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An algorithm is generally a set of steps or a mathematical equation that a computer uses to complete or accomplish a task. Since all social media networks are computer programs, they all have a complex algorithm working at the backend.

So a social media algorithm is mostly a way of sorting through feed posts for a user. The social media algorithm determines what content to display at any given time. Before the algorithms became a norm in social media, the platform used to show content in reverse chronological order. The most recent post would show at the top and so on.

However, now algorithms are generally based on what a user enjoys the most. This way, the feed is tailored to the user’s preferences, and they are more likely to spend time on that particular app. All social media networks have different metrics that they focus on to drive results.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other platforms have an algorithm working behind their websites. Here are a few examples of the metrics that these networks focus on:

  • Facebook mainly focuses on meaningful interactions.
  • Twitter majorly relies on relevant and interacted tweets.
  • LinkedIn scans user behavior and preferences.
  • Instagram focuses on timeliness, interests, and relationships.

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