Got a minute?

You might want to look at this talented batch of TikTok’s Creator Class.

TikTok just dropped the names of their freshest Creator Class grads, who excel at all forms of advertisements and truly possess the potential to highlight your brand among the thousands of other competitors.

TikTok’s Certified Program

With a platform bursting with creators, brands often struggle to find the correct folks to collaborate with. But TikTok’s Certified Program makes it a breeze to connect with top-notch creators. These folks excel in their craft and know the ins and outs of TikTok advertising.

TikTok’s Certified Program gives creator training to enhance their understanding of the platform and how they can use the in-app features to help brands boost their engagement. The graduates of this program are awarded with a “Certified Creator” badge and displayed to brands looking for partnerships. They also get early access to TikTok’s upcoming features.

Isn’t that intriguing?

Let’s wait no further and have a look at this talented bunch of creators!

A snapshot of certified creators in food and travel niche
A snapshot of certified creators in the Food and Travel niche

TikTok sorts creators into different industries to help brands discover their vibe. This set of food and travel influencers is ready to bring uniqueness and creativity to your screens. They are determined to see every corner of the world, exploring the yummiest foods along with their TikTok community.

A snapshot of certified creators in Fashion and Beauty niche
A snapshot of certified creators in the Fashion and Beauty niche

Fashion and beauty on TikTok? Unbeatable!

Get ready for more stunning shots and killer edits from these creators showing off their creativity. You will find these lifestyle influencers helpful for all your fashion and beauty-related concerns.

A snapshot of certified creators in Entertainment and Gaming
A snapshot of certified creators in Entertainment and Gaming

What’s life without entertainment? We would say, a boring sitcom that you have to sit through!

This category of TikTok’s certified content creators is ready to make sure you are never bored. All these creators give you a chance to entertain your audience and promote your product!

A snapshot of certified creators in Sports
A snapshot of certified creators in Sports

Want to reach an audience with a resolution of becoming fitter? This set of people can help you with that! These content creators are known to engage their audience in sports like football, surfing, soccer, and more.  So, next time you want to promote your sports/athleisure wear brand, you know who to call!

“The creators in this year’s spotlight have made TikTok ads for brands within massive industries and helped solidify TikTok as a go-to destination for impactful marketing. They represent the vast array of talent, skill, and innovation that exists on the platform.”  – TikTok Representative 

If you are a brand looking for collaborations with influencers, you can reach out to these content creators and make the deal.

We can’t wait to see what this talented set of people has in store for us this year!


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