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While walking into the new year with higher aspirations, bigger motivation, and elevated spirits, one should always reflect on the previous year. As 2022 came to an end, it gave us many bittersweet memories, taught us lessons for life, and introduced us to many of you!

Like 2021, 2022 was also a pretty fun rollercoaster for us at the Social Champ HQ with its ups and downs. We onboarded some new team members, bid farewell to a few, bonded over our mutual love for food, and all-in-all, had a wholesome year.

2022, Breaking Barriers!

Since the start of 2022, we have had one goal in mind, and that was to break all barriers. Happy to report that we actually did so. From introducing a FREE plan that broke all industry norms to making waves worldwide, Social Champ made sure that 2022 was a year to remember.

In January, we introduced a new pricing model with a special freemium plan that no other social media tool had. Our free plan allowed customers to use the platform for unlimited scheduling on three accounts without any feature limitations.

Everything was part of the plan, from analytics to bulk upload to Auto RSS.

Safe to say, people loved it & migrated to our platform in heaps!

This increased the load on the customer support team, which meant more people and automation. Therefore, we created a help desk, fully loaded with guides & FAQs to cater to as many queries as possible.

We also decreased our email response time and increased our satisfaction rate. Many customers rate us five stars. Our helpdesk guide is carefully created to enable our users to find solutions within minutes. To date, we have hundreds of guides posted on our website and our YouTube channel.

We received one of the year’s best news a few months down the lane. Social Champ was selected for Techstars Toronto Cohort 2022. This made us the first Pakistani MarTech solution to be a part of such a big conference. Apart from that, we were also one of the only startups selected to be a part of Techstars.Sameer Ahmed Khan, CEO of Social Champ at Techstars

With Techstars, we also got a chance to attend Collision Conference and Web Summit 2022.

All this led to a whole lot of YOU. We served around 50,000+ social media accounts this year, and nothing made us as happy as your trust in us. With this big happy #ChampFam, 2022 became a delight for us, and we will always remember this year as a good one because of you!

We were able to tackle all these huge milestones because we had you by our side!

Growing Numbers in 2022

In 2022, we catered to many agencies, social media managers, influencers, bloggers, marketers, authors, CEOs, and individuals with our tool. This means we facilitated more than 50,000 accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Google Business Profile, Instagram, & Pinterest over the course of 12 months!Total accounts connected in 2022 with Social Champ

Additionally, we pushed out 7,471,089 posts on eight major social media networks, with the most posts on Facebook and Twitter followed closely after!total posts on social media

This year’s most trending social account was Facebook, followed by Instagram and LinkedIn.

New Feature Additions in 2022

We added quite a lot of amazing features and revamped others in 2022, a new UI was introduced for many features. Our Calendar became a fan favourite, we pushed out Twitter threads, Instagram & Facebook reels, introduced a new look for Analytics, and made multiple minor changes so that your life becomes easier!

Oh and not to forget the biggest integration of the year; TikTok!

Here is a complete road map for the year 2022:Social Champ Road-map, New Feature Additions in 2022

We also worked on a dream project that we are all super passionate about – YourChamp. The platform is essentially a microsite to show off your social reach!

Growing as a Community

In 2022, we were a part of the top 5 tools on Product Hunt, resulting from the beautiful community we have built over the years!

Our amazing patrons, trusted customers, and lifelong friends enabled us to achieve this milestone quickly. We cannot be happier with the community that we have built online. One thing that has made our community stronger is the amazing reviews we have gathered over the years.

Here are a few!customer review for Social Champ

customer review for Social Champ

The Growing #ChampFam

In 2022, we were all about breaking barriers, same was the case with the amazing #ChampFam. We grew in terms of the in-house team as well as the customers.

We hired a new set of digital marketers, developers, and others to make sure that our ship would sail smoothly. Not only that, but we also polished our old hires and made sure that they shine as well. Investing in their success is like investing in ours!

Among all this we served as a big family, which allowed us to grow. Your feedback enabled us to become the best version of ourselves, and make our product exactly how you would like it!

Messages & Love From the Co-founders

Sameer Ahmed Khan – CEO & Co-Founder
Sameer Ahmed Khan – CEO & Co-Founder at Social Champ

“2022 was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for me, I learned to adjust to new changes in both personal and professional life. Unlike 2021 that we mostly spent behind a screen, this year was more about building connections in person.

From attending Techstars in Toronto to pitching at the Websummit in Portugal, it was nothing short of an adventure of a lifetime. This business trip allowed me to meet a whole set of new entrepreneurs, digital marketers, startup owners, and others.

Safe to say, I built a stronger community for Social Champ this past year and would continue to do so for the years to come!

As a CEO, I would like to thank you all for the love and the trust that you put in us, which makes us stronger and much more resilient!

This year onwards, we plan to give you an experience that was ten folds better than last year. From here, we only go upwards!”Sameer Ahmed Khan – CEO of Social Champ at Web Summit Stage

Shakir Ghani – COO & Co-Founder
Shakir Ghani – COO & Co-Founder

“In 2022, we learned a lot of new things, we learned how to let go of things that were not working out for us and how to accept the change that was in our favour. We experienced welcoming some new team members & saying goodbye to a few old ones.

We got a chance to expand our much cherished ChampFam in terms of customers and in-house team members. Entering 2023, we aim to strengthen our product in terms of AI and data so that we can keep on providing you with the best possible service!

This year would be all about scalable yet explosive growth, empowering masses with the power of social media.”

Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder
Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder

“My team and I are super pumped to take up the new challenges as we navigate the Martech market in the upcoming year. We are positive that this year will be huge for us as we improve on our product and launch multiple new features.

Year 2022 has been positive for me as I focused greatly on my health, including my mental and physical fitness. This enabled me to perform better professionally and lead my team to success!

The goal forward is to take risks and disrupt the social media market for the greater good!”

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