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Boost Your Twitter Presence: Learn How to Schedule Tweets Like a Pro

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It’s time to get your tweeting game on!

No matter what your goals are for your tweeting, it’s essential to be consistent. Scheduling tweets via social media scheduling tools is a great way to make sure you can stick to your goals. If you’re wondering how to schedule tweets without sounding like a bot, you’ve come to the right place.

Everyone loves Twitter.

Need some entertainment? Want to see what’s in trend and what’s not? Need to authenticate news? Bored out of your mind and want to see brands roasting each other? Need to make a big announcement? Want to know who is the next Kim Kardashian? Log in to your Twitter account.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are trying to show you a pattern. Everyone who is someone, and everyone who is not, is literally present on Twitter right now. From influencers to big celebrities, from startups to well-established companies, everyone uses Twitter!

Tweeting about important things or even the not-so-important things can actually be your company’s one-way ticket to virality. However, always staying on top of your Twitter marketing strategy and tweeting at the time when your audience is active can be quite a bit of a hassle.

You can be in an Asian country, with your audience on the other side of the world. When they would be active, you would most probably be sleeping, unless you’re a night owl, in which case, please spill the beans on how you have so much energy!

Anyway, to stay sane and keep your profile active simultaneously, you should probably look into scheduling tweets using a Twitter Scheduler!

There are two basic ways to schedule tweets on the platform; you can use Twitter’s scheduling method or a social media scheduling tool.

If you are still at the crossroads as to why or how to schedule tweets, we got you covered! Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Why Should You Schedule Tweets?

If you wonder what the pros are of scheduling tweets or social media posts in general, here is why:

  1. It Saves You Time

    Lets suppose that you are a social media manager and handle five accounts simultaneously. Even if it takes you an hour to create a post for each and post them separately on all channels, that’s like five hours in a day. With a scheduling tool, you can easily do that in a fraction of a time.

  2. It Keeps Your Content in a Flow

    Consistent posting is the key to building a solid following on Twitter. It can be time-consuming to post consistently. A Twitter scheduling tool enables you to schedule messages to go out on specific days and times. This way, you can keep your messages flowing. When you create and schedule in bulk, you will never be out of content to post. Social Champ has a fantastic feature to create collections of posts and use them in a campaign and the option to bulk upload content for the entire month.

  3. Post in Different Time-Zones

    Many businesses have audiences in different parts of the world, making it practically impossible to tweet at every time zone. However, if you schedule tweets, you can easily cover a whole lot of time zones quickly. This enables your content to reach a broader set of audiences and create a more diverse following!

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How to Schedule Tweets via Twitter?

You can directly schedule tweets from Twitter with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Go to your profile from the left menu. Click on the “Tweet” button
  3. Write your content, add images, hashtags, and anything else that you want to.How to Schedule Tweets
  4. Now click on the small schedule icon at the bottom of the content window.
  5. Select day, date, time, and time zone, and click on “Confirm”Confirm the Post
  6. Your post is now scheduled. You can check your scheduled posts in the “Scheduled Tweets.”Scheduled Tweets

How to Schedule Tweets via Social Champ?

With Social Champ, you schedule tweets in a few easy steps.

  1. Signup for a Social Champ account if you don’t have one. Or log in if you have one.
  2. Once you are on the Content Composer, add your Twitter accounts. How to schedule tweets
  3. Select your Twitter profile & write your content, and add visuals and hashtags.
  4. Select Schedule from the bottom of the Content Composer.
  5. Select your preferred day, date, and time.
  6. Your tweet is now scheduled.
  7. You can check out all the scheduled posts from our Social Media Calendar. Social Media Calendar

Sign Up for Social Champ to Schedule Tweets!

Create, edit, design, and schedule tweets for your Twitter account using Social Champ’s clean and vibrant dashboard!

Why Schedule Tweets via Social Champ?

Scheduling tweets with Social Champ has several distinct advantages that regular scheduling does not offer. Furthermore, with amazing pricing plans, you can always find something that fits your company.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons:

  1. Bulk UploaderBulk Uploader

    One of the biggest advantages of using a Twitter management tool is that you can easily upload and schedule tweets in bulk. The bulk Uploader allows you to post up to 200 tweets at a time using a CSV file.

    All you need to do is compile your content in the said file and upload it. Social Champ will check out the file for errors and send them back to you. After ratification, your tweets will be scheduled!

  2. Analytics & Reporting

    You should track tweets if you are a business owner or even an influencer. With Social Champ, you can check out the analytics with Twitter-specific metrics.

    Furthermore, the tab shows your best-performing tweet and allows you to repost it. If you are an agency owner and have lots of Twitter accounts to handle, you can create customized reports for each business with presentation-ready charts!

  3. RecycleRecycle

    Honestly, recycle is one of the favorites at the Social Champ HQ. Do you know why? Because recycle feature ensures that each tweet gets the attention that it deserves.

    For evergreen content, you can create collections out of the tweets and use them in upcoming campaigns easily using the content dashboard from Social Champ!

  4. Social Media CalendarSocial Media Calendar

    Social Media Calendar presents a grid view of all your published and scheduled tweets in one window! How cool is that? You can edit, delete, reschedule, or even create a new tweet using the calendar.

    It looks gorgeous and gives you an idea of how your timeline will look in the days, weeks, or months to come!

  5. Team Collaboration

    Social Champ offers team collaboration through which you can assign your team members different roles to create content. With this, you can share the responsibilities like a happy team!

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Why Schedule Tweets Ahead of Time?

Scheduling tweets ahead of time can bring various benefits to your table and elevate your blueprint within the Twitter landscape. Here are a few concrete reasons to convince you why scheduling tweets ahead of time is essential.

  1. Brings Consistency

    You can ensure a consistent posting schedule by scheduling tweets in advance. This is particularly useful if you are managing a business or personal brand account and want to maintain a regular presence on social media.

  2. Saves Time

    Preparing and scheduling tweets ahead of time allows you to be more efficient with your time. Instead of constantly interrupting your workflow to compose and publish tweets throughout the day, you can set aside specific blocks of time to plan and schedule your tweets.

  3. Aligns Campaigns

    When running marketing campaigns or time-sensitive promotions, scheduled tweets allow you to plan and coordinate your messaging in advance. You can set up a series of tweets that align with your campaign objectives and have them go live at specific times to generate buzz or create a consistent narrative.

  4. Brings Flexibility

    Schedule tweets on Twitter and create a flexible social media strategy. You can plan and organize your content calendar, experiment with different posting times, and ensure that your tweets go out even if you are unavailable or occupied with other tasks.

How to Schedule Multiple Tweets at Once?

One of the best ways to optimize your Twitter feed is to schedule your tweets in advance. If you’re wondering how to schedule tweets, you can use the scheduling feature on the Twitter website to schedule multiple tweets for the future. You can use an external scheduling tool to schedule multiple tweets at once on multiple Twitter accounts. Scheduling tweets in advance allows you to share information with your followers at times when they are more likely to be online.

Social Champ allows you to schedule multiple tweets at once by using the bulk scheduling feature. All you have to do is

  1. Navigate to the Bulk Upload in the app
  2. Download the .csv file
  3. Fill the .csv file with all your tweets & date & time
  4. Upload the file in the app
  5. Check for errors (if any), and fix them right away
  6. And there you go!

That’s how easily your entire month’s worth of content is scheduled in a single go. You can schedule up to 300 tweets in advance with one .csv file.

When you want to view or edit your scheduled Tweets, you can do that too!

With Social Champ’s Social Media Calendar, you can view, edit, reschedule, delete or repost your tweet immediately. You can also edit them at any time. This is an excellent way to keep your account relevant with posts on trending topics or holidays. Also, you can repost your most engaging tweets from the Calendar.

How to Schedule Tweets on Mobile?

 You can’t schedule tweets from the Twitter mobile app. So, what’s the best way to schedule a tweet from your mobile device?

There are two ways to do so. First, you can go to Twitter.com from your browser & then follow the above steps.

Another way to do so is by using Social Champ’s mobile app. With our easy-to-use & straightforward mobile app, you can easily post or schedule your tweets. Simply write your tweets in the content composer, add images, & schedule it on the date & the time you want it to post. You can schedule tweets for weeks or months ahead in just a few clicks. You can also view your scheduled post in the queue.

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How to Schedule Tweets Using Twitter Web?

Here, you can create scheduled tweets using Twitter on Web via Twitter ads, allowing organic and promoted-only tweets to go live at a specific date and time. Following are a few easy steps to understand.

  1. Log in to ads.twitter.com.
  2. Go to the “Creatives” tab.
  3. Click on “New Tweet” in the top right corner.
  4. It will lead you to the Tweet Composer. Create your Tweet here.
  5. Choose a category for your Tweet. Selecting the “Promoted-only” option will deliver your Tweet only to users targeted in a Promoted Ads campaign, not organically to your followers.
  6. Once your tweet is ready, select the down arrow button next to “Tweet.”
  7. Choose “Schedule” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Select the date and time you want your scheduled Tweet to go live.

After you have followed all these steps, your tweet will be scheduled for posting. You can view your scheduled tweets by toggling down the menu and selecting the “Scheduled Tweets” option.

How to Auto Schedule Tweets

Social Champ automates your Twitter scheduling by allowing users to auto-schedule tweets using the ‘Queue’ feature. If you do not want to schedule posts manually via the calendar, you can utilize this feature for your convenience. Using Social Champ’s Queue, you can either choose Queue Last to queue the content for the available slots or select Queue Next to queue the content for the first available slot.

5 Tips for Scheduling Tweets

Before you schedule your tweets while vibing to your playlist, let’s dive into some of the best practices. Here are our top 5 tips that have helped us out in the past & continue to wow even today!

  1. Leave Space in Your Schedule

    Filling your social media calendar to the brim is not really that smart. Sure, you would have tweets for all days of the week, but what would you do if all the good slots are booked and you want to post something on the spot?

    A new trend might blow up Twitter, Cloudflare services might go down again, or internet explorer could come back. And since your calendar would be full of previously scheduled tweets, you would miss out on the opportunity to cash on it.

    So what exactly should be your game plan? Fill up most of the spaces in your calendar and keep around 20% of slots empty. And if these trends pop up at the time of filled slots, you can adjust them using the empty spaces.

  2. Schedule a Mix of Content

    With Twitter, short tweets work best, but images and videos are also super popular. So what should you schedule for your business blog? The answer is simple, post stuff that covers it all.

    Schedule some nice witty (non-offensive) tweets, product pictures, short videos, and articles from your blog. When you experiment with different types of tweets, you can also figure out which one resonates the most with your audience.

  3. Figure Out the Best Time to Post

    Figuring out your best time to post on Twitter is really important to create engagement. You need to know exactly when your audience is active to make the most out of the tweets. The tweets you post at the right time gather the most engagement and have the maximum number of impressions!

    You can use Social Champ to find the best time to post with the Analytics feature. Also, location matters when it comes to identifying the best time to post. Take into account the local or global location and the priorities of that set of people.

  4. Know your Audience

    So, once you have decided the best time to post, the next essential tip is to know your audience. You may be wondering how you would know your audience. Then here is the answer.

    Monitor your posts result, see which type of content your audience usually likes, see their interests, and most importantly, when they are likely to be active. Wrap all the essential information and start creating the content based on your audience’s interest; you will definitely see a major change in your engagement levels.

  5. Don’t Forget Analytics

    Do you ever monitor the analytics of your posts? If not, then you have probably been missing out on how your posts sound to your audience. Tracking analytics will definitely help you to monitor key metrics, engagements, followers you gain or lose, and retweets so that you can make data-driven decisions for your next Twitter strategies.

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5 Best Free Social Media Management Tools to Schedule Tweets

  1. Social Champ

    Social Champ is a social media management tool with specific Twitter scheduling features. Using the tool, you can schedule tweets in bulk for up to 3 years with links, images, videos, hashtags, mentions, and more! Twitter Threads by Social Champ

    Apart from that, Social Champ allows you to engage with your audience, reply to mentions, and keep an eye on notifications. Furthermore, you can track how well the tweets are performing and what your native best time to post is. With Social Champ, you can schedule Twitter threads as well!

    Social Champ offers a free plan that allows you to manage three profiles with all the premium features and unlimited scheduling. The free plan is an excellent resource if you are a startup or are only looking to add 3 profiles.

Upgrade Your Twitter Marketing Strategy With Social Champ!

Check out the incredible features to create, schedule, and manage tweets to build an impactful digital identity.
  1. TweetDeckTweetDeck

    TweetDeck falls into the category of free scheduling tools for Twitter. Tweetdeck is a free tool to schedule tweets in advance. The tool can schedule up to 30 tweets an hour. It includes over 20 pre-set templates and 16 ways to collaborate and engage across audiences and networks. You can also edit and customize Twitter feeds manually or with customizable templates, including photo, graphics, and video sharing. It offers various power-packed features to take your social media strategies to the next level.

  2. Planly

    Planly is a new Twitter scheduling tool along with other networks. With Planly, you can schedule tweets with or without adding visuals. One of the best things about Planly is the multiple account management. You can connect multiple Twitter accounts and schedule to them at the same time.

    Also, there is an automatic first comment feature for tweets, which ensures better engagement.

    Planly has a free plan that allows you to add 2 social networks such as 2 Twitter accounts. This can work for teams that look for a subtle Twitter presence. There is also a 14-day free trial for all the premium plans where you can test other features and add more social channels.

  3. PlanablePlanable

    Another notable social media tool that can help you schedule tweets on Twitter quickly without any hassle is Planable. It allows you to easily create, plan, and preview Twitter posts within a workspace in advance. You can schedule tweets in bulk and set the optimal time for each post according to your preference.

    Planable’s Twitter scheduler offers a drag-and-drop design that you can utilize for any last-minute changes in your calendar. Moreover, the whole team can collectively work on the content and design of the tweets and approve them, ensuring a collaborative workflow.

  4. PostfityPostfity

    The next tool to guide you on how to schedule tweets is Postfity. This tool comes with a Twitter scheduler allowing users to schedule up to 10,000 tweets to multiple accounts at once. You can also schedule tweets in advance using the Bulk Upload feature. In addition, with Postfity, you can also manage client accounts as a team with different approval levels.

People Also Ask

Can I schedule tweets on Twitter for free?

Yes, you read this right! You can easily schedule multiple tweets for free with the best free Twitter scheduling tools.

What are some things to consider when you schedule tweets?

Why is it important to schedule your tweets?

Because it is free and easy, it will save you tons of time. You don’t even have to use Twitter itself to schedule tweets. Set up an account on a scheduling tool like Social Champ and schedule all your tweets within a single dashboard.

Can you queue Tweets?

Yes, you can queue tweets. Once you have scheduled tweets, you can schedule them at a particular time or add them to the queue.

Can I schedule tweets in bulk?

Yes, you can schedule tweets in bulk with Social Champ’s bulk upload feature. Schedule thousands of tweets at once and leave the rest on Social Champ.

Wrapping Up

I hope that this blog answered your query about how to schedule tweets using a Twitter scheduling tool. Social Champ is more than just a scheduling tool; it is an all-in-one package for all social media processes. With Social Champ, we aim to make your social media management as easy and automated as possible. If you are ever stuck while using our tool or have any queries, feel free to message us on our live chat, and our customer support team will get back to you at the earliest!

Sign up today for free and avail of our 7-day trial without entering your card details!

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