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Hello again, we are back with the 6th edition of our roundup blog. It’s FRIDAY, and it only means one thing that weekend is just right around the corner, so we need to shed some light on what happened last week.

So here is a quick rundown;

  • Facebook is testing a new option for stories
  • Snapchat is rolling out new Bitmoji avatars
  • Instagram is trying out new stickers for quick replies
  • Facebook’s Clubhouse rival is looking pretty similar to Clubhouse right now
  • Instagram to come up with the stories draft

Facebook is Rolling out a New ‘Green Screen’ Option for Facebook Stories

A phone showcasing Facebook’s Green Screen feature

Searching to add your desirable images or videos in the background? Facebook is on its way to share a new handy option for Facebook stories. Facebook is now testing a ‘Green Screen’ option for the stories. This new ‘Green screen’ option will let the users add images or videos in the background stories. A social media expert Matt Navara highlighted this feature.

This option is already available on Instagram, it seems like Facebook has just borrowed this new option from them, but there is a difference. Facebook uses this green screen option as an editing tool, and Instagram uses it as an AR filter or an effect.

This new option is now available on Facebook stories. However, this new option is helpful for content creators. This new stories creator option is now rolling out. Try this feature and share your experience.

Snapchat Comes Up With The New Bitmoji Avatar Celebrating Traditions

Maintaining Tradition

Did someone say celebration? Bitomoji avatars and traditions are the best combos ever. Who doesn’t adore these cute bitmoji avatars? Snapchat is always looking up to upgrade its bitmojis more smartly.

As the traditions are just coming around and Snapchat is already geared up for the traditional seasons rolling out bitmoji avatars for Ramzan, Holi, and Easter. According to Snapchat;

Snapchatters are gearing up for a season of celebrating, with holidays and festivals like Easter, Ramadan, Passover, and Holi all on the horizon. One in two Snapchatters around the world plan to observe a holiday or festival this March and April, but many have had to get extra creative with their celebrations.

Indeed, the pandemic restrictions have already set the limit of what people can do, but Snapchat makes it sure to celebrate these new bitmoji avatars’ traditions.

Sounds cool? Go and check out how these Bitmoji avatars are celebrating these traditions. Share it with your friends and have fun together.

Instagram Is Trying New Stickers For The Quick Replies

No more late replies now. Something is coming out from the Instagram side. Instagram is trying out some new stickers for quick replies. This new option will let the users pick up the reactions of their choice from a range of reaction stickers.

At present, Instagram has eight stickers for quick responses. Well, this addition of stickers for quick replies is not bad. This new option provides a range into four different categories.  No more dragging. Just simply reply with an emoji. If you are running out of time and reply rapidly, try out these new stickers.

Facebook’s Clubhouse Rival Is Looking Pretty Similar To Clubhouse Right Now

Clubhouse is everywhere, and it is trending but wait, Facebook trying to replicate Clubhouse? Clubhouse has just celebrated its first anniversary, and undoubtedly, it has gained a lot of popularity within a year.

According to the sources, this reveals that Facebook is working on a new product, and it is a look-alike of Clubhouse.

However, the new screenshots displayed from Facebook are still in progress, and it showcases that this new product will have rooms just as Clubhouse has.

Let’s see how this product comes up. We wish good luck to the team Facebook.

Store Drafts On Instagram

Did you notice something? Instagram and Facebook are in the limelight this week.

Instagram is gearing up for the stories drafts launching soon. Undoubtedly, the Stories draft is one of the requested features and now guess what Instagram has started working on, and soon this new feature will be seen on the feed.

This new feature will allow the users to save the Instagram story as a draft and later upload it. According to Instagram, this story draft feature is more helpful for the brands or products looking to upload as they can save their story as a draft and later upload it at their desired time.

The story draft feature is currently under process, and Instagram hasn’t announced its release date.

And that’s a wrap! We will be back again with the new exciting stories and news; until then, check out the latest updates and share your experience in the comments below.

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