How to Get Subscribers on YouTube in 2024

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Cracking the YouTube code is more than just creating videos; it’s about crafting a magnetic experience that draws viewers in and keeps them hooked. A vast ocean of content floods YouTube every day, and if you’re vying for subscribers, your content needs to rise above the tidal wave. Your videos shouldn’t just stand out; they should make waves!

So, how do you do it? The answer is simple. You must learn how to get subscribers on YouTube. To do this, you have to be a content aficionado and create videos that are not just unique but are precisely what your audience craves. You have to give them what they want before they know they want it.

The road to YouTube stardom isn’t always a cakewalk. That’s where a YouTube scheduler comes in. The social media management tool helps you schedule your content and ensure it’s dropped at the perfect moment to capture the attention of your potential subscribers.

Because let’s face it, YouTube success is synonymous with that subscriber count hitting the jackpot. Before you start envisioning dollar signs from monetization, you need those magic numbers. So, let’s take a look at how to get YouTube subscribers fast!

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How to Get Subscribers on YouTube: 15 Effective Ways

Your YouTube subscribers propel your channel towards growth and success. Breaking into the league of YouTube heavyweights requires more than just a handful of subscribers – we’re talking three-digit numbers here. It demands determination, strategic branding, and the art of community-building to cultivate a subscriber count that truly speaks volumes.

Whether you’re aiming for the prestigious Custom Creator Award, reserved for channels boasting 50 million subscribers, or setting your sights on the elusive “YouTube Red Diamond Play Button” that crowns those with 100 million subscribers, the journey is both thrilling and ambitious.

If you’re ready to turn your YouTube aspirations into reality, we’ve curated the ultimate guide on how to get more subscribers on YouTube. Let’s explore some strategies.

  1. Content Matters

    Good content is what drives the audience on YouTube. Although anyone can use the platform, the successful channels stand out by being unique and original. Therefore, it’s best to plan your videos carefully instead of posting random and unplanned content just to get views. Make your videos enjoyable and talk about things your viewers care about. You can focus on making a few high-quality videos instead of lots of average ones. YouTube’s algorithm promotes videos that do well. So, if your content is good, it will reach more people. In short, quality matters if you want to get more subscribers!

  2. Let Your Channel Do the Talking

    It goes without saying, but presentation matters! A well-organized and well-designed channel attracts YouTube subscribers like a moth to a flame! So, if you’re wondering how to gain subscribers from YouTube by channel branding, the answer is simple! Work on your channel’s visual appeal and notice its drastic impact. Here are a few things you should focus on when trying to make your channel more appealing:

    • Channel Icon: This is your Channel’s logo. Make it attractive so it represents you and your work effectively. This logo appears on your channel page, and whenever you interact with someone, ensure that it is clear, even if it is displayed in a small size.
    • Banner Art: Design your “welcome banner” to appear warm and inviting. Make your banner unique. You can add a catchy slogan and add handles to all your other social media accounts. Most importantly, optimize it for display across all devices.
    • Channel Description: The character limit for the About Us page is 1000 characters, yet most channels have bland one-liners as their channel description. When writing your description, focus on your channel’s theme, provide detailed information, and end with a solid call to action in 1000 words.
    • Playlists: The YouTube channel layout supports up to 12 organized sections. Use these sections wisely by showcasing your best and most popular playlists.
    • URL: When you get your first 100 YouTube subscribers, you get a new option to choose a custom URL for your channel. This customized URL attracts potential subscribers better than the long, messy URL.

    A snapshot of a well-organized channel
    A snapshot of a well-organized channel on YouTube
  3. Stick to Consistency

    Posting videos frequently translates to a channel being alive. Some people check on a channel’s activity and whether it is worth paying attention to before they hit the subscribe button. When you post regularly, and in frequent intervals, you attract subscribers. Experts recommend posting at least one video every week and increasing it to 3 videos per week when your channel has grown significantly. You may also use power tools like Social Champ to post consistently.

  4. Create Scroll-Stopping Thumbnails

    Do you know that little details like YouTube thumbnails convey your brand message to your audience? Although the thumbnail is only 1280 x 720 px, it packs the powerful punch of getting messages across. However, it is recommended that you be consistent with the ways you design your thumbnail. Using the same style fonts, color theme, and other compositions sets your channel apart and ensures your subscribers instantly recognize your videos. It sets a brand tone and voice.

    A snapshot of a YouTube channel with attractive thumbnails
    A snapshot of a YouTube channel with attractive thumbnails.
  5. Create a Visually Stunning Channel Trailer

    Your channel’s trailer can spark curiosity and make an impression on new visitors. The YouTube channel has a dedicated space for a channel trailer. This is where you can potentially increase your subscriber count and entice your viewers to subscribe through an awesome trailer. That said, keep the trailer short, close to 30 to 90 seconds. Make it a teaser about your channel’s unique content and what your subscribers may miss if they don’t subscribe to your channel!

  6. Create a Power Playlist

    Unlike regular YouTube playlists, a power playlist is focused on outcomes. You can create this playlist by curating titles and descriptions that are result-oriented. For example, if you’re creating tutorial videos on digital marketing, you can name it “How to Get More Leads in 2024.” The result-oriented title will compel your audience to click on the video more and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

  7. Add a Specialized Watermark

    Brand watermarks are your channel’s identity, as they can be easily recognized over multiple platforms. You can make use of branding watermarks in your videos to encourage subscriptions. These watermarks let your viewers subscribe to the channel from within a video. You can use your logo as a subscription watermark or the traditional subscribe now watermark. Observe which watermark performs better for your channel and add it to your lifelong channel practice. The results may differ from channel to channel.

    A snapshot of a YouTube video with a specialized watermark.
    A snapshot of a YouTube video with a specialized watermark.
  8. Build a Community

    Need a subscriber boost? Interact with your YouTube community as much as you can. Engage with them, reply to your audience, like their comments, and post new updates. This engagement promotes audience participation and retention. Make a loyal fan following by including your audience and enriching their experience as your Channel’s subscribers.

  9. Use Precise Call to Action

    Sometimes, your viewer only needs a nudge to subscribe. Help them clear their doubts by asking them to subscribe to your channel. A call to action is a great way to direct viewers to subscribe. You can add a strong CTA at the end of each video to keep your viewers from looking around. Remember, your CTA needs to be at the end after you have provided informative and engaging stuff and won over the hearts of your viewers through your content. That is the point to strike!

    CTA can be of different types. You can follow the practices mentioned below at the end of your video:

    You can ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.
    You can direct your audience to another video from your channel.
    You can compel the audience to buy a service or product.

  10. Use YouTube Analytics to Your Advantage

    YouTube analytics can help significantly if you only know how to use it correctly! You can leverage this tool to track your content’s performance to understand which kind of videos bring in the most subscribers, which format or style is most popular, and which type of videos should be removed from your channel. Through the analytics data, you will know where to invest your time and efforts. Focus your content strategy around the content that is being liked the most. Ultimately, it will garner more views, and you will get more subscribers!

  11. Add Clickable Links in Your Videos

    YouTube Studio has a special feature that incorporates clickable cards in the video. Adding these cards can compel viewers to perform specific actions while on the video screen. You can add these cards throughout your video as an ‘I’ button or an endscreen card that leads to another video or a sister channel. The most popular card among YouTube cards is the subscription card that turns a viewer into a subscriber without leaving the screen.

  12. Run a Giveaway Campaign

    Everybody loves freebies, prizes, or discounts! Want to raise the bar of your YouTube traffic and subscribers quickly? Run a contest or giveaway campaign, encouraging viewers to engage, subscribe, share, or like your content. Reward your viewers for participation and engagement by offering them a giveaway or discount. You can also collaborate with other content makers or businesses to promote something of mutual interest. This collaboration can bring in subscribers from both channels.

  13. Attract Traffic From All Social Media Pages

    Most social media platforms leverage a strategy to ensure users stay on the platform. In that case, how can you attract more visitors to YouTube through other channels? By playing smart. You can tap into the power of social media marketing by posting small clips of your original YouTube video to your other Social Media pages. Give a sneak peek of a 30 to 90-second clip and entice your audience to check out the whole video on YouTube. Give them an interesting hook, a cliffhanger that they absolutely can not miss!

  14. Embed Your Videos in Your Blogs

    People read blogs when they are searching for answers. And what’s a better way to market your video? Provide answers to your readers by embedding your YouTube video with insightful tips in between your blog! They are already searching for answers and will gladly accept what you can offer. If your blog looks interesting and informative, they will also follow you on YouTube. These video embeds in blogs and websites bring in more subscribers and views.

  15. Play Smart With SEO Tactic

    Search Engine Optimization initiates a chain of reactions. The general rule of thumb: optimized videos mean better discoverability of your channel. Better discoverability leads to more views and an increased chance of getting more subscribers on YouTube. It has been observed that SEO can increase your discoverability chances to 5X! So, make sure that your placement of keywords in the title and description of a video is on point. Don’t use irrelevant keywords or hashtags, as they may appear as spam.

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YouTube Content Type for Subscriber Growth

Now that you know how to get subscribers on YouTube, you must learn a niche for your channel. YouTube has a vast niche when it comes to content creation. However, specific niches tend to perform better than others. They have been observed to win more subscribers in less time. Here are a few examples of the most popular content types on the platform.

  • How-to Videos/ Tutorials

    These videos address the viewers’ pain points by teaching or demonstrating something useful, informative, and educational. It attracts subscribers who are searching for knowledgeable content to consume. Their topic may vary depending on the niche, like cooking recipes, DIY tutorials, and teaching software skills.

  • Product Reviews

    People watch reviews and recommendation videos of services and products before making any investment they might regret later. These videos help the viewer make informed decisions by shedding light on a product’s specs, pros, and cons

  • Entertainment Content

    The entertainment niche always stays on trend and can easily go viral. People are always on the lookout for more exciting and entertaining content. It is a niche with a vast variety of elements. Entertainment videos can be of different formats, like music, movies, comedy videos, and more. Video content that evokes human emotions is sure to win lots of subscribers!

  • Vlogs

    Sharing your personal life experiences, thoughts, and feelings, raw footage of behind-the-scenes in your life, and mischievous adventures creates a sense of connectivity between the viewer and content creator. These glimpses of daily life routines gain a loyal fan following.

  • Travel Content

    Travel content that revolves around discovering new places, trying on local cuisines, and unfolding new adventures creates a sense of freedom. It lets the viewer enjoy and learn about different places and cultures within the comfort of their home. Moreover, it helps future travelers navigate through the different regions. The wanderlust desires of the audience never get old, so travel-related content never goes out of business!

  • Educational Videos

    Educational videos are one of the most popular niches on YouTube. In fact, research shows that 59.8% of internet users reported watching how-to videos, tutorials, and educational videos online weekly. Therefore, if you’ve expertise on a particular subject matter, share it by producing engaging tutorial videos. When creating such content, you can rely on visuals, animations, and other teaching methods to illustrate the concept better to your audience.

  • Courses

    You can also create courses on YouTube. To do this, simply create an educational video in the form of a playlist that covers a complex topic. These video playlists usually revolve around a centralized main topic and are divided into smaller components. They are comprehensive, knowledgeable videos that keep viewers engaged and yearning for more.

  • Challenges/ Social Experiment Videos

    Creating engaging content with exciting challenges, fun activities, and new social experiments is popular among adventure-seeking viewers. When you create these videos, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other content creators and invite their audience to your page as well. This is a great way to get subscribers fast!

  • Live Streams and Question Answer Session

    Community building happens mostly through live streams and question-answer sessions. These live sessions support maximum engagement for a YouTube channel. It is a real-time experience that lets the audience connect with you genuinely.

  • Interview

    Interviews with influential figures are also popular among the masses. These personnel may include tech tycoons, celebrities, national heroes, political leaders, businessmen, and more!

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How to See Your YouTube Subscribers

Your YouTube Studio is for more than just management purposes. It hides so many amazing features and specs behind a simple-looking console. You can use the YouTube studio dashboard to check your all-time YouTube subscribers. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you see your YouTube subscribers:

  • Look out for the list of recent subscribers in your YouTube Studio’s dashboard.
  • Select SEE ALL mentioned at the bottom.
  • A pop-up window will appear.
  • On the top right corner, click on lifetime from the drop-down menu. That’s how you can find your subscribers! You can also sort them out by subscriber count or new subscribers in the past 7, 28, 90, or 365 days. How cool is that!

    How to See Your YouTube Subscribers
    How to See Your YouTube Subscribers

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Final Thoughts

A YouTube channel’s success is dependent upon its number of subscribers and views. This article covers all the details about how to get subscribers on YouTube. And once you reach the 1000 subscriber mark, you can start monetizing your content creation. But before you start posting videos, make sure you’re picking the right niche!


1. How Do I Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube?

You can achieve your 1000 subscriber goal by focusing on the quality of your video content,
uploading videos consistently, engaging with the community, and promoting your videos on other social media channels.

2. How Much Money Do We Get for 1000 Subscribers on YouTube?

An estimated annual income for a YouTuber with 1000 subscribers is around $500. But it depends upon the engagement level, your content quality, and the number of views.

3. How Can I Get Free Subscribers?

You can get free subscribers by building a genuine community. You must strive to create quality content. You can also customize your channel’s layout to appeal to the audience and add a strong CTA in your channel’s videos.
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