16+ Proven Tips to Craft a Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in 2022

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LinkedIn is one of the most preferred social networking sites for finding jobs, finding more customers, generating leads, and building more trust among customers. Our understanding of LinkedIn has evolved in the last few years, so more businesses utilize it for marketing strategies.

People are searching more about LinkedIn hacks these days to make the most of this platform. This blog will discuss tips & tactics for creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business that can drive more leads & sales.

LinkedIn has managed to find an optimal balance between providing a relaxed social media site for professionals and a powerful social networking platform. It’s more about professionalism, while platforms like Facebook are more about keeping in touch with friends.

The idea of LinkedIn may have started to build connections with people in the same field, but it has grown into a robust network of professionals. LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to promote your business in 2022. It’s joining Facebook and Instagram in terms of the number of users in the US.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing So Important?

LinkedIn provides a way for professionals to connect and a platform for businesses to promote their work and brands. LinkedIn marketing is less expensive than advertisements on other social networks. Competition for jobs is becoming increasingly more complex, and LinkedIn has changed the game for job seekers. More and more professionals use LinkedIn to network, connect with their peers, and post videos to showcase their skills.

LinkedIn is not only used as a job listing site; it’s also used as a tool to conduct research on companies and candidates, learn more about competitors, and connect with potential colleagues.

What is LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

A strategy is a plan of action for a particular goal. LinkedIn marketing strategy is employed by small businesses within the first few months of operation & by established firms gradually.

When creating a LinkedIn strategy, it’s essential to understand your target market. Who are they? What are their interests? What are their needs? How does your product relate to what they need and want?

Crafting a successful marketing strategy in 2022 requires a two-part plan. The first part involves the decision about how much time and effort you want to put into LinkedIn. The more time and effort you invest, the more benefits you will get. And the second part of the strategy is more about crafting your profile on LinkedIn to get the most out of it.

How to Make Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Perfect in 2022?

There are some particular things to do to make your LinkedIn strategy perfect. First, you make sure that you are sharing quality content consistently. This content could be an article, visual posts, notes, opinion pieces, blog posts, infographics, etc. You can go ahead and create three different posts around that type of content for every kind of content.

Then, make sure that you are connecting with influencers in your niche. This can be done by following influencers relevant to your industry and engaging with their content. Once you have them on your radar, this will drastically reduce your time because you can check their posting frequency and post your content right when they are active. Consider using a social media management tool to monitor the social activity of your competition. It’s essential to be authentic.

LinkedIn is a personality-driven social media platform. Your personality will be the single most compelling reason for people to follow you.

Let’s have a look at some tips & LinkedIn marketing strategies & examples in detail.

5 Effective Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Marketing on LinkedIn is all about building quality relationships with like-minded professionals. Here are our five tips for crafting the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy in 2022:

  1. Know Your LinkedIn Marketing Goals

    The first step to crafting a perfect LinkedIn strategy is to fully understand your LinkedIn marketing goals and identify and work with a marketing strategist to accomplish those goals effectively. LinkedIn is a pro networking platform. However, posting for the sake of being perceived as being active doesn’t work here. Instead, you need to know what your goals are before you start.

    The objectives can vary from building relationships to establishing trust with your customers or generating leads. Determining the best plan for your company is key to making your efforts on LinkedIn more efficient. It’s time to stop posting cliche LinkedIn posts that are self-promoting only. Instead, look for helpful posts that build credibility, provide insight into your audience’s needs, or offer information to your industry.

  2. Optimize Your Company Pages

    LinkedIn company pages are the hub for your company’s LinkedIn presence. Prospective customers, both current and potential, learn about your company through your company pages.

    To ensure you stay relevant, generate leads, and be more search-friendly, it’s imperative that you fully optimize your company’s LinkedIn presence. Fill in all the details required in the About section of your company page. Your company profile and your profile both should be marketed as such.

  3. Maintain Your Posting Frequency

    The ‘spray-and-pray LinkedIn content strategy will not work these days. It would be best if you had a proper social media content calendar & posting schedule for LinkedIn. For each LinkedIn update, the content post should be crafted with a strategy to hit the social media frequency goal for a perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy in 2022.

Want to Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts but Can’t Find a Tool That Fits Your Needs?

Social Champ is an easy-to-use tool that helps you schedule your LinkedIn posts. Whether you need to post every day or just every few weeks, Social Champ lets you do this on your own time.  Give it a try today and see if it could work for you.
  1. Grow Your Network

    One of the best ways to utilize LinkedIn is to form your strategic network. Here are some tips for developing your strategic network to grow your LinkedIn connections.

    • Start with the professional connections that you know first hand
    • Expand your network by first reaching out to people that are shaping the industry
    • Use LinkedIn to discover your professional connections which you may not know first hand
    • Use the  Advanced Search to find uncommon, relevant people

    You might be able to find people who are uncommon to you and who might be able to provide you with contacts you would not have found otherwise. That way, you can build your network by searching for other members who fit the perfect niche.

  1. Be Active in LinkedIn Groups

    Before starting to build a new LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need to keep this tip in mind. An easy way to increase your online presence and grow your network is by becoming active in LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups may seem like a waste of time to many people because many of these networking groups seem to be filled with people who aren’t paying attention. Make sure the groups you are following are authentic and not just spam to create a fake profile.

13 Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategies That Can Generate More Leads & Engagement in 2022

Many marketers find it challenging to find an effective marketing strategy on LinkedIn as the platform has had a tough time attracting marketers. However, as the company has tried to attract marketers back to the platform, it has introduced several strategies to help marketers succeed. These strategies help marketers get more leads and engagement on LinkedIn. Some of them are:

  1. Share the Value of LinkedIn Courses

    LinkedIn courses offer you access to a great set of helpful tools and tutorials. They will help your company and/or individual gain the technical and strategic knowledge or skills to achieve your desired outcomes. You can choose from a list of courses to address your business needs. It is also considered the best LinkedIn marketing strategy.

  2. Buy LinkedIn Ads Targeted at the Right People

    LinkedIn ads are tailored for the right audience, delivering high-impact ads to prospective customers. The ads will blend into relevant target audiences and be right over their head if the contact information is correct. After, you can track the results of your targeted ads campaigns on LinkedIn to evaluate the performance. In the case of advanced analytics, you can connect LinkedIn Ads to BigQuery or analytics tools and understand the ads’ impact and performance in detail.

  3. Create LinkedIn Articles

    Make LinkedIn Pulse a part of your LinkedIn content strategy. LinkedIn articles can be an excellent tactic for generating leads and engaging with audiences. While they may not generate as many clicks for some, they are a great way to engage the audience, build your personal brand & repurpose your content. Post articles that provide insight into your niche and industry.Create LinkedIn Articles

  4. Join Private Groups

    Here comes another LinkedIn marketing strategy. Joining private groups is a great way to increase the size of your network. Group members can offer advice, answer questions, and interact with other top professionals. If you’re looking for more clients or sales, then you should join more groups on LinkedIn. Join at least 2 to 3 different private groups.

  5. Start a LinkedIn Group

    Create LinkedIn groups to support your company page or for your customers, or just to connect with like-minded professionals. Invite people you know who are interested in your product or service. Add a “Follow” button to your company blog and homepage to provide a deeper level of engagement.

  6. Optimize Your Public Profile

    Optimizing your public LinkedIn profile is also a part of building a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Make sure your profile includes a summary, experience, and any awards. Use either a photo or video as your profile picture. Keep the profile content updated with important company announcements, articles about your business, and/or recent work experiences. Set the right LinkedIn metrics for your profile optimization & engagement.optimize LinkedIn Profile

  7. Update Your LinkedIn Content Strategy

    A good LinkedIn content strategy includes using creatives that speak to your reader. A business can increase its engagement on LinkedIn by understanding the LinkedIn algorithm & putting together a company’s content strategy. It’s a good idea to create a post once a week to share successes, introduce a new product or service or tell a company’s story related to current events. Just be sure to include a link to a company’s blog or website so people can find more information about the company.

  8. Define Your Editorial Plan’s Goal

    Most marketers make the mistake of posting the same content on all social networks. If you want your LinkedIn marketing strategy to work, you need to have clear objectives for your editorial plan. Identify the objectives, whether it’s brand awareness, consideration, or conversion. Define the metrics you’re going to follow, & then plan your editorial calendar. Identify the macro-topics for content & then divide them into sections. Then create your weekly or monthly schedule where you can discuss those topics in detail.

  9. Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts

    Managing LinkedIn company pages & profiles can be time-consuming and stressful. You could spend all day trying to figure out the perfect time to post on social media, but it’s never the time you would have wanted. To strengthen your LinkedIn strategy, use a social media scheduler for LinkedIn. Schedule your posts ahead of time, so you never have to think about it again. With Social Champ, you’ll make sure you’re posting on LinkedIn and getting the most out of your account. It takes just a few minutes to set up your account, and you can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance.Social Champ Content Composer

  10. Use LinkedIn Live

    Video publishing on LinkedIn has more than tripled since late last year. Many company pages & influencers are using LinkedIn Live Video to broadcast live video content. There are specific criteria & guidelines that you need to follow to be a LinkedIn live broadcaster. There are LinkedIn-approved streaming tools that will help you stream your live broadcast. A few guidelines that you need to follow are:

    • You have to live within the first 60 days of access
    • You can’t go live more than once a day
    • You can’t use pre-recorded content
    • No selling or overly promotional streams
    • Avoid large sponsorship logos or unprofessional streams.
  11. Use Hashtags & Follow Topics

    LinkedIn hashtags allow you to find topics and interests most relevant to you and can be used to engage with those who will post to the same keyword. Use relevant hashtags in your posts & participate in trending hashtags. Follow hashtags & topics related to your niche & you will get a notification whenever anything is trending on it. Well, it is the best LinkedIn marketing strategy.

    Use Hashtags & Follow Topics

  12. If you want to make your LinkedIn strategy work in 2022, you need to adopt LinkedIn carousel posts asap. It’s a great way to share documents & increase 10x engagement on your posts. You can upload multipage documents that will be presented in a carousel form which can be scrolled through. You will find carousels in the form of ads on other platforms, but with LinkedIn, you can have them in posts. Turn your static posts into entertaining series of flashcards & attract more views & shares.

    linkedin carousel post example

  13. Offer Interactive Elements Like Polls

    Whether you want to debate the best marketing tool to invest in, look for some new courses, or decide on the new feature for your product, getting input from your network/customers will give you the confidence to pull the right trigger. And the best way to do this is using LinkedIn polls.

    Make LinkedIn polls a part of your LinkedIn strategy to increase engagement on your posts. It is a great way to ask for feedback or start new conversations while giving them the impression that their opinion matters. If you’re an admin of the page or group, you can easily create LinkedIn polls in less than 30 seconds.Offer Interactive Elements Like Polls

How to Make the Most of These LinkedIn Marketing Strategies?

To understand how you use these tips, & strategies in the best possible way, let’s have a look at Semrush’s LinkedIn marketing strategy example.

Semrush’s LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B

Semrush started in 2008 as a small SEO tool, which has grown into one of the top industry-leading all-in-one marketing suites consisting of more than 50 products, tools, and add-ons that help companies market better online. Not only their more than millions follower count may attest to Semrush’s prominence on social media, but the way they converse with their audience is what matters the most.

Semrush combines industry research, helpful tips, humor, and feature promotion so that people like to engage on their posts, share them, & want to know more about them. They know their target audience & how to engage with them. Personally, I love how they cash the trending topics & make a post about it incorporating their brand voice and humor in it.

They have a mix of informational, educational, entertaining & promotional content. Whether it’s in the form of a simple LinkedIn status update

Or a well-researched infographic

Or about a post about their product

It’s always engaging & entertaining. If you need to see inspiration on how to craft the perfect LinkedIn strategy that will work in 2022, go check out Semrush’s LinkedIn pages & take notes!


There are many ways to make the most of LinkedIn, but it’s crucial to analyze your LinkedIn marketing strategy and understand your goals. Make sure to focus on the quality of content you share on LinkedIn to avoid spamming your connections. Connect with influencers, monitor your competition, and be authentic! You can use the tips mentioned above, strategy & examples to reach your target audience & generate more engagement & leads via LinkedIn.

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