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Why & How to Schedule Facebook Posts?

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Whether small or big, posting content on Facebook will certainly be part of your marketing plan if you own a business. Do you ever forget to publish it on time? Or while managing more than one Facebook page or groups you ever wished if there was a way to schedule Facebook posts?

Luckily, there is!

If you’re managing your Facebook business page(s) by manually posting content at different timings, you need a break! Then, you should know the benefits of scheduling content on Facebook.

Why Should I Schedule Facebook Posts?

Scheduling Facebook posts can help you & your business in many ways, like:

  • Scheduling posts can help you save a lot of time
  • You can be more consistent with posting schedules
  • You can also avoid the unnecessary long gaps between the posts
  • You don’t have to be online 24×7 to post content
  • You can manage audiences with different timezones more efficiently
  • You can manage your social media content calendar much better
  • You can connect & engage with more people
  • You can schedule posts when your followers are most active.

Not everyone schedules Facebook posts for the same reason. Your reason might be to maintain the frequency of your content.

One reason to schedule posts can be to balance the workload. Manage your daily task efficiently & focus on more important things than content posting.  When all your posts are scheduled, you can use that time to work on your content strategy & community management.

Another reason can be to get enough sleep. If your business is based in Asia, but you have American customers online when it’s 3 am in your region, the most important thing that you’ll lose is your sleep. You have three options in this case:

  1. Post according to your timezone when your followers are not active
  2. Stay up late till 3 am & then post content manually
  3. Schedule your Facebook post for 3 am & have a nice sleep.

To any sensible & sane person, the third option is the smartest one.

If you’re convinced why you should schedule a Facebook post, then the next question would be, HOW?

How to Schedule Your Facebook Posts?

There are two ways to schedule Facebook posts:

1). Using Facebook’s Creator Studio

2). By a third-party tool

Before we dive into the details of these two ways, you must know that to schedule Facebook posts; you need to have a “Facebook Business Page.” Or a Facebook group that you’re an admin of.

You can’t schedule posts on your personal Facebook accounts, neither natively nor by any third-party tool. 

If you don’t own a Facebook Business Page, we have got a step-by-step guide for you on how to create a Facebook page.

How to Schedule Posts Using Facebook Creator Studio?

Before you start scheduling a post on Facebook, you should have a role on the page that gives you the access to create & post content.

What are Facebook Page Roles?

According to Facebook, there are five different types of Page Roles. Here are the details:

Image Source: Facebook Help Center

You can’t schedule a post on a Facebook page if you’re only a follower.

 To schedule a post on Facebook, click “Create Post.”


Click on Creator Studio, and it will take you there.

Facebook creator studio


Once you’re at Facebook’s Creator Studio, write your post & select ‘Schedule.’


Select the time & date you want your post to go live. Click on ‘Schedule.’ Once your post is scheduled, it will show you a message:

Click on ‘Content Library’ to view your scheduled posts.

Creator studio content library option


You can view all your scheduled & published posts with analytics in ‘Content Library.’ Select filters to sort as you wish.


Facebook creator studio overview

And that’s it. You can schedule Facebook posts for a week, month, or even year.

Why Should You Use a Scheduling Tool?

The next question that arises here is, why should you use a third-party tool to schedule Facebook posts when you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio?

Glad you asked.

Facebook Creator Studio has many features but there all limited to Facebook (and, to some extend, Instagram). With a scheduling tool, you can post & schedule your content on multiple social networks at once.

Also, if you have more than one Facebook page, you can select all the pages you want to share a post and schedule content at once.

Using a scheduling tool might save you more time.

If you’re looking for a Facebook scheduling tool, Social Champ is a great option available.

Social Champ allows you to connect with multiple social networks, including Facebook Business pages & groups.

You can also connect Twitter profiles, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn profiles & pages, Pinterest boards & Google My Business accounts to Social Champ.

Social Champ’s dashboard shows all your scheduled posts in the queue. It also has a social media calendar that shows all your past & scheduled posts in calendar view. You can directly edit, delete, or reschedule all your posts from there.

With its Analytics feature, you can keep track of how well your posts are performing. For better understanding, you can download white-label PDF reports.

Sign up for Social Champ today and start your free 7-day trial today!

Manage your Facebook pages & groups effortlessly with Social Champ. Sign up today & explore more exciting features

How to Schedule Facebook Posts with Social Champ?

To schedule your posts via Social Champ, you need to create an account first. Once you’re in the app, select add ‘Add Social Accounts’ & select ‘Facebook Pages.’

Add social accounts on Social Champ

Connect your Facebook page by logging in to your Facebook account & selecting the page(s).

Once you’ve connected your pages to Social Champ’s dashboard, write your post in the ‘Content Composer.’

Schedule Facebook posts using Social Champ

Add media if you want. We’ve got a media library for you with royalty-free images & GIFs. You can also add hashtags to your posts.

When it’s ready, select ‘Schedule’ from the ‘when to post’ dropdown. Select the time & date when you want your post to go live. Click on ‘Schedule’ once your post is ready.

You can view all your scheduled posts in the Calendar.

Social media Calendar of Social Champ

And that’s it. That’s how simple it is to schedule Facebook posts through Social Champ. You can schedule your content on multiple social networks along with Facebook in just a few clicks.

Why Should You Schedule Post with Social Champ?

There are many Facebook scheduling tools available in the market. But, you can trust us on this. Social Champ gives you the best features at the most affordable price. You can manage 25 social networks with 300 scheduled posts per network for just $10.

And 50 social networks with 1500 scheduled posts per network in just $29. No hidden charges.

We aim to make your social media management as effortless as it can be. If you need any assistance or have any questions about the tool, contact us at our live customer support. We’re here to serve you.

And it’s more than just a scheduling tool. Social Champ also offers additional features like Auto RSS, Social Inbox, Client Organization, Team Management, Analytics & Reporting, and much more.

Sign up today for free to schedule all your social media posts, engage with your followers, and track the success of your efforts.

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