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Instagram undeniably is the main and one of the leading Visual social media. Instagram Marketing is the top new way of marketing for a couple of years now. Of course, it makes sense more than a billion people actively use the channel.

However, none may expect waking up one morning and to find a billion followers for their business. There are several different strategies and focal points to make it happen. It is all under your control.

Instagram is a fast-growing platform, and businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network. One of the highest audiences in the world is on Instagram. Since Social Media allows modern-day communication, it is time to market your brand on Instagram digitally.

Set up your profile and begin today. There is more than just posting random content that grabs the attention of your audience. Keep in mind that this audience is your potential customer as well. With practical strategies and organic ways, you may just grow more than you imagined.

 Guide to Digital Marketing with instagram

1.      Learn about your audience

If you are a digital marketer by profession, then you should know this. However, if you are new, let us enlighten you. All Social Media Platforms have a variety of different audiences. Instagram users are not necessarily on Facebook. Similarly, you will not find people passing their time on LinkedIn. All Social Media Platforms have a separate persona that attracts a specific audience.

When you get on Instagram, be aware of the demographics on Instagram. Check to see if they fit your target audience. However, if they do not, then do not worry! Simply strategize your content to suit the relevant audience.

The following are a few stats that may help you get an idea of the kind of audience on Instagram.

Keeping these statistics in mind, make your strategy. Of course, you might have to rethink the tone of your business. However, effective marketing allows trial and error to achieve results

2.      Switch to business account ASAP

Do not make a profile on Instagram; add a few hashtags and think you are okay. If you want to achieve results, you have to do it right. You can create a business account or simply switch your current account. To do this,

  • Head to Edit Profile
  • Click the ‘Switch to Professional Profile’ option
  • You are good to go
Instagram business account
Instagram Bio

If this raised a question in your mind, then you are on the right track.

‘What are the benefits of a business account on Instagram?’ Here are the following few advantages that will satisfy your curiosity.

  1. You have a ‘contact’ button to help your audience reach out
  2. You can directly publish ads from your account.
  3. You have an analytics tool. Although we think it is pretty basic and you can do better with Social Champ.

3.      Give your audience at least SOMETHING

Once again, it is important to stress that your job is not over. You cannot make a profile and hope people will follow you. Your followers deserve at least something from you in return. The best thing that you can give them is posts.

In your mind, you know the target audience. Now is the time to POST something for them. Make sure that when they come to your profile, they have something to see. They NEED something to like in your account. They DESERVE something that catches their attention. After all, they are following you, why should they do it if you are boring for them. Or why do it if you have nothing to offer to them.

The best way to go about it is to post consistently. Consistency helps in catching the eyes of relevant audiences. You should have at least a month’s worth of content ready to post every day or even twice a day.

Pro tip: Posting every day is very tough to remember. You will have to rely on human memory. Switching to a tool like Social Champ will make your life a breeze. You can simply schedule or even bulk upload all your posts and sit back and relax. If you take our idea of making a monthly calendar, then you can give more time to the thinking part of marketing. Also, you will have a better chance of researching.

With Social Champ’s new analytics 2.0 feature, you have more than just impressions. You have the full analytics report of your account. This feature will help you in trying times. You will always know and learn more about your audience and your content. Also, you will know how well both tend to mingle or not!

Of course, there are many other features like free images and gifs to help you through the days when you just do not have a picture of your own. Moreover, you also have recommendable hashtags. These are usually a pain for social media managers. With Social Champ, all the relevant and recommendable hashtags show up to save you from wasting your mind on petty issues. So basically, you have a whole manager in your hand if you do it right!

digital marketing with instagram

4.      Involve yourself with others

Sounds romantic? Romantic is precisely what you need! Of course, you should know that you need to keep an eye out on what your competitors are doing. But be bolder than that. Take it a step ahead and engage with them. Making sure that you do not cross lines of respect and friendliness, engage in their hashtags. Use their competitions to build your customer base.

Of course, this is a very bold tip, and it may not necessarily work with all businesses. However, what you can do is to keep yourself on the loop. Every new trend, engagement, and viral post needs your attention. Make sure to keep yourself mingled in this world. Also, make sure to use the brand’s profile while doing it.

Discussions, comments, and hashtags allow your potential audience to spot you. This will redirect them to your profile. Eventually, you will have the chance to reel them in with your impressive profile.

Keep in mind that your followers connect with you to have direct contact with you. If someone mentions you or asks questions, then respond to them as much as you can. This will create trust in your brand.

5.      Influencers are friends

One of the biggest debates on the internet is about influencers. It is almost too easy to become an influencer. Or is it?

Many influencers buy followers for their profile. These are either bots or inactive accounts. If you are lucky, you might have a few active accounts. However, they only increase the number of followers. You can spot them with their engagement—almost null engagement against a high number of followers in the first sign.

While these fake influencers may harm your brand/money, they are a delight. Real influencers show in their profile. You can see the comments and likes (not anymore) of the people. Moreover, you can also see the kind of people that they work with.

Use these Instagram influencers for marketing your brand. Make engaging competitions or simple ads to promote your business. They are instrumental. Instead of a scattered audience all through the channel, you get them all in one place.

Pro tip: Do not go astray!

These little tips are enough to give you a jump start on your digital marketing guide to Instagram. With these tips, you will achieve everything that you need to help you through marketing your business on Instagram. The rest will depend on your strategies.

However, during a point, your followers will still be, and the counter will not move. You will have the temptation to buy followers just for a boost. DO NOT DO THAT!

Inorganic followers kill the credibility of your brand. They make your presence on Instagram very questionable, and overall, your business is in question. Also, if you get busted, then your competition can use it against you. The best way to go about it is to relax and have patience.

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Effective Digital Marketing with Instagram

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