50 Essential Snapchat Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Snapchat Statistics
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Snapchat isn’t just about sending goofy selfies (though that’s a big part of it). It’s also a storytelling powerhouse. Marketers have a playground for creativity with features like Stories, Discover, and Snap Maps.

But you can’t navigate this digital frontier blindfolded. You need the data, the insights, and the relevant Snapchat statistics to steer your ship in the right direction.

Snapchat statistics aren’t just numbers on a screen; they’re your strategic ally in understanding your audience, tracking trends, and fine-tuning your marketing strategies.

Plus, with the platform constantly evolving and introducing new features, staying on top of the latest stats is your best bet to stay ahead of the curve and outshine your competitors.

And here’s a pro tip: investing in a social media management tool can be your secret weapon in wrangling social media metrics, streamlining your workflow, and maximizing your social media marketing efforts

Now, let’s dive into 50+ essential Snapchat stats you should know about in 2024.

General Snapchat Statistics

Three Stanford University students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, cooked up something revolutionary in the living room of Spiegel’s father’s home. They launched Snapchat in September 2011, introducing the world to disappearing messages and ephemeral storytelling.

Initially named “Picaboo” (which honestly sounds like a Pokémon’s cousin), the app quickly evolved into the Snapchat we know and love today. It didn’t take long for Snapchat to catch fire among the younger crowd, with its quirky features and playful interface capturing the hearts of millions.

Fast-forward to now. Snapchat has grown from a humble startup to a social media powerhouse, boasting millions of daily active users worldwide and a slew of innovative features like Stories, Discover, and AR Lenses.

Here are the general Snapchat statistics:

  1. Ranked as the 10th most popular social network worldwide, Snapchat continues to attract a diverse audience across the globe.

    Snapchat Statistics - 1
    Snapchat Statistics – 1
  2. The top three countries with the largest number of Snapchat users are India (over 200 million users), the United States (over 106 million users), and Pakistan (over 30 million users).
  3. Snapchat is the #1 iPhone app in 13 countries and the #2 or #3 app in 15 others.

    Snapchat Statistics - 2
    Snapchat Statistics – 2
  4. The platform boasts an impressive milestone with over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

    Snapchat Statistics - 3
    Snapchat Statistics – 3
  5. Snapchat users generate over 5 billion snaps each day.
  6. As of April 2024, Snapchat’s market cap stood at a whopping $18.19 billion, solidifying its position in the digital market.
  7. With support for 37 languages, Snapchat ensures accessibility for users from various linguistic backgrounds.
  8. The Snapchat community thrives with over 300,000 AR creators contributing to a library of over 3 million lenses, enhancing user experiences and creativity on the platform.
  9. Snap Map remains popular, drawing in over 300 million users daily.

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Snapchat User Statistics

If you’re under 34, you’re probably snapping away on Snapchat. Millennials and Gen Z-ers flock to the app like bees to honey, drawn to its cool factor and ever-evolving features. It’s where they hang out, share memes, and document every avocado toast brunch.

Let’s take a look at Snapchat user statistics that are worth noting:

  1. As of the fourth quarter of 2023, this photo and video-sharing app had 414 million daily active users globally.

    Snapchat Statistics - 4
    Snapchat User Statistics
  2. In February 2024, Snapchat announced that it had surpassed 800 million monthly active users.
  3. Snapchat skews towards younger demographics, with over 70% of its users being under the age of 34. This makes it particularly popular among Millennials and Generation Z. Nearly 20 percent of users fall within the 13—to 17-year-old age range.
  4. The majority of Snapchat users, totaling 338.2 million, reside in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the platform’s highest user penetration rates are observed in North America, at 27.4%, and Western Europe, at 21.3%.
  5. In the United States, the age group of 15-25 dominates Snapchat usage, constituting 48% of its user base.
  6. As of January 2024, Snapchat stats by Statista revealed that one in five global Snapchat users were men aged between 18 and 24.
  7. Meanwhile, women within the same age bracket constituted 17.8 percent of all users on the platform.
  8. Daily usage of Snapchat among US college students is 77%.
  9. 7 million people are subscribed to Snapchat’s premium service.
  10. 95% of Snapchat users agree that the platform helps them stay connected to friends and family.

Analyzing the above Snapchat user statistics can help you gain valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling you to create more engaging and relevant content.

Snapchat Usage Statistics

If a new trend or meme is making the rounds, you can bet Snapchat users are among the first to hop on board. They’re always on the lookout for the latest filters, challenges, and viral content to share with their friends and followers.

The real question here is; why do people use Snapchat? Well, unlike other social media sites where perfection reigns supreme, Snapchat celebrates imperfection. It’s a place where you can be your unfiltered, unapologetic self. No need for fancy edits or curated feeds—just raw, real moments shared with friends. That’s one of the main reasons why people love using this platform.

Here are some Snapchat usage statistics that reveal what users spend their time doing on the platform:

  1. Roughly 42.3% of users utilize Snapchat primarily for sharing photos and videos.
  2. On average, users spend 25 to 30 minutes per day on the app, engaging with friends, brands, and content.60% of Snapchat users create new content instead of simply viewing other users’ stories.
  3. Approximately 14% of Snapchat users engage with the app during social gatherings, 19% utilize it while shopping, and 34% prefer to use it when hanging out with friends.
  4. 24% of users reported using the app while traveling, with 29% utilizing it during their commute and 32% opting to use it while on the go.
  5. Seven out of ten Snapchatters often engage with friends when using the app.
  6. More than 250 million Snapchat users engage daily with augmented reality (AR) features, highlighting the platform’s immersive experiences.
  7. 71% of female college students share selfies on Snapchat, with peak usage occurring during evenings and weekends.

From aspiring artists to amateur comedians, Snapchat is a haven for creative souls. Whether it’s doodling on snaps, crafting elaborate Stories, or experimenting with AR Lenses, these users thrive on the platform’s endless possibilities for self-expression.

Snapchat Business Statistics

Now that you know how many people use Snapchat, you might be curious: Do businesses actually jump on the Snapchat bandwagon? The short answer: Absolutely!

Businesses, big and small, have embraced Snapchat as a powerful marketing tool. Why? Because where the people are, the businesses follow, right? And guess what? People are spending a ton of time on Snapchat sending snaps, watching stories, and trying out those funky AR filters.

But it’s not just about showcasing products or services. Oh no, Snapchat is all about that personal touch. Businesses are using it to humanize their brand, engage with customers in real time, and even run exclusive promotions and giveaways.

  1. Approximately 60% of Snapchat users exhibit a greater inclination toward impulsive purchases than those who do not use the platform.
  2. More than 39% of Snapchat users seek advice from friends and family prior to making purchasing decisions.
  3. Snapchat users are twice as likely as non-users to share their purchases with others.
  4. Over 23.2% of Snapchat users engage in following or researching brands and products on the platform.
  5. Approximately 64% of Snap Ads are consumed with the sound enabled.
  6. About 55% of Gen Z individuals can recall advertisements after viewing them for up to two seconds.
  7. 92% of Gen Z consumers are eager to use augmented reality tools for e-commerce purposes.

These Snapchat statistics show just how important this platform is for businesses. It’s a great way for your business to connect with consumers and keep them engaged. Plus, it can help your business reach its marketing goals in an efficient way.

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Snapchat Advertising Statistics

If you haven’t already dipped your toes into the Snapchat ad world, now’s the time to dive in. This platform is a goldmine for reaching a young and highly engaged audience.

The platform offers all kinds of advertising options to suit your needs. Want your ad to pop up while people scroll through their friends’ stories? That’s Story Ads for you. How about an ad that people can swipe up on for more info? Snap Ads have got you covered. And let’s not forget those sponsored filters and lenses that can take your brand to a new level of cool.

Interestingly, Snapchat ads are far from your run-of-the-mill commercials. We’re talking about immersive, interactive, and just plain fun ads. Whether you’re trying out a sponsored AR Lens that turns you into a superhero or catching a Snap Ad in between stories, Snapchat makes sure ads don’t feel like a chore.

Now, let’s take a look at the crucial Snapchat advertising statistics:

  1. Over 57% of businesses utilize video ads on Snapchat to enhance their reach and visibility.
  2. Snapchat ads reach over 90% of users aged 13-24 and over 85% of users aged 13-34 in the US every month, making it a powerful tool for building brand awareness among younger demographics.
  3. Approximately 82% of Snapchatters can recall seeing a specific brand advertised on the platform, indicating strong ad recall among users.
  4. Snapchat users are 45% more inclined to recommend a brand after viewing an ad on the platform.
  5. Users consume approximately 64% of Snapchat ads with sound enabled.
  6. 40-60% of daily Snapchat users see branded Geofilters, providing businesses with a unique opportunity to promote their brand in a personalized and location-based way
  7. 34% of Snapchat users say they have purchased based on something they saw on Snapchat, making influencer partnerships a highly effective advertising strategy on the platform.
  8. The platform’s advertising revenue will hit $4.12 billion in 2024.
  9. Snapchat ads can potentially engage with 7.75 million users in Australia, making it a significant market for advertisers.
  10. India boasts the largest Snapchat advertising audience among all countries.
  11. Brands leverage unique ad formats on Snapchat, including short-form video content and Augmented Reality (AR), to promote their products effectively.
  12. More than 57% of businesses utilize video ads as a Snapchat marketing strategy.
  13. Advertisements lasting five to six seconds tend to perform the best on Snapchat, capturing users’ attention effectively.

You should pay close attention to the above Snapchat statistics for advertising for several reasons. Firstly, understanding these Snapchat stats can allow you to effectively target your desired audience, ensuring your messages reach the right people at the right time.

Secondly, Snapchat statistics for advertising provide valuable insights into user engagement with ads, which can help you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.

Thirdly, analyzing Snapchat stats for advertising can help you gain deeper insights into the preferences, behaviors, and trends of the platform’s user base. With these insights, you can tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Lastly, keeping abreast of Snapchat advertising statistics gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to stay ahead of industry trends, benchmark your performance against competitors, and identify new opportunities for growth.

Snapchat Engagement Statistics

Engagement is the heartbeat of social media. It’s what keeps users coming back for more, interacting with content, and ultimately, building relationships with brands.

But engagement on social media isn’t a one-way street. It’s a two-way conversation between brands and their audience. It’s about listening, responding, and providing value in return.

So whether you’re a big brand or a small business, fostering engagement on Snapchat is key to building a loyal following and standing out in a crowded digital world.

When users engage with your content on Snapchat—whether it’s through watching stories, swiping up on ads, or sharing snaps with friends—they’re more likely to remember your brand, consider your products, and even make a purchase down the line.

Here are some crucial Snapchat statistics for engagement to think about:

  1. 54% of Snapchat users log in at least once per day.
  2. People create more than 5 billion snaps on Snapchat every day.
  3. On average, Snapchat users engage with ads more than 20 times per day, indicating the platform’s effectiveness in capturing and retaining user attention.
  4. 23% of Snapchat users follow one or more brands or businesses on the platform.
  5. More than 50% of Snapchat users will open a brand’s story, and over 85% will watch the entire story.

Snapchat is constantly evolving, introducing new features and ad formats to enhance the user experience. By staying informed about Snapchat engagement stats, you can capitalize on these innovations to create more engaging and impactful campaigns.


The above Snapchat statistics offer valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. They can empower you to tailor your Snapchat marketing strategy effectively and maximize your reach on the platform. From understanding Snapchat’s audience demographics to optimizing ad performance, the wealth of data provided by these Snapchat stats serves as a guiding light when navigating the dynamic world of Snapchat.

Moreover, leveraging a social media management tool like Social Champ can be a game-changer if you aim to streamline your Snapchat marketing efforts. With features like advanced analytics, content scheduling, and audience engagement tracking, this scheduling tool empowers you to manage your Snapchat presence efficiently and stay ahead of the curve.


Is Snapchat Becoming Less Popular?

Snapchat popularity is high. While its growth may have slowed in some regions, particularly in the face of competition from other social media platforms, Snapchat continues to innovate and introduce new features to retain and attract users.

Is Snapchat Users Growing?

Yes, Snapchat’s user base continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace compared to its earlier years. The platform boasts over 414 million daily active users globally, demonstrating ongoing engagement and relevance among its audience.

How Many Snapchat Members Actively Post?

While specific figures for active posters may vary over time, Snapchat users collectively generate over five billion snaps every day, showcasing the platform’s high level of user-generated content and engagement.

How Does Snapchat Compare to Other Social Media Platforms in Terms Of User Engagement?

Snapchat excels in user engagement metrics, with users spending an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform. Additionally, Snapchat boasts high engagement rates with ads, with users interacting with ads more than 20 times per day on average.

What Strategies Can Businesses Employ To Maximize Their Presence On Snapchat?

Businesses can maximize their presence on Snapchat by creating engaging content that resonates with their target audience, leveraging unique features such as AR filters and branded lenses, and actively engaging with their followers through Stories and direct messages. Additionally, partnering with influencers and utilizing paid advertising options can help businesses expand their reach and drive results on the platform.
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Snapchat Statistics

50 Essential Snapchat Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Picture of Marium Fahim Khan

Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

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