What You Can Learn About Winning with Nike Social Media Marketing
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What You Can Learn About Winning with Nike Social Media Marketing

What You Can Learn About Winning with Nike Social Media Marketing

Nike Social Media Marketing – Explained

Anyone on social media will inevitably encounter Nike social media marketing materials at some point: even if you don’t follow it, the iconic tick logo is inescapable. And that remarkable ubiquity might cause someone in the social media marketing world to wonder exactly how Nike achieved such omnipresence in the digital age.

Nike social media marketing

Are its methods just that good?

After all, Nike stocks recently hit an all-time high, its follower’s number in the millions, and it has endorsement deals with hundreds of top athletes. In sports parlance, it’s killing the game. Because of this, whether you have millions of followers or just a handful, there’s always something new you can learn from a giant like Nike. Let’s look at some such things.

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Simplicity Is Effective

If you go on Nike’s main Twitter or Facebook pages, you’ll see how simple Nike social media marketing strategy is. It all fundamentally revolves around the classic logo and those three familiar words of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation: Just Do It.

On Twitter, Nike sends out tweet after tweet of encouraging quotes and sentences and shares videos and photos of athletes achieving their dreams. This marketing strategy is so effective because it doesn’t just encourage their audience to admire these athletes — it also pushes them to follow in their footsteps and achieve their own athletic dreams.

And if you want to get started on your athletic journey, how are you going to do it? Well, before you start running marathons, you’re going to need the right equipment. It isn’t the most complicated method, but that’s the beauty of it.

It’s everything it needs to be and nothing more.”

Bare-bones and to-the-point.

Nike social media marketing

On Facebook, Nike uses a similar strategy, but on a marginally grander scale. Instead of bothering with daily posts, it prefers to drop crafted videos and photos around once per month. This simple method of sharing content works with Facebook’s algorithms to win a huge reaction from the Nike audience.

We can learn from Nike social media marketing is that it doesn’t have to be a flood of direct product ads saying “buy this” and ‘buy that’. You can create a larger brand message, establishing an ethos that helps to sell your products for you.

It’s good to Branch Out

Nike doesn’t just have one Facebook page and one Twitter account. It has several. Each fan can choose their sport of choice, and then like or follow that specific account. There’s basketball, football, and even lacrosse!

Nike social media marketing

This method wouldn’t work for everyone — a smaller company would likely end up spreading its efforts too thin and see an overall reduction in positive interactions — but may be worth considering if you have the time, particularly since you don’t need as many accounts as Nike maintains.

Here’s one thought: why not keep the main account for spreading your general marketing message, and have a secondary account for selling your products? Nike does just that, having a separate Twitter account for its store. In that way, you could expand your options without massively increasing the time required to keep everything updated.

Whether you set up five additional accounts or just one, though, you must stay on top of everything you present to the world. If a particular account isn’t going anywhere, or you just can’t find the time to update it, you should close the account or delete the page.

Having a dead account out there online will not look good for your business.

Influencers Are Hugely Effective

As a sportswear brand, Nike naturally has a huge team of famous faces ready and willing to promote its products. There are three common scenarios for this:

  • Nike directly signs athletes to participate in its ad campaigns.
  • Nike pays athletes to promote Nike products through their social media accounts.
  • Athletes genuinely like Nike products and happen to be seen wearing them.

In this digital age, the latter two may be virtually indistinguishable to a layman. Regardless, the Nike social media marketing team has a huge advantage in the form of the brand hallmarks. With the Nike tick visible on nearly every Nike product, it only takes a quick flash of a shoe or sweatshirt to communicate what brand is responsible and hook fans across the globe.

If you want to pursue this kind of influencer engagement for your products, you’ll need to ensure that they’re suitably recognizable.

Thankfully, you can invest in online resources for generating eye-catching branded merchandise such as print on demand websites for sale and cheap graphic design tools like Designer — create a simple icon and make sure it’s positioned prominently on your influencer products.

Nike social media marketing

Using its visibility, Nike uses local, national and international sporting events to help boost its relevance. After the soccer World Cup, it made several videos focusing on the victorious France team. After Simona Halep won her first major title in tennis, they shared a photo of the proud-looking athlete with the Nike tick across her chest. It was never mentioned that Nike is her clothing sponsor, but it’s always easy to see through the unmistakable logo, forever linking Nike to her remarkable sporting achievements.

Viral Content Adds a Lot of Value

Nike makes creating viral content look easy, having been responsible for multiple hit viral campaigns over the years, and there’s much to be learned from the methods it uses.

Where many companies focus on hashtags using their brand names, Nike understands (and consistently demonstrates) that generic phrases can be much stronger and are more likely to be used by their customers. #MakeItCount, #AlwaysBelieve, and (of course) #JustDoIt have all worked wonders for Nike in its social campaigns. Because they’re simple and unbranded, they’re much more likely to spread than forced-sounding hashtags.

Now, while you won’t have the social reach that Nike boasts, you can still make waves if you find the right message. Come up with a phrase that you can use repeatedly in your campaigns so that people will start to associate it with you. For example, a sweet company could use #TreatYourself, a furniture repair company could use #FixItUp, or an umbrella e-commerce store could use #StayCovered. It’s as simple as that!

Summing It Up!

We can learn a lot from big brands on social media, adopting their methods to achieve better results on a smaller scale. Nike social media marketing continues to find success by sticking to clear, simple messages and reaching out to the right influencers to keep its products and campaigns in the public eye. By taking a close look at how Nike goes about its social media management & marketing, you can find plenty of actionable takeaways to boost your business.

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