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How to Schedule Tweets for Free in 2024 [UPDATED]

How to Schedule Tweets 2024
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It’s time to get your tweeting game on!

No matter what your goals are for your tweeting, it’s essential to be consistent. Scheduling tweets via social media scheduling tools is a great way to make sure you can stick to your goals. If you’re wondering how to schedule tweets without sounding like a bot, you’ve come to the right place.

Everyone loves Twitter.

Need some entertainment? Want to see what’s in trend and what’s not? Need to authenticate news? Bored out of your mind and want to see brands roasting each other? Need to make a big announcement? Want to know who is the next Kim Kardashian? Log in to your Twitter account.

We are trying to show you a pattern if you haven’t noticed yet. Everyone who is someone, and everyone who is not, is literally present on Twitter right now. From influencers to big celebrities, from startups to well-established companies, everyone uses Twitter!

Tweeting about important or even not-so-important things can actually be your company’s one-way ticket to virality. However, it can be quite a hassle to always stay on top of your Twitter marketing strategy and tweet when your audience is active.

You can be in an Asian country with your audience on the other side of the world. When they are active, you are most probably sleeping—unless you’re a night owl, in which case, please spill the beans on how you have so much energy!

Anyway, to stay sane and keep your profile active simultaneously, you should probably look into scheduling tweets using a Twitter Scheduler!

There are two basic ways to schedule tweets on the platform; you can use Twitter’s scheduling method or a social media scheduling tool.

If you are still unsure why or how to schedule tweets, we have you covered! Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Planning your tweets in advance ensures your content reaches your audience at the optimal times for engagement. Let’s explore the straightforward steps to effortlessly schedule your tweets directly on Twitter.

  • Log in to Twitter

    Go to twitter.com and log in to your Twitter account using your username and password.

  • Compose a Tweet


    To compose a tweet on Twitter, simply click on the compose box at the top of your feed where it says, “What’s happening?”

    This is your space to share your thoughts, ideas, and updates with your followers.

  • Draft your Tweet


    Write your tweet in the compose box. You can include text, images, GIFs, videos, or tag people in your tweet, just like you would for a regular tweet.

  • Click on the “Schedule” Icon

    After composing your tweet, instead of clicking the “Post” button right away, click on the schedule icon located below the compose box.

  • Choose Date and Time


    Once you click on the calendar icon, a scheduling option will appear. Select the date and time you want your tweet to be published. You can choose any future date and time.

  • Confirm Scheduling

    After selecting the date and time, click on the “Confirm” button at the top right.

    This will schedule your tweet on X for the chosen date and time.

  • Click “Schedule”

    If everything’s in order, click on the “Schedule” button.

    Viola! That’s how to schedule tweets on X.

Schedule Tweets with a Free Scheduler!

Use Social Champ to identify peak engagement times and schedule tweets strategically for maximum impact.

How to Schedule Tweets with Social Champ

Scheduling tweets with Social Champ is a breeze and can significantly streamline your social media strategy. By following a few simple steps, you can plan your tweets in advance, ensuring they go live at the perfect times for maximum engagement.

Here are the steps to schedule tweets using Social Champ:

  1. Sign In or Sign Up

    Visit the Social Champ website to log in to your Social Champ account if you already have one.

    If you don’t have a Social Champ account, sign up for an account on the Social Champ website.

  2. Connect Your Twitter Account

    Once logged in, connect your Twitter account to Social Champ. Click on the “Add Social Account +” button. 7

    From the social networks displayed, choose “Twitter Profile.” This allows Social Champ to access your Twitter profile for scheduling tweets. 8

  3. Access the Composer

    After connecting your Twitter account, navigate to the composer section within Social Champ. Here, you can compose and schedule your tweets.

  4. Compose Your Tweet

    In the composer, write your tweet in the text box provided. You can also add images, GIFs, or videos to your tweet by clicking on the media icon. 9

  5. Select Scheduling Options

    Below the text box, you’ll find options to schedule your tweet.

    Choose the date and time you want your tweet to be posted. 11

    You can also select whether you want your tweet to be posted once, multiple times, or at recurring intervals.

  6. Schedule Your Tweet

    Once you’ve composed your tweet and selected the scheduling options, click on the “Schedule” button. This will queue your tweet for posting according to the specified schedule.

That’s how to schedule tweets on Twitter with Social Champ.

After your scheduled tweets are posted, you can monitor their performance using Social Champ’s analytics features. Track metrics such as engagement, reach, and clicks to assess the effectiveness of your tweets and refine your scheduling strategy accordingly.

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How to Schedule Tweets on Mobile and Desktop?

If you’re using a smartphone, you’re probably wondering how to schedule tweets on mobile. Unfortunately, scheduling tweets directly from the official Twitter app on iOS and Android isn’t an option.

But don’t worry—there’s another way to keep your tweets timely and engaging. The first option is using the web version of Twitter on your phone. You can follow the steps I outlined earlier to schedule tweets on Twitter.

The second option is using Social Champ’s mobile app for seamless tweet scheduling. With its user-friendly interface, you can compose tweets, add images, and schedule them for future posting with ease. Moreover, you can plan your content weeks or months in advance and view your scheduled posts in the queue for efficient social media management on the go.

That’s how to schedule tweets on mobile.

Why Schedule Tweets Ahead of Time?

Scheduling tweets offers numerous advantages that can enhance your social media strategy and efficiency. Here are some compelling reasons why you should schedule tweets on mobile or desktop:

  1. Maximize Engagement with Timing Precision

    Scheduling tweets ahead of time ensures that your content reaches your audience when they are most active on Twitter. Timing your tweets for peak engagement hours can increase visibility and interactions, ultimately boosting your overall engagement metrics.

  2. Maintain Consistency for Brand Identity

    Scheduling tweets allows you to maintain a consistent presence on Twitter, reinforcing your brand identity. Consistency in posting frequency and content style helps to establish trust with your audience and reinforces your brand’s image and messaging.

  3. Global Reach

    With scheduled tweets, you can reach audiences in different time zones without staying up late or waking up early to manually post. This enables you to cater to an international audience and expand your reach beyond your immediate geographical location.

  4. Strategic Campaign Execution

    Planning and scheduling tweets in advance enable you to execute strategic marketing campaigns more efficiently. Whether it’s promoting a product launch, running a contest, or hosting an event, scheduling tweets allows you to coordinate messaging and timing across various platforms seamlessly.

  5. Time-Saving Efficiency

    Scheduling tweets saves you time by allowing you to prepare and queue up multiple tweets in one sitting. Rather than interrupting your workflow to post in real-time throughout the day, you can allocate a dedicated time slot for content creation and scheduling, freeing up your schedule for other tasks.

  6. Optimize Content Calendar Management

    Another advantage is that scheduling tweets helps you better manage your content calendar by spacing out your tweets evenly and avoiding content overload. By planning and scheduling tweets in advance, you can maintain a well-balanced mix of content types and topics, ensuring variety and relevance for your audience.

  7. Mitigate Errors and Typos with Pre-Approval

    Pre-scheduling tweets allows you to review and proofread your content before it goes live, reducing the risk of errors, typos, or inappropriate messaging. This extra layer of scrutiny helps maintain professionalism and prevents potential social media crises that could arise from hastily published content.

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8 Best Practices for Scheduling Tweets

Looking to optimize your Twitter strategy? Here are eight essential best practices for scheduling tweets that will help you maintain consistency, maximize engagement, and effectively manage your social media presence:

  1. Understand Your Audience’s Behavior

    Analyze your audience’s demographics, behaviors, and time zones to determine the most optimal times to schedule your tweets. Utilize Twitter Analytics or third-party tools to identify peak engagement hours and tailor your scheduling accordingly.

  2. Create a Content Calendar

    Develop a comprehensive content calendar to plan and organize your scheduled tweets effectively. Outline upcoming events, campaigns, product launches, holidays, and relevant themes to guide your content creation and scheduling strategy.

  3. Maintain Relevance and Timeliness

    Ensure that your scheduled tweets remain relevant and timely by staying updated on current events, trends, and conversations within your industry or niche. Adjust your scheduled content as needed to align with emerging topics or changes in your audience’s interests.

  4. Diversify Content Types and Formats

    Keep your audience engaged by scheduling a variety of content types, including text-based tweets, images, videos, GIFs, polls, and links. Experiment with different formats to cater to diverse preferences and capture attention in the Twitter feed.

  5. Use Hashtags Wisely

    Incorporate relevant hashtags into your scheduled tweets to increase discoverability and reach. Research trending hashtags, industry-specific keywords, and branded hashtags to amplify the visibility of your content and connect with broader conversations.

  6. Double-Check Links and Media Attachments

    Before you schedule tweets on Twitter with links or media attachments, double-check that all URLs are correct and lead to the intended destination. Verify that images, videos, or GIFs are properly formatted and displayed correctly across different devices and platforms.

  7. Engage with Your Audience in Real-Time

    While scheduling tweets is convenient for maintaining a consistent presence, make sure to allocate time for real-time engagement with your audience. Monitor replies, mentions, and direct messages regularly to foster conversations, address inquiries, and build relationships.

  8. Monitor and Adjust Performance

    Regularly monitor the performance of your scheduled tweets using analytics tools to assess engagement metrics such as likes, retweets, clicks, and impressions. Analyze which types of content resonate most with your audience and adjust your scheduling strategy accordingly to optimize results.

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