Meta has dropped a bombshell with their recent announcement, sending shockwaves through the social media community: third-party integrations are being phased out from Facebook Groups. While whispers of this change circulated earlier in the year, the official word from Facebook is that on April 22, 2024, these integrations will be history.

In their latest communication, Facebook outlined the following changes:

Third-party apps in Facebook groups will no longer be available starting April 22, 2024:

  • Third-party apps that have been added to the group will be removed
  • Any tools and features provided by third-party apps will no longer be available in groups
  • Admins will not be able to add any new third-party apps to their groups

As an alternative to third-party apps, you can consider:

  • Recurring posts
  • Scheduled posts
  • Group insights
  • Linking a Page you manage to your group and using any tools available for Pages that aren’t available for groups
  • Adding features to your group (such as live video)

This news has left many businesses reeling, particularly those reliant on social media management tools like Social Champ. Their decision to discontinue this feature underscores the magnitude of Facebook’s decision and its impact on users.

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