Social Champ Raised $225,000 & Sybrid As Strategic Partners!

Competing Against The Tops Guns like Buffer, Pakistan’s Social Champ Raises $225,000 And Joins The League Of Social Media Management Royals!

International SaaS tool Social Champ has cultivated a vital Startup investment of $225,000 from a private angel investor even in these critical times like the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, Social Champ was a startup incubated by Nest IO and has evolved enough to bring you out-of-the-box features that help you take your business to a different, more defined level through content marketing.

The primary Think Tanks behind the concept of this app are Zohaib Shakir (CTO, Co-founder), Sameer Ahmed Khan (CEO, Co-founder), and Shakir Ghani (COO, Co-founder). They have taken Social Champ to the heights it is today by making it the most simple tool to use and construct it to be the one-stop solution for all your needs when it comes to content distribution and content promotion throughout your social channels. 

Social Champ has announced that it has started a strategic partnership with Sybrid (Private) Limited, one of the premier Technology Solutions providers in the country and part of the prestigious Lakson Group. Sybrid will also operate with Social Champ to promote its latest investment-related objectives and roadmap. 

Social Champ is joined with Sybrid’s vision to be a solutions provider, especially when it gets to content for the Sybrid’s Digital agency company called Proceed; and it also encourages existing clients of the company to manage their marketing campaigns. Sybrid is contributing in two ways; it manages not only the individual investors but also the strategic alliance with Social Champ and Proceed. 

Social Champ is a social media platform service providing company for social media managers and digital marketers. It functions on several different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile. Ranked by its clients as one of the best scheduling tools available in the market, Social Champ’s solution helps clients intelligently publish their content, giving them the ability to schedule posts across platforms with remarkable convenience.

Social Champ announced that it had raised a significant round from an independent angel investor as well. Sybrid will help Social Champ manage and facilitate its strategic goals and roadmap from this Startup investment, effectively working as a tripartite partnership.

Sybrid offers a variety of award-winning technology products and services to a diverse clientele from multiple industries. The company has hundreds of national and international clients, spread over three continents. Sybrid’s advertising agency Proceed utilizes digital channels for brands to promote their products in an effective manner in which their audience can associate with. Therefore, the strategic alliance with Social Champ is aligned with Sybrid’s vision to be a solutions provider and help existing clients of the company manage their marketing and community and customer engagement campaigns.

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The main influence for Social Champ comes from “The Art of Social Media” by Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick. This book came as a jolt of epiphany when Mr. Khan realized that if his posts only appear once, he’ll lose about 75% of the potential eyeballs a post could have. So he, along with the co-founders of Social Champ, set their goal to provide the service of repetition of posts, so that they would go to a broader audience living in different time zones!

With Social Champ’s one unique project, apart from the Publisher, it has set the bar high for the social media management tools to succeed. Engage aids you stay on top of your customer support goals by letting you reply to your audience’s comments and messages and even react to them from one tool!

And with the new Analytics 2.0, one can now track all the critical data points and social media metrics with the new powers Social Champ is upgraded with! And the king of all powers, the most requested upgrade, is the white-labeled PDF reports!

Mr. Khan and his team of champs are proud to share their success story and say, 

“Social Champ has served its users publish over 40 million posts on social media through Social Champ to date. Social Champ currently has above 6,000 users. We make sure to include all of the features that will make sharing more efficient, including the ability to have social profiles added by various users.

After all, social media appearance is all about sharing your content at the right moment, and keeping your profiles active and fresh! And with the world going downhill, we want people to steer clear of stress and mental fatigue!”

As a result of their partnership, both the companies will be able to combine their unique business qualities to offer a much more enhanced product. Simultaneously, the business’s outreach would also soar, resulting in maximum clients being served with quality service. 

The strategic alliance between Sybrid and Social Champ is primarily focused on social media influencers, digital marketers, social media managers, and everyone else operating in this field.

Being a leading technology solutions providing company in Pakistan, Sybrid takes pride in promoting and partnering with tech startups and businesses. This serves the company’s much broader vision of promoting the technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

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