content.
  1. Story time Videos: Share interesting or funny personal stories.
  2. Travel Diaries: Document your travels and experiences from different locations.

Here’s an example from Yes Theory: Traveling to the Strangest Country on Earth.


  1. Sketch Comedy: Create funny sketches or comedic content.
  2. Prank Videos: Film harmless pranks on friends or family. Take a look at Comical TV’s pranks here: Fake Firing PRANK | Fake G-U-N shot PRANK on Public Awesome Reaction
  3. Roast or Reaction Videos: Playfully critique content or trends.
  4. Parody Videos: Create parodies of popular movies, songs, or trends.
  5. Humorous Commentary: Provide funny commentary on various topics.

Creative Content

  1. Art Showcase or Time-lapse: Create art and show the process or time-lapse of your work.
  2. Short Films or Skits: Produce short comedic or dramatic skits.
  3. Music Covers or Originals: Perform covers or showcase your original music compositions.
  4. Animation or Stop Motion: Create animated content or stop-motion videos.
  5. DIY/Craft Projects: Share step-by-step instructions for DIY projects.

See how Mr. Mabol does it here: Funny Logo Parodies of Famous Brands


  1. Motivational Speeches: Deliver motivational talks or share inspirational stories.
  2. Interviews: Interview experts, influencers, or people with unique experiences.
  3. Success Stories: Share success stories, achievements, or lessons learned.
  4. Fitness and Workout Routines: Demonstrate workout routines or fitness tips.
  1. Mental Health and Wellness Discussions: Discuss mental health topics or self-care tips.

Here’s a podcast by Mel Robbins to draw inspiration from: Mindset Reset: Take Control of Your Mental Habits


  1. Let’s Play Series: Playthroughs of video games with or with no commentary.
  2. Gaming Tutorials or Walkthroughs: Help gamers with tutorials or guides.
  3. Game Reviews and Analysis: Review new games or analyze gaming trends.
  4. Gaming Challenges: Attempt challenging tasks within video games.
  5. Live Streaming: Stream live gameplay sessions with audience interaction.

Take a look at this example by NoAnnoyingCommentary: Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SOLO GAMEPLAY!

Food and Cooking

  1. Recipe Showcases: Share cooking recipes or demonstrate cooking techniques.
  1. Food Challenges: Attempt food-related challenges or tasting unusual foods.
  1. Restaurant Reviews: Review local restaurants or food joints.
  2. Food Experiments: Try unique food combinations or cooking experiments.
  1. Healthy Eating Tips: Provide tips for maintaining a healthy diet.

See how Mayo Clinic does this on their YouTube Channel: Mayo Clinic Minute: 6 tips to healthy eating on a budget

Technology and Gadgets

  1. Tech Reviews and Unboxings: Review tech products or unbox new gadgets.
  1. Tech How-Tos: Provide tutorials for tech-related tasks or software.
  2. Gadget Comparisons: Compare and contrast different tech devices.
  1. Tech News Updates: Discuss recent tech news or developments.
  2. DIY Tech Projects: Create DIY tech gadgets or projects.

Here’s an example from Tech Spurt: Samsung Galaxy S23 Review | Finally, They Fixed It!

Fashion and Beauty

  1. Fashion Lookbooks or Hauls: Showcase fashion outfits or recent clothing hauls.
  1. Makeup Tutorials: Demonstrate makeup techniques or specific looks.
  1. Beauty Product Reviews: Review beauty products or skincare routines.
  2. Styling Tips and Tricks: Offer fashion and styling tips for different occasions.
  3. Haircare and Hairstyle Demonstrations: Share hair care routines or hairstyle tutorials.

Here’s an example from Alex Gaboury: 6 QUICK & EASY HAIRSTYLES | Cute Long Hair Hairstyles

Science and Exploration

  1. Science Experiments: Perform interesting or educational science experiments.
  2. Documentary-Style Videos: Create documentary-style content on fascinating subjects.
  3. Exploration or Adventure Videos: Explore unique places or undertake adventures.
  4. Astronomy or Space Exploration: Discuss space-related topics or astronomy.
  5. Nature and Wildlife Videos: Capture and share videos of wildlife or nature.

Here’s an example from Seela Korpilähde: THE FOREST | Cinematic short film / Nature B-roll

Pet and Animal Content

  1. Pet Training Tips: Share tips for training or caring for pets.
  2. Funny Pet Compilation: Compile funny moments or bloopers of pets.
  3. Pet Product Reviews: Review pet products, toys, or accessories.
  4. Pet Adventures or Vlogs: Document daily activities with your pets.
  5. Pet Health and Care: Offer advice on pet health and care routines.

Here’s an example from The Dr. Gundry Podcast: How to feed your dog (for health and longevity)

Social Issues and Advocacy

  1. Awareness Campaigns: Raise awareness about social issues or causes.
  2. Educational Series on Social Topics: Discuss and educate on societal issues.
  3. Community Service Projects: Document volunteering or community service efforts.
  4. Interviews with Activists or Experts: Interview people advocating for social change.
  5. Personal Stories of Impact or Change: Share personal experiences related to societal issues.

Home and Interior Design

  1. Room Makeovers: Transform rooms or spaces with DIY home improvements.
  1. Interior Design Tips: Offer tips for decorating or improving living spaces.
  2. Home Organization Ideas: Share hacks and ideas for home organization.
  1. Furniture Building or DIY Projects: Build furniture or undertake DIY projects.
  2. House or Apartment Tours: Showcase home tours with unique design elements.

See how Nathalie Fischer does on her YouTube Channel: LUXURY APARTMENT TOUR – New York

Language Learning and Education

  1. Language Lessons or Tutorials: Teach phrases, grammar, or cultural aspects of a language.
  2. Language Challenge Videos: Attempt language-related challenges or tests.
  3. Language Learning Resources Review: Review language learning apps, books, or resources.
  4. Cultural Exchange or Travel Language Videos: Discuss languages in different cultures or countries.
  5. Language Learning Journey Vlogs: Document your language learning journey and progress.

Here’s an example of language lessons or tutorials from Adam’s English Lessons: My Top 10 Tips for Better English Speaking

Parenting and Family

  1. Parenting Tips and Advice: Offer parenting advice or tips for raising children.
  2. Family Activities and Crafts: Share family-friendly activities or DIY projects.
  1. Parenting Challenges: Attempt challenges related to parenting or family life.
  2. Product Reviews for Kids: Review children’s toys, games, or educational products.
  3. Family Vlogs or Daily Routines: Document daily life as a family.

Here’s an example of a parenting vlog from Janet Mbugua: Parenting Class| Parenting Tips| Vlog

Career and Professional Development

  1. Career Advice and Tips: Offer guidance for career development or job-seeking.
  2. Interviews with Professionals: Interview professionals in various career fields.
  3. Resume and Interview Preparation: Share tips for resumes or job interview preparations.
  4. Business or Entrepreneurship Advice: Provide advice for starting or managing businesses.
  5. Industry Insights and News Updates: Discuss recent trends or news in specific industries.

Here’s an example from Ali Abdaal: How to Find a Career You Genuinely Love

Book Reviews and Literature

  1. Book Recommendations: Recommend books based on genres or themes.
  2. Book Hauls or Reading Challenges: Share recent book purchases or reading challenges.
  3. Author Interviews or Discussions: Interview authors or discuss literature-related topics.
  4. Book Analysis or Discussion Videos: Analyze themes or characters from books
  5. Reading Vlogs or Read-a-thons: Document reading progress or participate in read-a-thons.

Here’s an example from Haley Pham Vlogs: I read 90 books in a year, here’s which ones you should read

Relationship Advice and Personal Development

  1. Relationship Advice and Discussions: Offer advice on relationships or dating.
  2. Personal Growth Journey: Document personal development or self-improvement journeys.
  3. Couple Challenges or Q&A Videos: Participate in challenges or answer relationship questions.
  4. Breakup Advice and Recovery: Discuss topics related to breakups or moving on.
  5. Friendship and Social Dynamics: Talk about friendship, social interactions, or making connections.

Here’s an example from The Ellen Fisher Podcast:

Mythbusting and Fact-Checking

  1. Mythbusting Videos: Debunk myths or common misconceptions.
  2. Fact-Checking Series: Fact-check and verify information or claims.
  3. Conspiracy Theories Exploration: Discuss and investigate popular conspiracy theories.
  4. Debates or Discussions: Engage in debates on controversial or trending topics.
  5. Science vs. Myths Explainers: Explain scientific truths behind common myths.

Here’s an example from Stokes Twins: BUSTING 200 MYTHS IN 50 HOURS!!

Finance and Money Management

  1. Budgeting Tips and Tricks: Offer advice on budgeting or money-saving strategies.
  2. Investment Advice and Insights: Discuss investment opportunities or strategies.
  3. Financial Planning and Retirement: Offer guidance on financial planning or retirement.
  4. Side Hustle Ideas and Tips: Share ideas for generating additional income.
  5. Debt Management: Discuss strategies for managing debt and achieving financial freedom.

Here’s an example from Austin Williams: 7 Money Management Tips For Anybody Feeling Trapped In Life

  1. Daily News Recap: Create a daily or weekly news roundup series where you summarize and discuss the most significant events and stories from around the world.
  2. In-Depth Investigative Reports: Produce investigative journalism-style videos that delve deeply into specific news stories or issues.
  3. Breakdown of Breaking News: When significant breaking news occurs, offer immediate coverage and analysis.
  4. Opinion Pieces on Hot Topics: Share your perspective and opinions on trending news topics, controversial issues, or current events.
  5. Local News Coverage: Focus on local news stories that might not receive widespread attention in mainstream media.

Here’s an example from Hot Mess with Alix Earle:
Tea of 2023

This extensive list covers a wide range of topics and niches, providing ample inspiration for YouTube content creators. Whether you’re a beginner looking for that perfect starting point or an established YouTuber seeking fresh ideas, these suggestions offer a wealth of possibilities to explore and create engaging content for your audience. If you’re having a hard time finding YouTube video ideas on your own, you can utilize a YouTube video ideas generator.

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Around 90% of video marketers who use YouTube can tell you that good video ideas are the lifeblood of a successful channel. They serve as the backbone that not only engages your audience but also drives growth, visibility, and the accomplishment of your goals. Remember, the key to finding the right YouTube video ideas lies in understanding your audience, staying updated on trends, being creative, and consistently delivering valuable and entertaining content.

In the quest for effective social media management and scheduling YouTube videos, allow me to recommend Social Champ. This reliable platform simplifies the process of scheduling and publishing content across multiple platforms, including YouTube. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, such as content scheduling, analytics, and audience engagement tools, Social Champ empowers you to streamline your content strategy, saving time and maximizing the impact of your YouTube presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Topics Are Popular On YouTube?

Popular topics on YouTube encompass a wide spectrum, catering to diverse interests and preferences. Gaming remains a prominent category with lots of YouTube video ideas for students, comprising let’s plays, reviews, and tutorials. Educational content, including DIY, cooking, technology, and how-to guides, maintains its appeal.

2. How do I Find Ideas for YouTube Videos?

Finding ideas for YouTube videos involves various strategies. Engaging with your audience through comments, polls, or surveys provides direct insights into what they want to see. Keeping an eye on trending topics using tools like Google Trends can help you to identify current popular themes. Analyzing successful channels in your niche for inspiration, while aiming for originality, can spark new ideas.

3. How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1,000 Views?

YouTube earnings for 1,000 views can vary widely due to multiple factors. On average, creators might expect to earn between $0.25 and $4 per 1,000 monetized views. However, these earnings fluctuate based on several elements, including the viewer’s location, the type of content, audience demographics, ad engagement rates, and overall watch time.

4. What is Most Trending Now?

Trending content on YouTube often fluctuates, but currently, several themes are gaining traction. Challenges remain prevalent, including dance challenges or viral stunts that capture widespread attention. Short-form content inspired by platforms like TikTok, featuring quick tips, hacks, or entertaining snippets, is also on the rise.

5. How to Get Viral on YouTube?

Going viral on YouTube isn’t a guaranteed outcome, but certain strategies can enhance your chances. Crafting engaging, high-quality content that resonates with your audience’s interests is key. Leveraging current trends and incorporating them creatively into your videos can increase visibility. Compelling thumbnails and attention-grabbing titles play a crucial role in attracting clicks.
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