How to schedule a post on Facebook

Why & How to Schedule a Post on Facebook?

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Imagine this.

*Running short on time. Coffee is getting cold. No time for a break. Clients are constantly calling.*

Sounds familiar? I am sure all Facebook managers are aware of this scenario and always looking for ways out. Don’t worry; you certainly ain’t alone, and every digital marketer has at some point thought of “how to schedule a post on Facebook” or “How to auto post on Facebook?”!

When you start scheduling posts on Facebook in advance, sticking to a social media content calendar becomes ten folds easier. It helps you with consistency, staying on top of the schedule, and avoiding long timeline gaps with little to no effort!

I am sure you are wondering how you could do it. Well, say no more!

Here is how to do it, what the best practices are, and the benefits of scheduling!

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook Using the Creator Studio?

Facebook’s Creator Studio allows you to schedule posts on Facebook page using the following steps:

  1. Click on create a story.
  2. Select Facebook News Feed to post on Facebook.
  3. Click on upload media and add any visuals you want, add GIFs, stickers, or edit images.
  4. Preview how your post will look on Facebook.
  5. Click on publish now to post or schedule the post for a later time immediately.

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook Using Social Champ?

To schedule Facebook posts using Social Champ is super easy and requires next to no effort. Here is how you could do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Social Champ account. Log in to your Social Champ account.
  2. Select the Facebook profile on which you want to schedule posts.
  3. Add your text, images, hashtags, and anything else that you want. Select the Facebook profile and Hashtag
  4. Either post now or schedule for a later time. post now or schedulepost now or schedule
  5. Check out your post and preview from the social media calendar. Check out your post

Schedule Facebook posts with Social Champ!

Scheduling posts with Social Champ to make use of the most prominent scheduling and management features for Facebook

Why Should You Schedule Facebook Posts?

Scheduling Facebook posts can help you & your business in many ways, like:

  • Scheduling posts can help you save a lot of time
  • You can be more consistent with posting schedules
  • You can also avoid the unnecessary long gaps between the posts
  • You don’t have to be online 24×7 to post content
  • You can manage audiences with different time zones more efficiently
  • You can manage your social media content calendar much better
  • You can connect & engage with more people
  • You can schedule posts when your followers are most active.
  • Not everyone schedules Facebook posts for the same reason. Your reason might be to maintain the frequency of your content.

One reason to schedule posts can be to balance the workload. Manage your daily task efficiently & focus on more important things than content posting. When all your posts are scheduled, you can use that time to work on your content strategy & community management.

Another reason can be to get enough sleep. If your business is based in Asia, but you have American customers online at 3 am in your region, the most important thing you’ll lose is your sleep. You have three options in this case:

  • Post according to your timezone when your followers are not active
  • Stay up late till 3 am & then post content manually
  • Schedule your Facebook post for 3 am & have a nice sleep.
  • To any sensible & sane person, the third option is the smartest one.

5 Tips to Schedule Facebook Posts

No matter what scheduling medium you select, either Social Champ or Facebook’s creator studio, you should consider following these best practices:

  1. Carefully Curate Posts

    Since you are scheduling posts in bulk, the pressure to create content in a hurry is off. So take your sweet time in planning and crafting relevant content that goes with your brand image.

    Scheduling posts in advance can also help you keep your brand voice in mind while composing a week’s worth of content.

  2. Identify the Best Time to Post

    Since you are scheduling posts, there is no point in posting when you are at the office. A better approach would be to experiment a little and find the right time when your audience is active and post at that time instead.

    The more people who see your Facebook updates, the better it would be for your reach and engagement goals.

  3. Don’t Just Schedule Every Single Thing

    Some things are just not meant to be scheduled. They should be posted in real-time with catchy trendy captions and monitoring. Examples of such things are Facebook events, Facebook check-ins, and Facebook picture albums!

  4. Set a Posting Frequency

    This one is a pretty important factor when it comes to Facebook analytics and also fan retention. No one likes to follow a dead page. However, make sure that you don’t overcrowd or overwhelm your Facebook page by posting on it 15 times a day!

    Set up a realistic posting frequency that you can keep up with and have a good time creating content for. The number of Facebook posts you curate and schedule for the month depends on page likes and your niche.

    A small non-profit organization can maybe post once a day, whereas an e-commerce site might make ten posts a day and still get a good reach!

  5. Tracking and Monitoring

    A good social media manager would always track and monitor the posts that they schedule. This helps them know the audience and what they look forward to every day when they open your Facebook page.

    Don’t base your Facebook post scheduling on guesswork and use Social Champ’s analytics monitoring feature to keep track!

Benefits of Scheduling Posts on Facebook with Social Champ

Social Champ, which is a social media management tool, makes it super convenient and easy to manage your social media profiles. It also provides an easy solution for “how to schedule a post on Facebook?”, here are a few more benefits of using the tool:

  • Social Champ has platform-specific metrics for tracking and creates reports with presentation-ready graphs and charts.
  • Social Champ allows you to schedule posts in bulk using a single CSV file.
  • With Social Champ, you can connect your Facebook page with a blog using Auto RSS feed and keep your page updated.
  • Social Champ has 24/7 customer support to help you out with queries and a comprehensive helpdesk.
  • Social Champ has a workspace for easy client management by grouping all Facebook posts.

While there are several Facebook scheduling tools in the market, you can trust us on this. Social Champ gives you the best features at the most affordable price. You can manage 25 social networks with 300 scheduled posts per network for just $10.

And 50 social networks with 1500 scheduled posts per network in just $29. No hidden charges.

We aim to make your social media management as effortless as it can be. If you need any assistance or have any questions about the tool, contact us at our live customer support. We’re here to serve you.

And it’s more than just a scheduling tool. Social Champ also offers additional features like Auto RSS, Social Inbox, Client Organization, Team Management, Analytics & Reporting, and much more.

Use this very easy guide on “How to schedule posts on Facebook using Social Champ” and make your social media marketing hassle-free. If you are confused about which plan is the best for you, book a live demo now or contact our support!

Happy scheduling!

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