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10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools That Help With Lead Generation

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LinkedIn automation tools make it a far more comfortable work to win associations than a regular, non-automated offer, which would eventually make it easier for you to pitch your goods and show your content to those newly expanded connections.

LinkedIn is the world’s most extensive professional network that connects diverse professionals from more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

According to LinkedIn’s website, more than 660 million professionals are registered on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has established to be the best for job seekers and businesses looking for new customers or leads to endless networking capabilities.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Automation Tools?


Here are a few reasons why you use tools to manage your LinkedIn accounts;

  • LinkedIn automation tools assist you in publishing your content for the right viewership at the right time and maximize your influence in no time, helping you gain an upper advantage in the game.
  • They help you take in a personalized approach to your user intercommunications. Many of your contacts would want to communicate with you, not through email but straight via LinkedIn. Now, you can’t guarantee a 24/7 presence of a human agent to manage incoming messages. In fact, many tools are competent enough to communicate with complete context and in a hyper-personalized manner.
  • The most beneficial thing about LinkedIn automation tools is that they not only automate monotonous and redundant tasks but do a lot of creative work. For example, not only do some tools produce leads for you, but they also provide features that make following up with recruits a piece of cake. These features enable you to instantly refresh your prior communication with them before heading out for a meeting.

The Best 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools

While you may also want to learn how to use LinkedIn ads to generate sales, if you’re looking for specific LinkedIn tools that can help you generate leads and close sales, keep on reading, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Social Champ

Social champ-linkedin automation tools

One of the top features of Social Champ is the Bulk Schedule feature

Social Champ provides a CSV template where you fill-up the details of your post, and the rest is taken care of by them.

The other valuable feature from Social Champ is their Post Repetition tool.

With post repetition, you can choose to repeat a post on Social Media several times, and after specific time gaps. This makes sure that your content is always getting eyeballs.

This is a must-have feature if you are a social media influencer or marketer. The reason behind this is, the change of content in social media feeds is so rapid. In a few hours, feeds entirely change, and to make sure your content is visible, you’ll need to repeat posts. You can automate this with Social Champ, which makes it a breeze on social media.

linkedin automation tools

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator

If you aspire to use LinkedIn to boost sales, the Sales Navigator tool is a transcendent place to start. Awarded by the social media marketing platform itself, its purpose is to connect buyers and merchants uniquely.

There are many features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with the most important as follows:

  • The use of an exceptional algorithm to find the prospects best aligned with what you have to give.
  • Sales insights from the sales navigator to assure that you have the best information as a decision-maker.

3. Aeroleads- Linkedin Email Finder


aero leads

Aeroleads is one of the best ones among the lead generation tools list for 2020. It permits you to build a real-time email list for marketing and sales plans. Aeroleads software begins with a free trial version with ten credits to explore your potential probabilities. With Aeroleads, you can:

  • Find company emails and connections from LinkedIn.
  • Get fifteen data points (full name, job description, location, working company specifications, business contact numbers, etc.)
  • Export/Send data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc.

Create fantastic content, capture leads through this LinkedIn automation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails.




Expandi is supposed to be the safest tool on the market when it comes to automating your LinkedIn messages. It allows you to:

  1. Determines the audience you want to target, whether it’s the superior search results, Expandi searches results, or even everyone interested in a specific post on LinkedIn.
  2. Creates various outreach campaigns for many LinkedIn profiles under one account.
  3. Sends connection requests on autopilot to the following of your choice.
  4. Sends out message streams on autopilot that ends the second you receive an answer.
  5. Makes sure you are constantly on the safe side with an algorithm that simulates human behavior.

Expandi can be combined with a CRM tool of your choice to connect your outreach struggles with your leads database.

5. LeadFuze



If you don’t know which direction to take, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all LinkedIn data. This is where LeadFuze comes in.

This prospecting LinkedIn tool enables you to quickly generate a list of leads and target the right accounts via a simple search. 

Not only does LeadFuze provide you with access to contact information (email and phone number), but it also helps you automate the process of sending personalized emails and follow-ups.

6. Dux-Soup



If you’re browsing LinkedIn using Google Chrome, you’ll want to try out a nifty little tool called Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup advertises as ‘the ultimate lead generation tool for LinkedIn.’ 

It’s a LinkedIn tool for keeping track of the profiles you visit. Just browse all the profiles of interest to you, and the tool will automatically compile all of them into a .CSV file.

It’s perfect for building databases, as it gathers all of the most important information from the profiles you visit, such as their contact number and email, company, location, etc. 




Salesloop is a modern tool that has freshly hit the market and is one of the most exceptional Linkedin tools we’ve seen. The founders looked at the current tools on the market and saw buggy chrome extensions and primary desktop apps that result in the user having to fly on their laptop while the campaign happens in the background.

So they began from the ground up & built a modern web app that is the most reliable on the market & cloud-based SaaS – so that users can add Linkedin or Sales Nav search URLs to a campaign and “set it & forget it.” 

Salesloop originates with built-in unenroll functionality. After an intermediary message is sent and then received, they actively check for any response – and make sure that if you receive a response, your prospect is unenrolled from the message course so you can get back to them yourself.

8. Crystal


linkedin automation tools - Crystal

Crystal can study a LinkedIn profile or premium account and provide feedback and perspicacity into a person’s personality.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll find it easier to interact with the person in a suitable manner rather than just doing a cold call. This tool will give you a high guidance level from the information you use to the way you approach the prospect.

When you contrast two LinkedIn profiles, you may observe the same thing (for the most part). But, you’ll soon find that many subtleties can be picked up on and used to your advantage to avoid the dreaded cold call when you use Crystal.



linkedin automation tools- Discoverly

As the top professional network, LinkedIn should provide you with all the information you might need, right?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes, it might be useful to know what your prospects are doing on other social networks, whether you have some mutual friends outside the business world, and so on.

This is where a LinkedIn tool called comes in. Available as the Chrome browser extension, displays information from other social media while browsing LinkedIn.

10. Alfred


linkedin automation tools - Alfred

If you are a petite or budding business, it can be said that Alfred is all you would want. It is the perfect LinkedIn automation tool on the internet.

The facts state that Alfred functions as a message automation tool, networking, prospects, and lead generation to support this up.

Captivate your prospects with profile views, advertisements, connection requests, messages, InMails, Emails, and Twitter DMs.

Tailor your flows based on how they answer, and make each action look natural and genuine. This will assist you in understanding the potential of LinkedIn automation tools. 



Call it what you will, a bot, a LinkedIn message sender, Linkedin automation platform – whatever it is you prefer to call it, the result is the same.

Linkedin automation allows you to reduce the manual work you’re doing and automate your connection messages and follow-ups in a smart way.

If you’re sending 30-40 Linkedin messages per day, that can take up to 1.5 hours of your time, including researching contacts and personalizing the messages, even if you only change the name on it!

Add to that the amount of time spent monitoring for accepted connections and sending follow-ups, and you could quickly be looking at 3 hours daily. That’s 15 hours per working week. Or 60 hours per month.

That’s why Linkedin automation has taken off. It’s such a valuable time saver and allows you to extend your network and reach a really targeted persona group in record time, with minimal effort.

The objective is to free up your time to be able to spend on other, more high-value tasks.



Q1- What are the best lead generation tools?

  • HubSpot. 
  • SharpSpring.
  • Keap.
  • Nimble.
  • Pardot.
  • Marketo.
  • Contactually.
  • OnePageCRM.

Q2- How do you automate on LinkedIn?

To make a business presence on LinkedIn and upgrade your brand image, you have to build a secure business page. Think about your LinkedIn organization page as an expansion of your official business website. You can automate posting on your LinkedIn page to have a constant presence online. This is doable through different LinkedIn scheduling tools.

Q3- Is LinkedIn good for lead generation?

For your marketing and sales teams to deliver opportunities to cessation, it’s essential first to have quality possibilities. Hence, your marketing efforts must principally be aimed towards a fundamental part of your sales funnel, the LinkedIn Lead Generation. When it proceeds to B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is the most chosen platform by marketers. 

Q4- How do you increase your leads on LinkedIn?

  • Have good discussions as often as possible
  • Generate leads from your website visitors
  • Use lead databases
  • Use marketing automation
  • Answer questions on Q&A services
  • Leverage someone else’s audience
  • Chat with your users with live chat
  • Make full use of your emails
  • Create lead magnets
  • Make sure your SEO is in good shape
  • Forms on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn InMail
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Ads on LinkedIn

Q5- How does LinkedIn use b2b lead generation?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world’s largest professional network, and it is used by 94% of B2B marketers to distribute content, and the professional content is trusted by 7 out of 10 individuals. Follow the below tips for effective LinkedIn lead generation.

Q6- How do I get legitimate LinkedIn connections fast?

LinkedIn is virtually an unlimited source of professionals from diverse fields. Inevitably some of them are involved in your products, so go examining! LinkedIn allows connecting with its group members, who are in-turn your potential leads. A business can establish its authority in the industry, by sharing its expert insights, answer questions, etc. and thereby add value to the group members. LinkedIn has targeting options, budgeting is flexible, and the ads can be created in minutes using LinkedIn AdStudio. Content magnets like whitepapers, case studies, surveys, etc. can be created, promoted as Ads, and then sent to specific well-designed landing pages. Sponsored InMail campaigns allow reaching a prospect’s inbox straight away, which can be used to send rich content, promotions, etc. Also, decision-makers can be contacted in a secure manner using this feature.

Happy Linking!
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