How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024 & What Makes Them Necessary

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Instagram is one of the most loved and rooted platforms by social media enthusiasts for its entertaining genre and capability to bring elevating business benefits for marketers and individuals. However, the dynamics of the buzz platform keep changing. For instance, you must have begun your journey of using the platform when stories used to be a hit, but then Reels came into the limelight and became everybody’s center of attention.

Similarly, the number of likes on each post was used to depict how much the audience loves it, but then the number of comments and the times users saved it became more important. Safe to say, a lot changed within the platform, but certain fundamentals still contribute to a successful and credible presence within the platform – including Instagram likes.

Instagram likes still play the driving force that makes a content post more visible and appreciated on the platform. However, most people do not know the right techniques to execute to increase the number of Instagram likes on their posts. But guess it is not that difficult. You can easily master the art of getting improved engagement by crafting an efficient marketing strategy aligned with a credible Instagram scheduler – both combined together to give promising results.

So, let us thoroughly discuss all the hows and whys attached to the concept of Instagram likes.

Do the Instagram Likes Really Matter

Well, ask yourself what would be the first thing you will notice about a post on Instagram to prove its weightage or credibility, and your answer will most likely be the likes.

Even if they are hidden, likes still remain the first thing to be noticed. Even if you hide the count of your likes on Instagram, the algorithm still takes it into consideration. The Instagram algorithm suggests the likes on posts to be a factor on which the algorithm relies to define the success metrics of the post and make it evident to more people.

So, even if you discover likes on Instagram hidden, know that they play a crucial role in outsmarting your algorithm. Hence, a concrete strategy must be in place to get as many likes as possible on each of your Instagram posts to showcase your a-game within the platform like a pro.

Instagram Likes Service & if You Should Buy It

Trust me when I said Instagram likes are important, I really meant that!

You can figure this out by diving into the concept of Instagram likes services that allow users to get more likes on their posts and ensure a magnificent reach. These services offer likes and followers either for free or within a paid package. Content creators and influencers are most likely to invest in this concept because they prioritize reach and engagement with their content.

Now comes the question of whether you should buy Instagram likes through a service. Here is a reality check. Even if you get your hands on likes that are provided through a service, your brand presence will lack organic following and interactions. No matter how good the number of likes gets, the number of potential leads to be converted to a buyer will remain null. Hence, you can opt for this option of buying likes through a service only if you want to show off a good number and appear credible enough to users.

However, certainly, we cannot expect greater benefits from this idea, so it is needed to invest in strategies that can generate organic reach useful enough for business benefits.

3 Ways to Increase the Number of Instagram Likes Organically

Now that you know that organic reach is essential, below are a few ways to crack how to get increased organic likes on your Instagram.

  1. Create a Credible Instagram Profile

    The most crucial step, to begin with, is to build a credible Instagram profile. You must complete all the steps of account completion to ensure that people trust your brand and follow it on purpose to benefit. Hence, begin with deciding on a professional-looking username, a profile picture representing the vibe of your brand, a promising bio, an SEO-friendly description to appear more often in the search results.

    Below is an example of how well-crafted the Social Champs profile is.

    Social Champ's Instagram
    Social Champ’s Instagram Profile
  2. Onboard Followers Through Email Marketing and Urge Them to Like Your Content

    Execute email marketing campaigns with hyperlinks added to all the social accounts. Add clickable icons that can divert people directly to the post you want them to like and engage with. This way, the more they open your email and click on the icons, the more they will be able to see your posts and engage with them.

  3. Promote Your Posts With Friends and Family

    Creating a good piece of content won’t yield fruitful results until you use all the available channels and resources to promote it. Hence, urge your friends and family to share content from your accounts through reposts and on their stories. This technique will introduce you to their followers – simultaneously increasing yours as they will check out what you have to offer, like your content, and follow you for more in the future.

Schedule Content on Instagram With Social Champ!

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7 Tips to Get a Greater Number of Instagram Likes

Here is a quick rundown of tips that can help you gather a sufficient number of likes on your posts on Instagram.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

    Using hashtags within the captions of your Instagram posts will help your posts reach a greater audience, getting you more likes. For example, if you have posted a DIY decor idea with the hashtag #DIY, your post will appear in the search results of this hashtag on the  Explore page for relevant people to see it, like it, and engage with it.

    Use Hashtags
    Example of a #DIY hashtag search results

    Hence, hashtags can lead to more visibility and increased reach.

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  2. Craft Compelling Captions

    Captions play a great role in representing a well-rounded perspective of your brand. They are the first element an audience notices while scrolling down the newsfeed. Hence, it is very important that your caption appears compelling, crisp, and interesting enough to get noticed by potential leads.


    View this post on Instagram


    Shared post on

  3. Create Video Content

    Instagram users are more inclined towards video content. Hence, as a business marketer or brand manager, you must incorporate the ideas of video content for Instagram with the objective of getting more Instagram likes and user interaction. Add twists with trending sounds, filters, and templates, and make the best use of virality on Instagram.

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  4. Make High-Quality Visuals

    Ask me how to get noticed in a glimpse, and I will tell you it is all in the quality and design of the visuals you post. No one likes to see dull and boring pictures. Hence, their color palettes, aesthetics, design, and consistency matter a lot on the platform. The best you can do is to create unique and inspiring designs that resonate with the vibe of your brand. Take help from design tools such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, etc., to make your journey of creating aesthetic visuals fruitful.

  5. Post Content at the Right Time

    Do not upload content on Instagram any time you feel convenient. It really does not work that way. I mean, it is just taking a shot in the darkness. Analyze your performance metrics and evaluate when most of your target audience is active within the platform. Check out the time when they interact and engage with your brand the most, and create a posting schedule accordingly.

    Third-party tools like Social Champ can help you determine the best time to post on Instagram and help you easily create a calendar relevant to your analytics.

  6. Be Consistent

    Consistency is the key, they say, and trust me, they say it right. Do not get demotivated with the first few posts on Instagram receiving little to no likes. Be consistent with your approach and keep posting fresh content for your audience. Track performance and analyze weaker areas to make improvements accordingly. This strategy will surely increase the number of your Instagram likes, boosting your confidence and making the platform fun for you.

  7. Indulge in Humorous Content

    Humor is loved and appreciated by everyone. So, one of the winning strategies to get an increased number of Instagram likes is to create humorous content every now and then. The best part is that it just takes less effort and time involved. You can simply put up a meme, joke, or riddle and make your audience laugh.

    Here is an example.

    Indulge in Humorous Content
    Netflix Based Meme Page on Instagram


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Instagram Likes – A Hideous Weapon!

Summing up the discussion, it is quite safe to say that Instagram likes have their own set of importance in making the platform profitable for you. You cannot ignore them, focusing on other aspects since the algorithm relies on the number of likes and how generously an account gets them.

Hence, put up your creative shows and invest in executing ideas that can help you get a good count of likes, shares, comments, and saves, making your posts a hit all across the platform.

Happy Instagramming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Get 1K likes on Instagram for Free?

Engage with your audience by posting quality content consistently and interacting with others in your niche. Use relevant hashtags and encourage genuine interactions to grow your Instagram likes organically.

2. How to Check Instagram likes?

To check your Instagram likes, simply open the app, go to your post, and underneath it, you’ll see the number of likes your post has received.

3. How do you get Free likes on Instagram?

You can get free likes on Instagram by creating engaging content, using relevant hashtags, and interacting with your audience to encourage genuine likes.

4. What Website Gives Free likes on Instagram?

Be cautious of websites offering free Instagram likes, as they may violate Instagram’s terms of service and risk your account’s safety. It’s best to grow likes organically through quality content and interactions.
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How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024 & What Makes Them Necessary

Picture of Wasla Zainab

Wasla Zainab

Hi, there. I am a part of #ChampFam as a Junior Content Writer. My academic background introduces me as an engineer, but I prefer to write aesthetic poetries in the moonlight. Apart from writing, I love to put forward my opinions on public forums. Literary fiction with a cup of tea is the best I can do. You can ping me at [email protected].

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