If you want to send files on Instagram, your wish is about to be granted.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has revealed that the application is developing its back-end infrastructure to introduce this feature to its users. Here is a potential look at how it might show up in your direct messages.

It’s not unexpected, considering the ability to send files already exists in WhatsApp and Messenger. Despite its limited capacity, this feature is popular and widely utilized by users, convincing Meta that it’s now appropriate for Instagram to incorporate this functionality, too.

Meta’s ambition to link all its platforms for enhanced user integration means this update will introduce another uniform feature across its services. Meta aims to mirror the functionalities from one application to another, ensuring users experience consistent satisfaction across the board.

There are claims that, over time, all features found in WhatsApp and Messenger will be replicated in Instagram, allowing for a stronger connection between these platforms. Although currently labeled as an experiment, the continuous updates on Instagram and Meta’s past actions suggest it’s likely more than just a trial phase.

We’re keen to discover the impact of this new feature on Instagram, as the ability to send files has long been a desired functionality for numerous users. You can anticipate this update in the coming months.

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