How Social Media Hashtags Can Boost Your Business Sales

One of the means that successfully boost sales is social media. However, social media is a broad term because it includes numerous digital marketing possibilities. Both startups and e-commerce stores turn to social media for marketing their brands, but they often don’t know how to make the most of it.

Hashtags offer a plethora of benefits to businesses that use them correctly, and they can help boost the effectiveness of any post and social media marketing campaign. In the following lines, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about hashtags and how to use them to boost sales.

What exactly are hashtags, and how can you create them?

Hashtags represent labels for the content which help social media users to find topics of their interest. They are created by adding the “#” symbol before a word or a phrase in a social media post.

Hashtags made their first appearance on Twitter, where they earned their popularity. But now, they are used across all social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

When it comes to creating hashtags, their most important characteristic is that they need to be relevant to the post. They need to describe what the post is about to direct users who are searching for that type of post.

The popularity of hashtags is now inspiring the marketers to create their own unique hashtags to boost engagement and build brand awareness.

You can add them in the caption, as well as in the first comment.
If you want to experiment, you can use emojis. Adding emojis in the hashtag will make it more colorful and attractive. Take a look at these most-used emoji hashtags on Instagram for some inspiration.
Social Media Hashtags

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Creating high-quality posts that will compel the users is just as crucial as using hashtags.
For a quick checklist, here is what you need to focus on when creating hashtags:

  • Choose relevantly brand/product descriptive words and phrases
  • Use multiple hashtags (a combination of hashtags)
  • Us trending hashtags
  • Make them short, impactful, original and memorable
  • Use them across different platforms

Let’s see how hashtags can be beneficial in your business’s sales and profits.

1.    Attracting your target audience

No matter how targeted your social media posts might be, it might not always be easy for your target audience to discover them. Hashtags can make your content more visible online and to the right people.

Social media offers excellent growth opportunities because of their DA/PA ratings. Using relevant hashtags will give your post a chance to be displayed in search results.

Users use specific hashtags in their searchers, so keep this in mind when making a choice about your top hashtags to use.
For example, to make your brand more discoverable, you can use your brand’s name as a regular hashtag on your posts. For narrowing down your target audience’s search, don’t just use the name of the product as a hashtag but also use words that describe what it is.
Millennials and Generation Z, as one of the most targeted generations who present the future of the economy, express that they value authentic brands and that nurture genuine interactions. Authentic hashtags will bring you that originality and interaction.

2.    Increasing the engagement on your posts

Hashtags can help your audience get a better understanding of the topics of your posts. They simply give a hint to the users what they can expect from your post.
They can also motivate users to share a personal story or write any comment which can not only boost engagement on your posts.

Social Media Hashtags

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Ask your audience through hashtags to give a like, share, or comment, if they would like to express their opinion. This will help you build a community and improve customer service.

Make sure that you use strong Call-to-Action language that will motivate the users to engage with your post.
Keep in mind that hashtags can help you track any issues to improve customer service from your side. Just state in corresponding posts what type of hashtag users need to use if they want to discuss a specific subject.

Being available to your users and willing to discuss their problems will improve the customer experience.

Hashtag Groups With Social Champ

Create and save groups of hashtags that you use together regularly for ease using Social Champ’s Hashtag Manager

3. Promoting seasonal/holiday posts and offers

Holidays and seasonal opportunities can be the perfect times for promotions and offers, and hashtags can help boost your sales by reaching out to more people.

Seasonal holiday offers are some of the most searched hashtags.
Gregory Perry, a digital marketer at The Word Point, gave us an example on how to promote such offers through hashtags: “Identify the type of sale you are having through a hashtag. For example, a #BlackFriday hashtag will be a trending one during the Black Friday sale. So, if you have this kind of sale, include an appropriate hashtag in your post.”

You can also tailor the themed hashtags during the holidays. Using #HolidayEats for your e-commerce company that sells food will direct your target audience to your posts.

Whenever you have a seasonal offer, just include a social media post with relevant hashtags, and you’ll surely drive lots of attention to it.

4.    Spreading the word about giveaways

Who doesn’t love winning some free stuff? That is why giveaways are one of the most popular types of content on social media.
This gives you a new opportunity to drive people’s awareness of your brand and therefore increase your sales.

Giveaways should have specific rules the participants should follow as well as their own unique hashtags.
Here are some of the most popular giveaway hashtags:

  • #giveaway
  • #[yourbrand’sname]giveaway
  • #giveaways
  • #win
  • #[yourbrand’sname]win
  • #winitwednesday
  • #competition

Homeland Florist, for example, used a very simple and straightforward hashtag for their giveaway. They opted for a popular #winitwednesday.
Social Media Hashtags

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Hashtags will help you spread the word about your giveaway quickly and effortlessly. It is all about using the right hashtags that describe the giveaway properly.

You can use hashtags as one of the requirements to enter the competition. Ask the users to use a specific and unique hashtag on their post to qualify themselves for the win. In that way, you’ll get the attention of their followers and motivate them to check out your business.

5.    Sharing more personal information about your business

Hashtags can also help you strengthen your brand identity.
Sharing your beliefs, ideas, and goals through social media will help you create a stronger bond with the users. People need to get to know your brand to trust it enough to make a purchase.

Creating targeted posts where you share your brand’s beliefs or experiences about your business and using particular hashtags can help your followers create a connection with your business. That connection will help you increase your sales quickly.

Nike, one of the leading athleisure brands have their notable hashtag that everyone recognizes – #justdoit
Social Media Hashtags

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This hashtag is part of their every post, and everyone knows this brand for it.
What makes this hashtag so impactful is that it shares something personal about the brand. The new face of this iconic slogan and hashtag is Kaepernick, and he supports that thought with the following inspirational mantra: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

Such a strong message is connected with the brand, which only strengthens their position in customers’ hearts.

Social Champ’s Hashtag Suggestions

Social Champ, the dream-come-true scheduling app for social media managers, and small business owners, also offer hashtag suggestion features. You can add industry-related hashtags in each of your posts according to the platforms.

Social Champ also offers tailor post feature, which lets you customize your posts according to each social platform and then post or schedule it through one click. What can be better than creating, curating and posting your social content from one place?

Social Media Hashtags

Concluding Thoughts

Hashtags are a useful social media tool that can make your digital marketing campaign more successful. What you need to focus on is your target audience. Choosing the right hashtags will drive the right people to your brand and increase your sales.

You want to engage them with new and inviting hashtags, tempt them with giveaways and seasonal offers, and create a brand image. Hashtags will help you do all of that. If you already have some examples of compelling, humorous, or attractive hashtags, feel free to share them in the comment section.


Erica Sunarjo is a professional writer, translator, and editor with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Social Media. She writes thought-provoking articles for publications in a variety of media and is an active member of The Word Point translator community.

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