How Much Does TikTok Likes Matter in 2024

TikTok Likes 2024
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Imagine this: Your phone is continuously ringing because of the notifications but the “bing” sound doesn’t annoy you because it means people are liking the video you just posted.

Doesn’t it feel amazing when people like and appreciate your efforts? YES EFFORT, that’s what content creation is. Continuous effort in the hope that people will like it. Likes on social media are one of the ways to know that your content is appreciated and loved by thousands of people. When a brand on TikTok wants to collaborate with you, they consider the number of TikTok likes and comments you get on your videos, and it’s the same for every platform. Whether you are on TikTok or Instagram, these likes define your account.

Many things contribute to establishing a social media presence on each platform, and all of them accept different strategies. In this blog, we will discuss TikTok Likes so you can learn how to get more likes on TikTok and build your audience to stand out for potential sponsorships. But before we dive into it, we want to remind you that social media management tools are essential to managing multiple social media accounts. Your consistency and quality of content should never be compromised, and a social media scheduler makes sure of it.

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Why Does TikTok Like Matter?

Likes on TikTok are as important as applause at a concert—they’re a form of feedback that lets creators know their work is appreciated and engaging. Accounts with more likes on TikTok get more opportunities and brand deals, and well-liked creators make more money than any other average content creator. All the top content creators on TikTok are earning millions by simply posting good content on the platform and what do you think has helped them come this far? TikTok likes!

Here are the main reasons why TikTok likes matter.

  1. Likes Increase Your Reach

    Getting your videos on TikTok’s For You Page is key to gaining more followers. The likes your video gathers in the first couple of days play a big role in this. Essentially, if your content gets a lot of likes early on, TikTok’s algorithm takes that as a sign it might go viral and gives it an extra boost. So, those initial likes are really crucial for reaching a wider audience.

  2. Likes Determine Your Popularity

    The simplest way to gauge someone’s popularity on TikTok is by looking at the likes on their videos. More likes suggest the post has been seen by more people. Although views are generally higher than likes, the likes tell you exactly how many people really engaged with the content. So, if you’re aiming for brand deals or just want to boost your profile, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience and racks up those likes.

  3. Likes Build Your Credibility

    You’ve probably noticed some content creators with around 100,000 followers, but when you look at their individual posts, they barely get that many views or likes. Ever wonder why that happens? Well, sometimes creators might rack up followers from a viral hit or following a trend, but their other content doesn’t get the same traction. Or, their followers might not be very engaged, perhaps because the content varies too much from what originally drew them in. Plus, shifts in the platform’s algorithm can also affect how often their videos are shown to their followers. So, a big follower count doesn’t always mean high engagement.

    Inactive followers don’t help much when it comes to building credibility. If you’ve got a lot of followers but not many likes or comments, people might think you’ve paid for those followers. So, instead of just focusing on increasing your follower count, it’s better to aim for getting free likes on TikTok. This can happen if you follow some key tips to boost your likes.

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Useful Tips to Get More TikTok Likes

Getting those likes on TikTok is not difficult once you crack the code. TikTok’s algorithm is not as tough as other platforms, and very simple strategies can give you bigger returns. Here are some tips that will make you a TikTok sensation.

  1. Participate in TikTok Trends

    If you ignore trends, no one can help you— Period!

    Trends are like a platform’s helping hand to connect you with a wider audience, and TikTok is bursting with them. Whether you’re into following trends, the truth is, it’s tough to grow your audience by being an outcast. So, keep an eye out and blend in when you can. Whether it’s a silly game challenge or a hot new concept on TikTok, make sure to dive in and give it a go.

    Remember when everyone was buzzing about their Roman Empires back in 2023? That trend took over all social media, but it really exploded on TikTok. People were making videos about the things they obsess over the most and calling it their “Roman Empire.”

    @amr.bekhitt Creds:@Megz #bekhtospamz #maturebekhto #friends #romanempire #parents #dad #mum #bekhto ♬ original sound – 𝑬𝒂𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒆 ★

    While it’s great to jump on trends, not every trend will hit the mark with your audience. Sometimes, none of them might fit. In that scenario, you can still catch some of that trending wave by using popular sounds to enhance your reach. For example, Taylor Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” is all the rage on TikTok right now. You could pick any song from that album to back your content and create something awesome.

    @treasa__ Honestly this song is playing on repeat #THETORTUREDPOETSDEPARTMENT #waolom #taylorswift #taylornation #fyp #foryoupagw ♬ Whos Afraid Of Little Old Me SPED UP – evermoki

  2. Keep Your Audience in Mind

    If you’re aiming to grow on TikTok, it’s crucial to attract the right kind of audience—not just the ones who pop in for a viral hit and then find the rest of your content uninteresting. The trick is to always keep your target audience in mind, even when you’re jumping on trends. If you try to catch every wave that comes along, you might end up drawing in followers who aren’t really into what you do. Focusing on what your audience loves ensures you gain followers who truly value your content.

    For example, @meghanandjack is known to create hilarious couple content on their TikTok, so it makes sense for them to follow trends like “name a woman”.

    @meghanandjack Does anybody even know who that is? 😭 #meghanandjack #nameawoman ♬ original sound – 🌻Meg and Jack🌻

  3. Maintain Consistency

    Posting regularly on your TikTok account has a lot of perks. It keeps the engagement up because your audience always has something new to interact with. The best way to stay consistent is to plan out your videos for the week and line them up using TikTok’s scheduler. That way, you’re always ahead of the game!

    When you schedule your videos in bulk, you’re less likely to run into trouble. It’s not just about shooting a video and posting it right away. Instead, you can use a tool like Social Champ to schedule all your videos at once. This lets you focus on other tasks while Social Champ takes care of posting your content right on time.

    Let’s take the example of Emina Sonnad. @eminasonnad, apart from being a content creator, is an artist and has other jobs to take on— including creating music masterpieces. Despite her busy schedule, she still churns out great content for her TikTok followers. Plus, it’s a smart way for her to promote her own songs too!

    @eminasonnad this song is sponsored by big pharma, helping YOU care LESS about your dreams 🙏 #independentartist #indiemusic ♬ original sound – emina sonnad

  4. Add a Hook in the First Few Seconds

    We’re in a time where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever—less than three seconds! So, think of it as a challenge: grab their attention right off the bat. You’ve got to pull out all the stops to keep them watching till the end. If your videos start slow and don’t hook your audience in those first crucial seconds, they’re likely just going to scroll on by.

    No matter what your niche is or what kind of content you create, always kick things off with something unique and appealing. Take a cue from @madeleine_white in her videos. When you’re talking directly to the camera, you’ve got the freedom to say anything that might pique people’s interest. Just like she does in this video and most of her other content. Make sure to put your best foot forward right from the start!

    @madeleine_whiteAmericans vs baked beans is my roman empire♬ original sound – Madeleine White

  5. Engage With Your Audience

    Celebrity culture is shifting, and people are less likely to follow you if you live in your own delusional world and don’t acknowledge or engage with them. Social media influencers are seen as more relatable than Hollywood celebrities because they interact like everyday people. It’s important that your audience feels they can reach out to you. Sure, it might be impossible to reply to everyone when you have a large following, but it’s a good idea to respond to questions related to your work or business whenever you can. This kind of engagement really makes a difference.

    For instance, @bossupcosmetics is a cosmetic brand run by content creator Aaliyah Arnold, and she makes it a point to regularly interact with her audience. She’s hands-on in responding to queries about her products. In this video, you can see her efficiently addressing a customer’s complaint, which really helps in building trust and maintaining a good relationship with her followers.

    @bossupcosmetics Hope this helps!! #trending #foryou #SmallBusiness #lipglossbusiness #viral #blush ♬ original sound – BossUpCosmetics

  6. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags are your friend!

    Once you become popular on the platform and have good engagement, you might not need as many hashtags in your content, but as a new content creator, you need to make the most of TikTok hashtags. Use relevant hashtags in your content so your videos can reach the right audience. The algorithm heavily relies upon the use of hashtags. They basically work as a navigator to make sure the right content reaches the right audience. You can also use a free hashtag generator to come up with relevant hashtags for your videos.

    A snapshot of TikTok hashtags
    A snapshot of TikTok hashtags
  7. Understand the Algorithm

    Understanding TikTok’s algorithm can take a bit of time. You’ll need to play around with different posting times and types of content to see what resonates most with your audience. It’s also important to figure out which hashtags boost your reach and to think about any new strategies that might make your content perform better. Once you get a handle on how the algorithm works, you can expect to see much better results.

  8. Choose the Best Time to Post

    Each platform has its own prime posting times, which can vary depending on your audience and region. To figure out the best times for your content, you could try posting at various hours throughout the day and see how your content performs. This method lets you pinpoint the most effective time slots. However, this approach can be time-consuming, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any opportunities while you’re testing the waters.

    A snapshot of Social Champ's dashboard
    A snapshot of Social Champ’s dashboard

    Our “best time to post” feature shows you when your audience is most active, suggesting the optimal time to share your content for maximum engagement. When setting up your content on Social Champ’s dashboard, there’s an option allowing AI to suggest the best posting times to ensure you get the most engagement.

    A snapshot of Social Champ's dashboard
    A snapshot of Social Champ’s dashboard

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In Conclusion

TikTok likes matter!

They say a lot about your content and audience. If you’re looking to build a brand or become an influencer, you need to rack up as many likes as possible to establish yourself as a credible creator on the platform. TikTok has evolved from a site known just for dancing and lip-sync videos to a powerful platform for marketing and business deals. Many creators are now promoting products and earning substantial amounts for their endorsements. This could be you, too, if you focus on creating valuable content and cultivating an engaged audience. Once you learn how to get likes on TikTok, you can expect a lot more opportunities to come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Get 1000 Likes on TikTok?

There’s no sure shot way to get 1k likes on TikTok. When you invest time in content creation, eventually you will get likes but if you want to get 1k likes overnight, your content needs to go viral on TikTok.

2. How to Grow My TikTok?

To grow your TikTok, you need to do the following:

  • Identify your audience.
  • Create valuable content for them.
  • Be consistent.
  • Keep them engaged.

3. Can I Earn Money With TikTok Likes?

You can’t directly earn with TikTok likes, but they play an important role in bringing money to the table. If you have a significant number of likes on your content, brand deals will follow, and eventually, you will start earning money. However, TikTok doesn’t pay you directly for having likes.
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Afirah Shaikh

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TikTok Likes 2024

How Much Does TikTok Likes Matter in 2024

Picture of Afirah Shaikh

Afirah Shaikh

I am a part of a #Champfam designated as a content writer who strongly believes that everything has a story to tell. When I'm not lost in the world of words, you will find me indulged in K-dramas, and manifesting my life to turn into one (a romcom). You can ping me at [email protected]

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