Mastering Pinterest Trends: Your Ultimate Traffic Boost Guide for 2024

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In today’s digitally competitive world, every business owner wants more sales and traffic to their websites and blogs.

And Pinterest is the most underrated way to do that!

Pinterest is a visually oriented platform that can positively impact your business. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss Pinterest trends and explore how you can enhance your website traffic through Pinterest ads.

However, don’t forget to schedule pins using a trusted Pinterest scheduler to stay on top of trends!

Understanding Pinterest Trends

Pinterest has become one of the top social media platforms, especially for visual content. According to Pinterest Trend Report 2024, over 400 million monthly active users make it a platform that businesses and marketers must recognize in the upcoming year

Here are the top Pinterest trends that you should keep in mind going forward:

  • Video Pin Usage Growing: Video pins are getting more popular on Pinterest, just like on other platforms. Creating exciting and helpful video tutorials, demos, and other short video content that aligns with your niche can help expand your reach.
  • Voice Search Optimization: A growing number of people are searching Pinterest by voice. Use natural language keywords that users may verbally search for when creating and optimizing Pins.
  • Shoppable Pins Are Now More Common: Pinterest is becoming more of a discovery platform that leads right into a shopping experience. Enabling Shoppable Pins that link directly to online product pages can help increase conversions.
  • Idea Pins Gaining Traction: Idea Pins allow pinners to showcase multiple pages of content in one Pin, telling a deeper story. Brands can use Idea Pins as a flexible content marketing format.
  • Focus on Mobile Optimization: Like any social network, Pinterest is mainly accessed via mobile devices, so having mobile-friendly pins, profile layout, website, etc., is crucial.

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What is the Pinterest Trends Tool

The Pinterest Trends tool allows users to uncover the platform’s current, popular, and rising search interests to optimize content. It displays search data and analytics to reveal trending keywords, topics, pins, creators, boards, and more.

Some key features the Pinterest trends tool are:

  • Trending search terms: Find the top currently popular and fast-rising searches people are using to discover Pins. This can reveal content opportunities.
  • Pin topic trends: Get insight into trending visual content styles and topics that resonate most with pinners right now
  • Popular creators: Discover influencers, creators, and accounts gaining more searches and engagement lately that may be good to follow or collaborate with.
  • Trending pins: Identify individual Pins getting surges in saves and engagement for benchmarking and inspiration.

The Pinterest Trends tool provides real-time data on what is trending now and rising in popularity on Pinterest. This allows tailoring visual content creation, curation, and marketing to capitalize on trending interests among the platform’s audience.

How to Find the Most Searched Words on Pinterest

Finding the terms and keywords that users search for most frequently on Pinterest can provide valuable insight for content creation and marketing. There are a few methods to determine popular and high-volume Pinterest searches:

  1. Use the Pinterest Search Bar

    The search bar reveals suggestions based on what others have searched for. Pay attention to terms that autofill when typing, as these are common searches. Look for volume and trends over time.

  2. Check Pinterest Trends Tool

    Pinterest compiles data on trending searches and pins within the last 30 days. The Pinterest Trends tool shows the fastest-rising popular terms people use to find content. Great for inspiration.

  3. Search Pinterest Suggested Keywords

    When creating a new Pin, Pinterest generates a list of “Recommended keywords” based on the image and description used. Highlighting suggests search volume potential.

  4. Research Competitors

    Use tools like SimilarWeb to study stats from competitor Pinterest accounts. Reveals opportunities around what brings visitors from Pinterest based on organic keywords.

Consistently analyzing Pinterest search trends over time using these tactics can guide strategies to target in-demand topics.

Exploring Top Pinterest Trends

As Pinterest solidifies its reputation as a platform for finding inspiration and sparking creativity, there’s an increasing desire from users for authentic content.

More pinners want suggestions coming from real people with genuine interests in their niche, not just brands pushing products. That means influencers and creators who are passionate about their content see high engagement levels when shared organically. This method might not make money on Pinterest, but it is recommended for organic growth.

  1. Pinterest Trends In Small Business Searches

    Searches related to small business ownership, management, and promotion continue rising on Pinterest. The visual nature of Pins makes Pinterest an engaging platform for entrepreneurs to find tips and showcase products.

    Popular expanding small business-related searches include:

    • DIY branding ideas: Logo tips, color palette inspiration, branding guide downloads
    • Budget marketing strategies: Low-cost promo tactics, social media guides, free tools
    • Unique product photoshoot concepts: Creative styling for catalogs, visually eye-catching product display setups
    • Handmade product tutorials: Crafting, sewing, jewelry-making, candle-making, art tutorials
    • Customizable templates and prints: Signage, branding, social media, and merch templates for small business use

    Small business motivation and lifestyle: Relatable content from real entrepreneurs sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses

  2. Pinterest Trends in Goal Searches (Our Predictions)

    Based on rising Pin themes and searches over recent months, we expect motivation and self-improvement-focused content to continue trending on Pinterest through 2023. After uncertainty in recent years, people are exceptionally inspired by goal setting and manifesting.

    Specific goal topics predicted to grow:

    • Physical health journey
    • Home organization systems
    • Reading challenges
    • Learning new skills
    • Goal planning
    • Goal setting

    Brands have opportunities to provide value within these goal topics through practical advice and Pins that feel genuine rather than promotional. Visual quotes, relatable challenges, planning templates, or styled product themes align well with reaching users focused on bettering themselves however they define it.

Leveraging Pinterest Trends for Traffic Growth

With over 400 million monthly active Pinterest users, tapping into trending topics can significantly expand a brand’s reach and drive growth. By consistently analyzing platform data to identify rising popular searches, Pin formats, and content styles, brands can tailor their strategies while topics are still accelerating.

  1. Monitoring Emerging Keywords

    Rising search terms signal audience interest and intent shift. Check Pinterest’s auto-suggestions and tools like Google Trends to catch rising queries quickly. Optimizing on-brand content to organically target these big traffic potential terms early pays dividends.

  2. Experimenting with Video Pins

    As Pinterest pushes into more streaming-style features, search demand for entertaining short tutorial videos and “day in the life” vlogs is surging. Getting creative with on-topic videos aligned to broader trends and viewer searches drives saves.

  3. Launching Themed Idea Boards

    Idea Boards allow pinners to showcase interests while building a following around niche topics. As influencer marketing expands, Idea Boards collecting themed Pins curated to a popular trend also receive high engagement. Brands can launch boards around rising keyword searches to pull in followers.

    A snapshot of Pinterest board
    A snapshot of Pinterest board

    A snapshot of Pinterest boards
    A snapshot of Pinterest boards

How to Use Pinterest Trends to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

With over 400 million monthly users, Pinterest presents immense opportunities for brands to expand visibility. Aligning your content strategy with rising search and popularity trends is the ideal path to rapid traffic growth. Let’s explore actionable tactics to implement based on what is trending among Pinterest’s engaged audience.

  1. Look At Current Trends

    With over a million monthly active users, Pinterest presents a prime platform for brands to expand their visibility by strategically aligning content with rising trend data. By consistently analyzing what is accelerating in popularity and engagement, you can create relevant Pins optimized for higher traffic.

    Monitor the Pinterest Trends tool and your analytics dashboards to spot increases in saves, engagements, repins, and website clicks on particular Pins. This reveals styles and topics gaining momentum to double down on in new content creation and promotion.

    You may also uncover specific keywords and search queries surging on Pinterest using keyword research tools. Update Pin titles, descriptions, captions, and related website landing pages to target these high-potential search phrases. This helps users find precisely the solutions they seek.

    Look at which creator accounts in your niche are ascending fastest in follower count and engagement rates. Collaborate with those influencers attuned to emerging preferences through guest Pins or affiliate partnerships. Their organic audience growth signals rising interest.

    A snapshot of Pinterest search
    A snapshot of Pinterest search
  2. Select Most Relevant Trends

    With Pinterest’s wealth of trend data, it’s essential to identify the hottest rising content styles and topics that overlap with your brand niche and offerings. Chasing every trending keyword will scatter efforts without results. By determining the most relevant alignments, you can intentionally craft high-potential Pins.

    Start by looking at your current highest traffic-driving Pins and most engaged blacklist content. Assess common themes such as specific hobby tips, seasonal recipes, aspirational quotes, or decorative product styles. Then, search for ascending trends related to those content types leveraging existing authority and audience.

    Cross-reference is accelerating Pinterest searches and Idea Pin topics against your email list and customer insight. If vacation planning or small kitchen organization rises in interest on Pinterest while your surveys or sales indicate your audience shares those goals, you have a relevant trend to leverage.

    Create aligned Pins that lead back to opt-ins and shops. Weight trend relevance by considering production practicality, too. Quick-styled shots of various products or brief inspirational quotes over images are more feasible to produce at scale than intricate long-form tutorials. Use trends to guide topics, then style realistic content.

  3. Record In Spreadsheets

    To make data-driven decisions on the most effective content for growth, properly recording and organizing Pinterest performance metrics in spreadsheets is essential. By tracking critical numbers over time, you spot the highest potential trends, styles, and topics to guide content creation. Build a master Pinterest tracker file with sheets for:

    Keywords: Log monthly search volumes for target terms using Google Trends or analytics platforms like Tailwind. Watch for rising trajectories signaling opportunities.

    Pin Content – List recent and backlist Pins with metrics like saves, impressions, and external link clicks, along with styling and topic details. Sort by top performers.

    Pin Schedules: Document the best times and days Pins originally went live against their initial 30-day performance. Identify posting sweet spots.

    Collaborations – Note influencer partners, collaboration format, guest pins, affiliate links, etc., and engagement rates on joint content.

    Traffic Sources: Record website visits from Pinterest alongside other channels like organic search or email sends. Attribute conversions to Pins. Consistency remains key when tracking Pinterest data over the long run. Use formulas to surface insights like percentage increases month-over-month. Outlier viral pins may skew reports, so weight enduring patterns more.

    Updating spreadsheet analysis then influences strategic decisions – from visual styles to doubling down on emerging creators to connect with reaching aligned audience interests: consistent tracking and trend analysis guide pin creation and amplification for measurable traffic growth.

Strategic Content Planning with Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends is your strategic friend in navigating the ever-changing world of visual discovery; it’s more than simply a tool. You need a well-thought-out content plan that flows with the tide of popular themes if you want to utilize it fully. Let’s explore the specifics of enhancing your online presence on Pinterest Trends through effective content preparation.

  1. Knowing Pinterest Trends

    It’s important to comprehend Pinterest Trends before beginning the process of content planning. With the help of this function, you can get instant insights into what others are searching for and feel the pulse of the Pinterest community.

  2. Examining Your Audience and Niche

    Understanding your audience and niche is the first step in creating content that fits Pinterest Trends. Examine what appeals to your followers and find themes and phrases that are pertinent to your area of expertise. Using this information as a foundation, you can produce content that fits in with both your business and popular culture.

  3. Consistently Monitoring the “Trends” Tab:

    Develop the habit of checking Pinterest’s “Trends” tab regularly. Keep abreast with the newest subjects and keywords that are becoming popular. This real-time awareness is essential for crafting content that remains timely and relevant.

  4. Creating Boards Based on Trends:

    Make specialized discussion boards centered on hot subjects in your industry. Mix your content with pertinent pins from other contributors to fill these boards. This increases the prominence of your pins and establishes you as a curator of valuable information.

  5. Including Popular Terms in Pin Descriptions:

    Trending keywords should be effortlessly incorporated into pin descriptions. Your pins will be easier to find and more likely to show up in searches for popular topics thanks to this optimization.

  6. Producing Seasonal Content

    Utilize event- and season-specific patterns to provide material on schedule. Blogging on Pinterest is also a fruitful way to produce trendy seasonal content on the platform. Whether your material is seasonal, holiday-themed, or connected to cultural events, following these trends will guarantee that it stays relevant and appealing.

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Ways to Use Pinterest Search Trends in Your Marketing

Pinterest Search Trends is more than just a tool; it’s a gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped into for your advertising campaigns. Knowing how to take advantage of Pinterest Search Trends can greatly improve your marketing efforts, regardless of whether you’re a content producer, marketer, or business owner. Here are some ideas for how to easily incorporate these trends into your marketing strategy:

  1. Pin Creation Aligned with Trending Keywords

    Consider popular keywords when creating your pins. Use Pinterest Search Trends to find terms that are popular in your niche. By doing this, you can be confident that your pins are both aesthetically pleasing and deliberately optimized for discoverability.

  2. Customizing Boards to Represent Current Issues

    Make boards that correspond with the prevailing trends in Pinterest searches. Curating boards that represent trends—be they seasonal, event-driven, or niche-specific—puts your material in front of users’ most sought-after searches.

  3. Crafting Seasonal Ads

    Create marketing campaigns by leveraging seasonal trends in Pinterest search queries. Matching your content and promotions to these trends—holidays, celebrations, or particular seasons—enables you to capitalize on pre-existing user interest and increase engagement.

  4. Exploring Cross-Promotion Opportunities

    Find partners or influencers whose work fits Pinterest’s search trends. Use cross-promotion to reach a wider audience and reach their audience. This tactical alliance guarantees that your brand is connected to hot and trending subjects.

  5. Using Popular Content in Advertising Campaigns

    Use Pinterest Search Trends’ trending content for your advertising initiatives. By aligning your advertisements with consumers’ current searches, you may boost the likelihood of user engagement and conversions.

  6. Suggestions for Tailored Content

    Make customized content recommendations for your audience by utilizing Pinterest Search Trends. Examine the most popular queries in your industry to create content that complements your brand and adds value for your followers.

Use Pinterest Trends to Strategically Plan Your Content

Are you looking to up your game and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of content? It’s time to tap into the treasure trove of Pinterest Trends. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can strategically plan your content using the insights provided by Pinterest Trends.

  1. Understanding Pinterest Trends

    Pinterest Trends is like your content compass, guiding you toward what’s hot and trending on the platform. It unveils the latest search trends, helping you tailor your content to what people are actively looking for.

  2. Spotting Emerging Trends

    Explore Pinterest Trends 2024 to find hot subjects that are trending in your industry. Keeping up with the latest trends in home décor, wellness, or sustainable living will ensure that your material is well-received by your audience.

    Aligning with Seasonal Trends:

    As pinners love to create plans, so should you! Make the most of seasonal trends by planning your content around impending occasions, holidays, and other seasonal changes. This improves the relevance of your material and keeps it up to date.

    Optimizing for Keywords:

    Pinterest Trends provides valuable keyword insights. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your content to boost its discoverability. Remember, Pinterest is a visual search engine, so compelling visuals paired with strategic keywords can do wonders.

  3. Creating Inspirational Content

    Pinterest is a hub for inspiration. Tailor your content to inspire your audience – be it through DIY projects, recipe ideas, or lifestyle tips. Trends that evoke emotion and spark creativity are more likely to be shared and engaged with.

  4. Diversifying Content Formats

    Pinterest isn’t just about static images. Video content is gaining traction. Experiment with different formats, such as story pins, video pins, and idea pins, to capture your audience’s attention in diverse ways.

Wrapping Up!

For businesses and influencers alike, knowing Pinterest Trends and using a Pinterest scheduler is the best way to increase visitors. Content creators may increase their visibility and engagement by utilizing the power of rising trends, keyword optimization, and creating inspiring content. As a tactical partner, Pinterest Trends offers insightful information that helps you stay ahead of the curve and create content that appeals to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Most Trending on Pinterest?

Trends frequently change, so there’s no one answer to this, but usually, Pinterest is known for its DIY, crafts, beauty, and fashion ideas. These are the most popular and longest-running trends on Pinterest.

2. How Does Pinterest Predict Trends?

The algorithm looks into what people search for on the platform. Then, it leverages machine learning to create trends that can be relevant to the users and become popular searches on the platform. Pinterest predicts and 80% of the times, they are right.

3. Is Pinterest Trends Free?

Yes, Pinterest Trends is a free tool that allows people to see what Pinterest users are searching on the platform. This tool gives valuable insights to marketers who want to know about emerging trends and users’ interests on Pinterest.
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Daniel Clark

Daniel is a guru of B2B marketing and professional networking. His in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn's unique environment has paved the way for business success.

Mastering Pinterest Trends: Your Ultimate Traffic Boost Guide for 2024

Picture of Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel is a guru of B2B marketing and professional networking. His in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn's unique environment has paved the way for business success.

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