X has now made its Vertical Video Feed Ads accessible to all advertisers, facilitating an immersive advertising experience with full-screen visuals and sound.

The platform is now expanding its advertising capabilities by introducing vertical video ads. This new ad format is displayed within X’s dedicated video feed, and is activated when a user taps through on a specific video clip in-stream.

The expansion aims to give advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a valuable audience of over 100 million users who watch vertical videos on X daily.

A snapshot of a tweet by X Business
A snapshot of a tweet by X Business

Key points about X’s vertical video ads:

  1. User Engagement: X claims that vertical video ads are the most engaging ad format they have ever released. Users are reported to be 7 times more likely to engage with an ad in vertical video compared to the same ad on the Home Timeline.
  2. Full-Screen and Sound-On Experience:  The vertical video ads offer full-screen viewability with sound on by default, providing advertisers with an immersive way to showcase their products and messages.
  3. Global Availability: The expansion of vertical video ads is not limited to a specific region, as X is making this ad format available to all advertisers globally. This allows advertisers to target a diverse audience around the world.
  4. Video-First Experience:  X is positioning itself as a “video-first” platform, with video now being part of more than four out of five user sessions. Video views are reportedly growing at an average rate of 35% yearly.
  5. Incremental Exposure: Advertisers using vertical video ads may benefit from about a 10% incremental exposure compared to running ads on the Home Timeline alone.
  6. Cost Efficiency: Early adopters of vertical video ads have reportedly seen -14% lower CPMs on average compared to ads in the Home Timeline. This could make it an attractive option for advertisers looking for cost-effective advertising solutions.
  7. Opportunity for Testing:  The platform encourages advertisers to test the effectiveness of this new advertising surface, especially given the reported engagement rates and cost efficiencies observed during the beta testing phase.

It will be interesting to see how X continues to evolve its video features and whether it moves towards a more video-centric experience in the future. Overall, the introduction of vertical video ads aligns with the platform’s strategy to enhance user engagement and provide advertisers with new and effective ways to connect with their target audiences.

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